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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Warm White LED type: COB Size: SF-GU5.3-9W-76
Lamp luminous flux(lm): 700 Type: Spotlights Body material: Aluminum Alloy
Working lifetime(Hour): 35000 Power(W): 9W Certification: CE,EMC,Energy Star,RoHS,SAA,CCC,C-tick,BV
Base type: GU5.3 Working Temperature(℃): -20-45 PF: >0.9
Beaming angle: 30-60 Input voltage(V): 100-240 CRI (Ra>): >80
Warranty: three years IP Rating: IP20

Product Description:

Product description

 1. Scientist construct for thermal dispatch.

 2. Adopted COB LED, high lumious efficieny, uniform lighting.

 3. input DC12V/24V compatible with more 90% electronic and magnetic transformers, installation and cost effective.

 4. Energy saving up to 90%, lifespan is more than 10 years.

 5. Optional: Traic dimming

 6. system options : GU5.3 - 5W,7W,9W; GU10  -5W,7W,9W


  1.High efficacy, Minimal 70lm/W, up to 80lm/W

  2.Energy-saving, over 70% compared to incandescent lamps

  3. Constant current driver, no strobe, no harmless to eyes and ensure LED lamp to have a long life time

  4. Constant light output and even lighting

  5. No mercury, environment friendly.

  6. No mosquito around the lights compared with tradtional lights
  7. No UV or IR radiation, Harmless to human body



  1.  Living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom; 
   2.School, university, hospital, hotel; 
  3.Conference, meeting room, show room, showcase; 
  4. Commercial complexes; 

  5. Factory, plant, warehouse, office; 
  6.Supermarket, department store.

Our services

  1.ODM & OEM

  2. High and stable quality LED lights

  3. Lighting design solution.

  4. Logistics coordination.

  5. Credit 30 days to 60 days.

  6. Customize light design

  7. AC LED technology sharing   



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Q:Why home outfit LED lamp has always been a bit weak after switch off the light
You switch the thread is not the line of fireAs long as you do wire switch, to ensure that there would be no light.
Q:A transformer can shoot the light at the same time for several of the 12 v?
Shoot the light has built-in transformer, you just need to provide 220 v power supply. Shoot the light, shoot the light is a typical advocate the lamp, wuding scale modern genre of lighting, can create an atmosphere of indoor lighting, if a row of small shoot the light, the light can change the wonderful design, due to the small shoot the light can be free transform Angle, the effect of the combination of lighting also go, shoot the light is soft, elegant, its also local lighting, foil atmosphere.
Q:Electric rail, shoot the light will be bright
300 w lamp is 300 watts,300 w is 300 watts, w is mean. 300 w led is lit up.
Q:How much is the LED to shoot the light, color rendering index in general
> 80, we have integrated LED lamp, luminous efficiency is very good, now try shimao riverside Hilton Hotel in nanjing, you can search: the star of the EPC contract energy management, learn more shoots the knowledge well
Q:What's the difference between an led light and an led light cup
Look from the light source that can hold an incandescent bulb, LED ceiling lamp can also be installed energy-saving lamps. Incandescent lamp when loading is yellow. Energy-saving lamps when loading can be white or yellow light bulb type. Smallpox smallpox LED lamp illuminant direction can't be adjust. From the chart we can see directly LED ceiling lamp energy-saving lamp tube, and the waterproof LED ceiling lamp is added a waterproof outside the glass. General household lamp with quartz bulb or lamp bead. The large lamp, of course, is not necessarily with quartz bulb. Quartz bulb only yellow light. And the general lamp illuminant direction can be adjusted freely.
Q:Household LED lamp directly on the ceiling above the glass, glass temperature is higher, matter?
You mean the glass or usage of lamps and lanterns more important matters, Let's enhance heat dissipation area, or to change the lamp. If the heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns can't very good, affect the life don't say Is a waste of money. Advice is to buy good LED lamps and lanterns, buy poor than energy-saving lamps?
Q:LED lamp is not lit, how repair?
Looking for the warranty, you'd better buy a new one, if not this it hard to fix.
Q:The led lamp has been dark bright
Is most likely your switch with LED lights, so, after turn off the lights, LED indicator light on the switch, so, there is return current to the LED drive power supply, and you buy a lamp driver power supply, the design is not perfect, there is no partition backflow of electricity, so there is a faint light,
Q:LED to shoot the light is good
The LED is solid cold light source the light shine. Using cavity semiconductor PN junction and electronic to move atoms bond change rates can be released in the form of light. Because of the different semiconductor materials can be directly send red, yellow, green, blue and ultraviolet light. Blue light and ultraviolet light and fluorescent powder into white light. Due to the LED work does not need to is thermal energy and power in a large number of photoelectric conversion rate is as high as 98%, so she is.
Q:The LED lamp heating temperature of 65 ° high
Hard to say, if the lamp cooling measures do a good job, that is to say, the source of heat to go smoothly through the shell powder, lamp shell 65 degrees, then, should be ok.

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