30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

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color: white/black Cut-out: ¢145mm size: 185*H132mm

Product Description:

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

Product Picture

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum



1.Innovative heat sink,greatly increase heat dissipating efficiency

2.High power COB,high CRI (Ra >80),excellent lighting performance.

3.Efficient Optional design.Better anti-glaring effect with cut-off angle 30°

To achieve comfortable interior lighting performance



3000K, warm and appealing, for leisure atmosphere and accent lighting

4000K, natural effect, ideal application on public places.

6000K, bright and efficient, for pleasant and healthy office environment.


◆The LED Downlight is popular for store,hotel,shopping malls,gallery,museum,office..........


Gear box

1.Isolated high efficient LED driver

2.IC control, isolated circuit

3.ultra-long lifespan, reach ro 30,000 to 50,000 Hours


Model NO:




System power:




Light source:



Aluminum reflector and Opal diffuser

Beam angle:


Color temperature


Color rendering index


Luminous flux:






IP Rating:



Texture whtie

Operating temperature:


Rated lifespan:



3 years



 ◆The above parameters for reference only, the project custom us to determine the parameters of lamps and lanterns 

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30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

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30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

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Q:How many watts general downlight
Home is generally used 2.5 inches (open hole is 85mm), generally equipped with 5W spiral energy-saving lamps, 8W can also be installed. Of course, you like big ones or 3 inches.
Q:Why not drive some led downlight
If the voltage is not stable, it will die on this month, and the lighting market is very few people use this, less than ten million not proud to use, for example, low prices, as well as black manufacturers.
Q:What kind of good downlight
LED has some other lamps downlight incomparable even for other LED lamps incomparable indoor lighting.
Q:Downlight must be installed in the ceiling?
Think the original lamp is power, can be installed using downlight. This can also be based on the actual situation
Q:LED lamp is not the more the better
First of all look at the lamp material, in the case of same volume, zinc alloy die-casting shell is the heaviest, Aluminum Alloy time, the plastic light; and another key component of downlight is the weight of the radiator, the radiator is greater, the greater the overall quality.
Q:The difference between light and bold headed downlight?
Double Bay light: can play a spotlight role, it is good to have the local point sources, such as in the clothing store, museum, exhibition hall, and so on in some places.
Q:A 25W lamp can illuminate the scope of what?
According to the 3W. 25W square is 8 square. But there is a lamp size of the illumination range will decline.
Q:Who can help me to explain what is the output voltage of the DC controller LED lamp?
It's all alternating current, and the emergency lights need DC power supply (like batteries).
Q:What are the differences between the lamp and lamp, that is better?
The application of distinction in the position: LED lamp is mostly installed in the ceiling inside the ceiling above 150mm to install requirements. Of course, there is an external type LED lamp. Generally choose to install the LED in the absence of lamps or ceiling downlight position, than to be slightly soft light lamp. LED spotlights can be divided into several categories: track type, point drop type and embedded type. Spotlights are also provided with transformers and without transformers. In the ceiling is embedded. LED spotlights are displayed in the focal position, such as TV wall, Logo background, and some important pendants, ornaments, etc..
Q:How much is the bedroom lamp spacing
Want to know the appropriate spacing of indoor installation is the lamp, lamp spacing, to see what effect downlight indoors is, is to play the main lighting or auxiliary lighting.

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