25FT G40 Globe String Light with 25 Clear Bulbs,Market Lights for Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

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1000000 set/month

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Item specifice:

Brand Name: CMAX Product Name: Patio Light G40 Certification: UL/CE/CSA/SAA
Lifespan: 2000hours Model Number: BW-16-81G40-25

Product Description:

25FT G40 Globe String Light with 25 Clear Bulbs, Outdoor Market Lights for Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

25FT G40 Globe String Light with 25 Clear Bulbs,Market Lights for Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

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1. Reasonable price because we have our own factory;

2. Small quantity is acceptable.

3. Strict QC on products and packing.

4. On Time Delivery is ensured

5. Remarkable products because our strict requirements on quality

6. Responsible service because our aim to give our clients the best service.

Product Description:

Each bulb is securely wrapped in bubble wrap and carefully placed into its spot inside of the box. The box is then surrounded in more bubble wrap and placed into a shipping box that is sized perfectly so the bulbs won't slide around. They really went the distance to protect the bulbs!

Ideal Light bulbs for many applications, including: outdoor party or wedding receptions, patios, decks, yards, bars, restaurants, porches, store windows, gazebos, pergolas, and bistros, and so on

Product Specification:

Brand Name


Product Name

Patio Light G40

Model Number




Light Source

LED Bulbs

Power Source


Bulb Spacing

Bulb spacing 6   inch (as your special order)










1. UL listed 25 feet long string with 25 clear G40 Bulbs, end to end connectable.

2. The bulbs used are G40 with E12 bases, great lights for parties and holidays

3. 25 Ft Clear Globe G40 String Lights Set with 25 G40 Bulbs Included

4. The lights are 12 inches apart, so you will get about 25 ft useable “light” length, and about 26ft including the one foot of the initial power cord. These lights are VERY bright and produce bright, white light, similar to your household lights

5. Commercial Quality & great for indoor / outdoor lighting applications. Great for patios, decks, weddings, tents and parties. 1 year Warranty! 30days money back from us !

25FT G40 Globe String Light with 25 Clear Bulbs,Market Lights for Outdoor and Indoor Decoration


1.changing the colors what your want 
2.Flexible copper wire string lights can easily built the shape you want
4.power saving 
5.safety for kids
6. Long lasting 
7. High quality, market-proven, commercial grade LED light strings
8. IP44 waterproof
9.Reasonable Price

Product Detail Image:

25FT G40 Globe String Light with 25 Clear Bulbs,Market Lights for Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

25FT G40 Globe String Light with 25 Clear Bulbs,Market Lights for Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

25FT G40 Globe String Light with 25 Clear Bulbs,Market Lights for Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

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25FT G40 Globe String Light with 25 Clear Bulbs,Market Lights for Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

Packaging & Shipping:

Packaging Detail

Standard export carton box outside the iron   reinforcement

Pearl wool + carton + Wooden Frame/metal   frame.

Delivery Detail


Warm Tips and Help:

1. The patio lights is made of glass, so please be careful when you hanging it.

2. Each strand of 25 lights Globe string lights has end-to-end connections, so you can attach up to 3 strands to cover large areas. Even with broken or removed bulbs, remaining bulbs will continue to light up.

3. The string light would be appropriate for any outdoor tree decoration, like Easter Trees, Halloween for fall bales of straw or pumpkins, Christmas. etc. The bulbs get warm but not hot so there is no worry of setting the straw on fire. The bulbs are listed as G40 style with holiday and fun party lighting.

Our Service:

1. Your inquiry related to our product & price will be replied within 24hours.

2. Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries professional in English of course.

3. Working time: 8:30am - 6:00pm, Monday to Friday; 8:30-12:00 Saturday (UTC+8).

4. OEM is highly welcomed. We have strong R&D team here to help.

5. Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.

6. Good after-sale service offered, please get back if you got question.


Q1: What’s your payment terms?
 A: T/T or L/C
Q2: When could you send me the samples
 A: 2-3days
Q3: Can I customize the strip length?
 A: Yes
Q4: Do you also sell other kinds led lights?
 A: Yes, we also supply led bulbs, spotlights, led light, led tube light, ceiling light etc.

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