• Anode Battery Powder Artificial Graphite Powder for Lithium Ion Battery Raw Materials System 1
  • Anode Battery Powder Artificial Graphite Powder for Lithium Ion Battery Raw Materials System 2
Anode Battery Powder Artificial Graphite Powder for Lithium Ion Battery Raw Materials

Anode Battery Powder Artificial Graphite Powder for Lithium Ion Battery Raw Materials

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Anode materials play a crucial role in the functioning of a battery. 


The anode electrode material determines the comprehensive performance of the battery, including energy density, cycle life, rate capability, expansion, etc. The current mainstream products are artificial graphite and natural graphite.


Graphitization of negative electrode materials refers to the transformation of carbon atoms from a chaotic and irregular arrangement into a regularly arranged hexagonal planar network structure at high temperatures, that is, from a chaotic stratigraphic structure to an ordered graphite crystal structure. The purpose is to obtain graphite with high conductivity and high Thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, etc. During the heating process of coke, its microcrystals grow with the increase of temperature. The distortion and defects in the microcrystals are gradually eliminated and gradually transform into graphitized carbon. The higher the graphitization temperature, the more complete the development of the graphitized microcrystalline structure (the higher the degree of graphitization)



Technical Specifications

Particle   size D10um


Particle size D50um


Particle size D90um


Particle size Dmaxum


Tap Density,g/cm3


Specific surface aream2/g




Ash content,%


The first discharge capacity mAh/g


The first discharge   efficiency,%


3.Advantage and competitive of Our Anode material:

a. Factory directly

b. Strong supply capability 

c. Fast transportation

d. Reasonable price for your reference

e. Sulfur:lower than 0.7%

f. Fixed carbon: 99.0-99.9%


4.Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging: 1mt big bag or according to customers' requirements

Delivery: As soon as possible

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