2014 New Products 12V 5630 Smd Rigid Led Strip

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$0.60 - 8.24 / roll
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Shen Zhen
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1 Roll roll
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10000 Rolls Per Day roll/month

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Product Description:

We are LED light manufacturer for more than 7 years,We supply LED light with good quality ,competitive price and fast delievery. We have engineers working on new iteams for customers for free and embrace flexibility! This is our new products 12v 5630 smd rigid led strip with CE ROHS.

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Item No:BS-ST-5050-30/60/120
VoltageAC12V or 24V (50-60Hz)
Total Power36W/72W/144W
Length5m/reel 3m/reel
LED sourcesSMD5050
LED Qty30&60&120pcs/meter
IP gradeIP65 IP68 IP20
Cuttable unitevery meter
Lifespan50,000 hours-100.000 hours
CertificationsCE and RoHS



1. Wide applicability, easy to install and maintain
2. Extremely luminous, with wide viewing angle
3. PC base board, unique waterproof technique
4. Energy saving and environmental friendly
5. Operating low voltage DC 12V for human safety
6. Various colors are available
7. Very bright and low power consumption
8. Long lifesapn: More than 50, 000 hours. 



Customized options

Customize your strip light by picture or by technical datas.

Our product line includes:

 led flexible strip 12v/ led strip 5m /led strip 12v/ 12v led strip/ smd5050 non-waterproof led strip/ smd5050 non-waterproof 30leds rgb led/ strip/ remote controlled battery operated led light/ 12v flexible led strip/ 24v led strip/ strip led/rigid led strip 12v/ rgb led strip 24v /low volatge led strip/ led strip 5mm /300led 5m led strip/ dc12v/ 5m/ 24w rgb led /led strip 5050 12v/ 5mm rgb led /12v decorative light/ 12v bright white led strip /led strips 5m flexible/ battery powered led strip light /smd led strip 12v/ led strip 30cm 24v/ led strip light 5mm/ strip led 505012v/ waterproof led light 24v /12v 72w 5050smd led strip/ 5m led strip kits 5050/ dc12v led/ led bar /5m rgb led strip /led christmas light 12v/ 7.2w led strip/ white 12v 5050 smd 30leds/meter led strip/ led strip 12v&24v/ led strip dc12v 60led/m /24v led strip light/



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plastic bag intside, cartons outside 



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Q:One meter band of LED lights. Let me cut it in the middle. Then I found a thread and put it together. Why didn't it turn on?.
The copper sheet inside is actually a flexible circuit board with copper foil wires on it, and the wires of these copper foil should be connected.Do you want to open the plastic pulling off a short, then use sandpaper or knife white copper foil surface insulating layer off exposed copper foil, see a few roots in the position for welding.
Q:How to solve the problem of LED lamp out of light effect?
LED lamp belt is divided into two categories: soft and hard, and the types of light bands and installation methods used in indoor and outdoor are also different. In the purchase and installation, should be carried out according to practical purposes, in order to ensure good light, and extended service life.
Q:How to solve the problem of LED lamp heating problem?
Specifically, the heat generated by the LED chip comes out of its metal heat sink, first through the solder to the aluminum substrate PCB, and then through the heat conductive glue to the aluminum radiator. Therefore, the LED hotel engineering lamp heat dissipation actually includes the heat conduction and the heat dissipation two parts. However, the size of LED lamp cooling according to power and place, also have different choices.
Q:How does the LED light belt power supply?
LED lamp band connectionA1 diagram: connector for soft light strip connection power supply.A2 diagram: open a latch on one side of the product and fold the lid up.A3 diagram: when the lid is opened, insert one end of the soft light band into the connector, then fold the cover back and lock it.A4 diagram: complete connection.
Q:How can I arrange the lamp belt in the wardrobe?
Can install the belt, glue directly to the wardrobe, install a clear switch, save much.LED lamp belt: the band refers to the LED lamp with special processing technology welding on copper wire or ribbon flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power supply luminous, because of its luminous shape such as a light band named.
Q:Can the light belt be connected directly to the alternating current of 220 volts? Is it necessary to install a converter?
Can the light belt be connected directly to the 220 volt alternating current, depending on the specific type?.The lamp belt is divided into a high voltage lamp belt and a low voltage lamp belt, and the high-voltage lamp belt is provided with a conversion module, and the utility model can be directly connected with the 220V voltage. The low-voltage lamp belt is driven by a direct current and must be connected with the converted DC power supply.
Q:Troubleshooting of LED light belt
Mainly from the following aspects to identify:1, look at solder joints. Regular LED lamp manufacturers with LED light band produced by SMT patch process, produced by solder paste and reflow soldering. Therefore, the solder joint on the LED light band is smoother and the solder flux is not much, and the solder joint is in an arc shape extending from the FPC pad to the LED electrode.2, look at the quality of FPC. FPC points of copper and rolled copper two kinds, copper plate copper is protruding out, look carefully, from the pad and FPC connection to see. The rolling copper is closely connected with FPC, and can be bent at any time without the phenomenon of pad falling off. If the copper plate is bent too much, the pad will fall off and the temperature will be too high to cause the pad to fall off.3. Look at the cleanliness of the surface of the LED lamp. LED band produced by SMT process, its surface cleanness is very good, can not see what impurities and stains. Hand soldering process to produce a cottage version of the LED lamp band, no matter how the surface cleaning, will remain stains and traces of cleaning.4. Look at the packing. The regular LED lamp belt will be packed with an antistatic coil tray, 5 meters roll or 10 meters roll, and the outer packing will be sealed with anti-static moisture proof packing bag. LED version of the cottage version of the band with recycled reel, there is no anti-static moisture-proof package, a closer look at the reel, you can see the appearance of cleaning labels left traces and scratches.5. Look at the label. Regular LED lights, bags and rolls have printed labels, not printed labels.6, look at the attachment. LED lamp with formal will attach instructions and specifications in the lights inside the boxes, also equipped with LED lights with a connector or card holder; not the accessories and LED lamp with copycat version of the box, because some manufacturers still can be saved.
Q:How much band wavelength does LED blue light have?
When electrons and holes are combined, they can radiate visible light, so they can be used to make light-emitting diodes. In circuits and instruments, as an indicator, or in combination with text or digital display. GaAs diodes glow diode gap, green silicon carbide, yellow light diode, light emitting diode gan. Because of the chemical properties and organic light-emitting diode OLED and inorganic light-emitting diode LED.
Q:LED can the band be cut at will?
Each of the 3 LED lamp 12VLED lamp with a module, modules can be arbitrarily cut.
Q:5730led hard lamp, with one meter long and 72 beads, what is the power?
In fact, hard light with more use of low voltage, 12V or 24V, the use of resistance to limit the current, then add the actual resistance loss, more than 40W, but with such a high light power is not enough, because the heat problem, up to 20W, safety should be controlled in 10-15W.

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