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 Working Principle of solar street light
The solar energy is converted into electricity which is stored in the battery through the solar
panel during the day time. The solar panel voltage will decrease gradually with the reduction of
solar radiation. When the solar panel voltage is lower than stipulated voltage, the battery will
supply electricity to load automatically through the controller; When the dawn comes, the solar
panel voltage increase gradually. After the voltage is larger than stipulated voltage, the
controller will cut off the electricity from battery and switch the energy supply to solar panel.




Structural feature
1. Shell casted by 1800T die‐casting machine, featuring high strength and compact structure
2. Reflector is made of high purity aluminum plate extension‐formed
3. Top‐lift‐cover for easy repair and maintenance
4. Internal bulb‐replacement structure for excellent water and dust‐proof property
5. Highly‐transparent toughened glass shade
Technical parameters
1. Protection rating: IP65
2. Shell anti‐corrosion property: Class 1
3. Operating temperature: ‐35℃~+45℃
4. Electric shock‐proof rating: Class 1
5. Power source: 24V(±10%)/50Hz
6. Lamp: 20w‐180w LED


advance of Solar Led Street Light:


LED is the fourth generation of light source after incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and HID. Compared with
traditional light source, LED light source has following advantages
High lighting efficiency.
Incandescent lamp: 12-24LM/W. Fluorescent lamp: 50-70LM/W. Sodium lamp: 90-140LM/W. LED lamp:
Low power consumption.
The power consumption of LED lamp is 40%-60% of traditional lamps.
Long life span.
Life service life of LED lamp is 5 to 10 years.
Safe and reliable.
Low heat, no thermal radiation, tangible, cold light, free from glare, no toxic element like Mercury and Sodium
Shock proof, recyclable, no pollution, less lubricious attractive to insects, no bad impact on ecological

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Q:Solar lights do not always open but charge every day, the battery will be bad
Working principle: the use of photovoltaic effect of the principle of solar cells, solar panels during the day to receive solar radiation and converted into electrical energy output, through the charge and discharge controller stored in the battery, the night when the illumination gradually reduced to about 101ux, solar panels
Q:How to handmade a small solar light
Tubular solar water heaters by the water cycle, is divided into natural circulation and pump, the former simple and cheap, but the requirements of the circular water design is very skillful, or can not cycle, a pool of stagnant water. There is no problem with the pump cycle, but to add electricity consumption, but also spend money to buy a pump, the water requirements on the low.
Q:What are the problems of LED solar lights such as high damage rate and low brightness
At present there are more solar LED lighting solar street lamp battery, the battery itself is not what the problem is, the most important is the unreasonable allocation of the battery capacity is low, the lighting time constant, but the capacity of the battery, battery life cycles to increase very reduced, life expectancy of 3 years may be the standard battery in 1 years later or 2 years later on a big problem.
Q:How long can a solar street light be used?
followed by led light source, life of more than 50000 hours, the normal use is 10 More than the year, down is the battery, the battery is currently used in the domestic solar dedicated maintenance-free battery, the normal life is 5 to 8 years, some manufacturers to protect the use of 10 years and 8 years is completely deceive customers, in normal use, 3 to 5 years is the time to replace the battery, but also the production of large domestic manufacturers of batteries,
Q:What are the parts of the solar lamp
Regardless of the size of the solar fixture, a well-behaved charge-discharge controller is essential. In order to extend the battery life, it must be its charge and discharge conditions to be limited to prevent the battery overcharge and deep charge. In the larger temperature difference, the qualified controller should also have the temperature compensation function. At the same time solar controller should have both street lamp control function, with light control, time control function, and should have a night automatically cut off the load function, to facilitate rainy days to extend the street lamp working hours.
Q:The working principle of solar lamps
Aluminum alloy lamp column is made of aluminum alloy, belong to the metal material, so the correct statement; B. nitrogen chemical nature is not lively, can be used for protection in the bulb, so the correct statement; C. organic synthesis materials must have three characteristics
Q:Can a solar-charged watch be filled with a fluorescent lamp?
Amorphous silicon solar panels in the fluorescent lamp when the best power generation capacity
Q:What is good for solar lights?
Can share a lamp holder. Dual power supply is required. The backup power supply mode, the simplest way is the use of relay, usually the work coil it connected to the solar inverter output, midpoint conversion contact load, normally open connected solar inverter output, normally closed connected with the power input, when no inverter output voltage, power relay
Q:What are the components of the solar street light
Utilizing solar power, unparalleled cleanliness, high safety, relatively extensive and sufficient energy, long life and maintenance-free benefits from other conventional sources of energy, photovoltaic energy is considered to be the twenty-first century The most important new energy.
Q:What is the meaning of the solar controller battery indicator light
On the other hand, the opposite is full. The general voltage is greater than 12V

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