Bright 100W High Power LED Road Light CMAX-S3

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1.CE,ROHS certificates 
2.OEM&ODM offferred 
3.3years warranty 
4. IP65 
5. Bridgelux chips 

 LED Street light Main Technical Parameters



Input Voltage


Frequency Range


Total Harmonic Distortion

≤ 9 %

Power Factor

> 0.95

Power Efficiency

> 90 %

LED Working Voltage


LED Quantity

2 pcs

LED Consumption

98 W

System Consumption

108 W

LED Luminous Efficiency


LED Initial Flux


7500 LM


8500 LM



Lamp’s Efficiency

> 91 %

Average Illuminance

(Height) 8 M

> 26.5 Lux

(Height) 10 M

> 22.2 Lux

(Height) 12 M

> 19.6 Lux

Illuminance Area

(Height) 8 M

28*11.3 M

(Height) 10 M

32*12.5 M

(Height) 12 M

36*14 M

Illuminance Uniformity

> 0.4

Color Temperature







Color Rendering Index


Ra> 70


Ra> 75

Light Distribution

Bat wing/ Rectangle

Light Design

LED+ reflector

LED Junction Temperature


Working Temperature

-40°C~ +55°C

Storage Temperature

-25°C~ +65°C

(25°C best)

IP Grade


Working Life-span






1. Bridgelux LEDs, top brand in USA;

2. MeanWell Power Supply, more stable;

3. AC85-265V Input Voltage range, 50-60Hz Frequency range;

4. IP65, meet the standard of protection grade;

5. Color Rendering Index: Ra>75, approximate to the nature color;

6. Light Luminous Efficiency: 110LM/W, perfect performance;

7. High power LED source, equivalent to 2.5~4 times traditional lights;

8. COB Point Light Source, no ghosting as panel light source shows;

9. Long Life-span, over 50000h under the circumstances of normal use;

10. Energy Saving and Environment Friendly, no pollutant to the environment;

11. Die-Cast Aluminium Light Housing, best for heat sinking;

12. Easy for install, no cost on maintenance after the installing;

13. Best partner of the solar panel, popular applied to solar energy;

14. Various applications: street, highway, square, park, garden, courtyard, etc;

15. CE & RoHS certificates are all approval for this light.





1. Tunnel, Subway, Underground Lighting;

2. Gymnasium, Sports Stadium Lighting;

3. Building, Billboard Lighting;

4. Gas Station, Garage Lighting;

5. Park, Garden Lighting;

6. Workshop, Factory Lighting;

7. Warehouse, Storage Lighting;

8. Yard, Square Lighting;

9. Road,Highway Lighting;

10. Station,Dock Lighting etc.


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Q:Is it suitable to install toughened glass cover on the luminous cavity of high power LED street lamp?
This is expected to affect the heat dissipation of high-power LED, heat dissipation is the most important issue, 100% lighting
Q:LED street is a single bead or multiball well
You say is the difference between a single tile and integration that it is of course a single well, the integrated cooling is not good, and will affect the light, LED lamp, the same power, the actual flux lamp luminous flux integrated light source is less than a single tile,In one is integrated, as long as there is a chip in the broken, it is not bright, and maintenance costs are high, I hope to adopt
Q:How to use ZigBee intelligent LED street lamp
First, a ZigBee gateway, then use ZigBee lamp switch switch control, through the mobile phone, tablet and other remote control lights can be opened, you can also set the timer function in the software, the specified lamp open time and closed time, you can also add a light sensor, judging the cloudy lamp. Intelligent open or closed
Q:30W LED solar street lamp 6 meters high, about how much?
Packing, excluding freight, tax, installation fee, approximately 1650-1750, too low, possibly of high quality, too high to be pit. This suggestion is supplied by brilliance lighting, solar street light brand manufacturers, for reference only.
Q:What's in the lamppost of the LED street light? What is the function?
LED street lamp with the conventional high-pressure sodium street lamp is different, the light source of high power LED lamp with low voltage DC power supply, by the synthesis of GaN based blue LED and yellow fluorescent powder, white LED, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, high color rendering index unique advantages, can be widely used in city road lighting. The outer cover can be made of PC tube, with a high temperature resistance of 135 degrees. Low temperature resistance up to -45 degrees
Q:What is the maximum power of a LED street lamp at present?
The road width will agree with bilateral light or lights lighting range with two light source which can increase the road if four hundred watt LED first heat is not good high cost price not low wattage good because more technology with low wattage is relatively mature
Q:LED good or low frequency electrodeless lamp?
LED is a point light source, and electrodeless lamp belongs to the area light source. LED has a strong advantage in low voltage, but it is not mature to make high voltage technology.
Q:LED lamp with air leakage to help the thunder?
There is no air leakage with LED lights for the role of lightning protection. The function of the switch of leakage air breaker is to work by current. To enable the street circuit with lightning protection function, must use a surge protector, installation and circuit breaker in parallel. It works by limiting the overvoltage and cutting off the circuit as long as the voltage exceeds the set point to protect the electrical equipment.
Q:Do constant current LED power supply for street lamp power supply? Is it better to use LED constant voltage power supply?
General is constant current power, street light is not clear, but 90% are constant current power.
Q:The same brand of chips, how to judge the quality of LED lights?
Should pay attention to the cooling system for street lamp, street lamp cooling system is now divided into three types, one (die-casting aluminum (aluminum), two (three), Qi tablets) but also pay attention to the radiator is enough, there are many manufacturers have 90W heat lamps, used to install 120W to save the cost, so that his cooling system will follow no, my colleagues decay is relatively large

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