2BQ-5 Corn seeder (soy)

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Product Description:

2BQ-5 Corn seeder (soy)

2BQ-5 suction precise seeder, which is a multipurpose hanging farm machines and tools. This machine is suitable for processing after the cultivated land and the soil preparation homework after sowing and fertilizer on the soil. This machine can be precision planting corn, soybean, sorghum, cotton, a variety of crop canopy, etc, can be a complete fertilizer application, furrowing, sow, cover earth, rolling etc. Native homework, homework depth, spacing planting distance, fertilizer rate can be easily adjusted in a wide range.



Technical parameters:

Product model2BQ-5
Overall dimensions (cm)150×280×122Machine net weight (kg)550
Width of furrows for sowing width (cm)300sowing depth (cm)3-8
Planting rows5basic spacing (cm)50-70
Power (kW)24-37work speed (Km/h)4-5
Kind of tank volume (L)11×5Fertilizer box volume (L)91×2
Fan parameters: a) radial bending closed impeller diameter 328 mm b) the centrifugal
Drive mode: A) sowing chain transmission B) fertilizer chain transmission C) fan delta tape
Metering device types:Vertical disk suction typeDistributing the structural forms:Tin box outside slot round
Seeding opener form:Sliding knife typeFertilizer opener form:furrower
Planting distance range:22-322 mmSowing depth control methods:Limit of deep plate adjustment
Covering device types:Eight wordMarker form:Manual disc type


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