Canopy Lights used Gas station, parking lot,playground

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Canopy  can be applied to Gas station, parking lot,playground, sport area, campuses etc.

Canopy Lights used Gas station, parking lot,playground


 1. Module Patented design ,prevents debris build-up;Umodularization has better heat dissipation system,keep the temperature of the LED chips and the driver in the safety range,so ensure the lamps long lifespan and low lumen attenuation.


 2. Use waterproof wire connector,wire connection become easier ,much more convenient ;use a large ring seal for the lens, sealed and reliable;Module and connection design can optimize construction and assembly,allows for easy maintenance,upgrade and SKD for local assembly.


 3. Professional design for the luminous intensity distribution, meet all kinds of lighting requirements,overall spot is rectangular.


 4. Professional design with flexible installation ability, installation angle can be adjusted among -5°,0°,5°,10°,15° without changing the lamp post. The installation position of different angles are visible, convenient for installation and adjusting the lamp’s angle .

Installation instructions:

1Pre-design the cut-out on the ceiling according to the the gas light’s specification,refer to diagram1);

·      2Take out the gas light from boxuse a wrench to remove the brackets which fixed by screws on both sides of the lightthen take off the four countersunk flat head head screws from the frameseparate the housing and frame,refer to diagram2);

    3Put the body into one side of ceilingmake the external cable get out from the frame to connect with waterproof connector end bodywaterproof connector main cap②、and waterproof connector main body①(fixed with screwsrefer to3Then fix the waterproof connector main cap into the waterproof main bodymake sure fixed very firm,20Nm tightening force;Then fix the waterproof connectro end body into the main capuse 3kg strength to pull the cable until it immovable, refer to4);

    4Put the frame insert into ceiling cut-outthen use hexagon bolt screws fix the two bracketsturn into flat washersspring washersnutsuse hexagon wrench fix the bolt headopen-end wrench to fix the nuts30Nm tightening torque.During locking operationboth mounting brackets and screws slide up and down to adjust the distance to the (T) and fasten the ceiling,refer to5);

    5Move the body connected with grid by Process into the frame, aim the four screw hole with the frame,use the four M4 cross recessed nuts fixed in the light and tighten it. Refer to6)。

Canopy Lights used Gas station, parking lot,playground

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