6m Solar LED Street Light with 40W LED Lamp

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Cool White Power: 40W LED Chips Brand: CREE
Warranty: 5years Power Supply: Solar Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Application: Square, Highway, Garden Certification: CCC, CE, RoHS Pole Height: 6m
Input Voltage: 12/24V IP Rating: IP65 Illumination Time: 10h

Product Description:

Product Description

Product Details
Basic Info.
Model NO.:JS-A20156140
Light Source:LED Lamp
Lamp Body Material:Aluminum
Light Type:Solar
Color Temperature:Cool White
Technics:Die Casting Aluminum
llumination Time:6h to 12h
Cell Type:Gel Battery / AGM / Lead-Acid / Lithium
Charging Time (H):8
Usage:Garden, Street, Square and Highway
IP Rating:IP65
Certification:CE, RoHS, IEC and ISO
With Light Source:With Light Source
LED Quantity:30*1W
IP Grade:IP65
Voltage (V):DC12V
Solar Panel:120wp
Solar Controller:12V/10A
Color Temp. (K):5500~6500
Luminous Efficiency:120 Lm/W
Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.
Packing:Carton,Plywood Box,Pallet
Standard:CE,RoHS,SGS,ISO9001: 2008

Product Description
30W LED Solar Street Light, 120W solar panel, 120Ah battery, 6m pole
Solar Street Light can provide Engineering Work for your specific projects. According to your brightness requirements and our own calculations, we can help you in designing the location and orientation of the solar light poles, in order to achieve the best performances. Our services include:
Optimized positioning of the street light poles
Simulation made according to the lighting standards
Technical and design documents for sales pitches
A preview on the final project

Solar Street Light5m,20w6m,30w6m,40w7m,50w8m,70w9m,80w
System Voltage12v12v/24v24v24v24v24v
LED Lamp Power20w30w40w50w70w80w
Solar Panel80w120w160w200w140w*2160w*2
Battery Capacity80Ah120Ah80Ah*2100Ah*2150Ah*2160Ah*2
ControllerLight control,time control,IP65 with energy saving mode output function
Battery BoxPlastic type underground(buried) or metal type fixed on pole
Pole Height5m6m6m7m8m9m
Pole Thickness3mm3mm3mm4mm4mm4mm
Pole Top Caliber
Pole bottom Caliber
Based Embeded PartM14-500mmM16-500mmM16-600mmM16-600mmM20-800mmM22-900mm
Illumination Range13m-16m18m-22m18m-22m20m-24m22m-28m25m-33m
Installing Space13m-16m18m-22m18m-22m20m-24m22m-28m25m33m
Working Time per day6-12h6-12h6-12h6-12h6-12h6-12h
Continuous days3-5days3-5days3-5days3-5days3-5days3-5days
Freightplease contact our customer service

20-240W solar street light with CE RoHS 
1) Solar Panel: High efficiency mono or poly crystalline silicon;
2) Light Source: High bright LED, white, lifespan more than 50000hours;
3) Controller: Intelligent microcomputer controller, 12V/24V auto, time control & light control,with over-charging and discharging protections etc;
4) Battery: Gelled valve-regulated sealed battery, free-maintenance and deep cycle;
5) Light Pole: 3-12 meters pole, made of quality steel, powder coated after hot dipped galvanized, rust proof.Wind resistance ≥120KM/H;
6) Work Temperature: Ambient Temperature for -30--+60 ºC;
7) Lighting Time: Usually 8 /10/12 hours lighting per night, 3-4 / 5-6 rainy or cloudy days backup;
8) System Voltage: 12v for<40w 24v="" for="">40W lamp
 Solar Light Application:
Roadway: collector, arterial and highway lighting
Parking lots:open and covered parking lot lighting
Pathways/trails: emergency phones and lights Tennis courts and running track lighting
Perimeter fence lighting
Portable Emergency lighting and power
Brown Out/Black Out Backup Lighting
Remote operations including SCADA and water treatment
Security lighting and surveillance cameras in construction sites and high-risk or dark areas
DOT Bridges with antiquated or damaged electrical wires
Hazard warning lights at stop signs, cross-walks and on met-towers

What information do we need to offer you the best customized solar lamps?
Generally,we need those questions answered.
1) The sunshine hours per day or the exact city the street lights will be installed 
2) How many continuous rainy days in the raining season there? (It matters because we have to make sure the light can still work in 3 or 4 raining days with little sunshine) 
3) The brightness of LED lamp(50Watt, for example) 
4) Working time of solar light every day(10 hours, for example) 
5) The height of the poles, or the width of road 
6) It is best to offer the pictures on the locations where the solar lamps going to be installed.
What is an LED driver?
An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of your LED or array of LEDs. There are currently no industry standards, so understanding the electrical characteristics of your LED or array is critical in selecting or designing a driver circuit. Drivers should be current-regulated (deliver a consistent current over a range of load voltages). Drivers may also offer dimming by means of pulse width modulation (PWM) circuits. Drivers may have more than one channel for separate control of different LEDs or arrays.
What is a sun hour?
A sun hour is a unit of measurement of the intensity of sunlight on the earth at a given time that can be used for generation of solar power, recognizing factors such as climate and weather. A full sun hour is measured as the intensity of sunlight at noon, whereas less than a full sun hour will result during the hours before and after noon.
How does the light know when to turn on and turn off?
Jinshang 's solar controller uses a photocell and/or timer to control when the light will turn on, when the sun goes down, and to turn off when the sun comes up. The photocell detects when the sun comes down and when the sun comes up again. Jinshang can make the lamp last anywhere from 8-14 hours, and this varies on the customer's needs.The solar controller utilizes an internal timer that is pre-set for a specific number of hours to determine when to switch the light off. If the solar controller is set to leave the light on until dawn, it determines when the sun rise (and when to switch the light off) by means of voltage readings from the solar panel array.
What happens if there are cloudy days?
Electrical energy is stored in the battery each day, and some of that energy is used to operate the light at night. Generally, we design your system so that the battery will operate the light for 3-5 nights without charging. This means that, even after a series of cloudy days, there will be plenty energy in the battery to power the light each night. Also, the solar panel will continue to charge the battery (although at a reduced rate) even when it is cloudy.
What is the typical maintenance schedule for a solar lighting system?
There is no regular maintenance required for a solar lighting system. However, it is helpful to keep the solar panels clean, especially in a dusty climate.
Do I have to charge the batteries?
Batteries are shipped 85% charged. The batteries will be at 100% charged within two weeks of proper operation.

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Q:LED street light dedicated drive power 98W14 string 7, and ask 14 string 7, and what does that mean?
Or the 7 LED are connected in parallel to calculate a set, and then there are 14 groups of positive and negative electrodes, the negative electrode connected to the positive pole, and the 14 group is connected in series. This is also the 14 string of 7, and...
Q:Is it suitable to install toughened glass cover on the luminous cavity of high power LED street lamp?
Can install the toughened glass, tempered glass resistance explosion-proof Guangyu lighting
Q:Does the LED street lamp 80W or 100W need to be compensated by a single light capacitor?
Traditional high-pressure sodium lamp street lamp end voltage is low, use compensation capacitor, otherwise the voltage is too low, it is difficult to start. LED street lamps rarely use capacitive compensation, because now LED street lamps are using wide voltage drive power, and some start voltage is below 100V, can be lit normally.
Q:How many watts are the street lights?
Small common 60 watt city street mercury lamp, sodium lamp 110 and 220.
Q:Does the LED street lamp need a starter?
LED light is not a starter, is a constant current source module, is 220V city power rectifier, with constant current circuit to each LED lamp power supply; LED lights can be connected in series, and then parallel. There is also not constant current, but in each series of branch current limiting resistors, to consider the range of voltage fluctuations, select the current resistance resistance value and power.
Q:What ballast does the street lamp use?
Using metal halide ballast, it depends on what kind of light, are now "popular" LED lighting, however, there are two main types of our common street lighting, is a metal halide lamp, the other is a metal halide lamp, the latter is a little better, but the price is more durable some high.
Q:What is the actual service life of the LED street lamp?
For a long time, LED's longevity is one of his strengths, and he will be emphasized when many vendors promote it. In actual use, the absolute life is basically his life of the power supply, the LED light and speak basic, not bad.
Q:How to determine the power of LED street lights?
There are a lot of a lamp of general LED lamp, according to a count of each tileIf the LED street lamp is a block of chip, it can be installed according to the height and brightness of the street lamp, and then it can be estimated that each block is 30W/50/100W
Q:What is the reason that the longer the wire pulls on the LED street lamp, the lower the voltage?
Resistance will block the passage of electricity; the greater the resistance, the greater the loss of electrical energy in the line.
Q:Does LED street lights save electricity?
The white LED: in 1998, light white LED is only 5 LM / W, in 1999 has reached 15 LM / W, this index is similar to general household incandescent lamps, and in 2000, light efficiency of white LED has reached 25 LM / W, the index and the tungsten halogen lamp is similar. In 2005, the light efficiency of LED was up to 50 lumens / watt. In 2010, the light efficiency of LED reached more than 100 lumens / watt. The working current of white light LED can reach ampere level. Thus, the development of white LED writers using lighting sources, will become possible reality.

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