EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration

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Product Name: Solar red rose flower light Model Number: BS0086

Product Description:

Product Description

Solar rose flower lightSolar garden light, solar Christmas flower light , a variety  of color options ,high quality lamp head, flower solar lights for garden.

EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration


Product name

Solar flower LED light

Item No.


Solar Panel

2V, 70mA


1 pc AAA size 600mAh Ni-Mh


3pcs white LEDs

Color temperature



8 to 10 hours

Water proof



18 lumens


Fabric + ABS + Stainless steel

Product size


EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration

EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration

EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration

EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration

EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration


1.Compact design: every led and every button are well designed.

2.portable :with solar charge, energy saving,

3.low maintence:just rechargeable when the light is darking .

4.Fast and easy to install.

5.No electricity or wiring needed.

6.Switch between light and bug zapper.

EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration

EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration

EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration


Uses: This lamp suitable for villa / garden stairs, no wiring, just need parts installed in the open switch can work automatically with the light (by the sun during the day, automatic charging, dark or Yin Tianguang line is poor will automatically open.

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Packaging & Delivery

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Brown Carton

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Shipped in 7-15 days   after payment

EVA Material Solar Flower Light Solar Rose for Decoration



Why do we choose your company?

High quality with competitive price, good service


What’s the payment method?

T/T, western Union, L/C and Bank transfer are acceptable for mass order. ESCROW is acceptable for small order


Do your products come with warranty? What will be done if found defectives.

Yes, Guarantee period from 6 months to 5 years depends on products. Free components will be sent upon receipt of defective report and photos during guarantee period. 


Is the battery can be replaced?

Yes. You can change batteries easily by screw driver.


What should be noticed for solar lights operation?

Please make sure the solar panel not covered by shadow at daytime, and not covered by other light source at night.


Can I get some samples to test the quality?

Yes, sample is available before order. Samples will be charged and refundable at the MOQ order.

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