1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m

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Product Description:

Structure of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:

1. Raw material of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m: copper insert, PE.

2. Product color of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m: black.

3. Usage of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m: connect with antenna and feeder cable.

Main Features of the 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:

RF Jumper cable for cell sites. 

1/2" superflex with 7/16 Male DIN connector. 

Qualified technical data.


  • High pull-off strength

  • Excellent V.S.W.R performance.

  • Low and stable intermodulation.

  • Weatherproof

Images of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:




Specification of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m

Dielectric Strength
Operating Voltage1.5KV

Company Certificates:

1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m

ISO9001 Quality System Certification

ISO14001 Environmental Control System Certification

OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification

FAQ of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:


1. Q:What is the cable used for?

   A:Jumper cable is suitable for connecting with antenna and feeder cable.

2. Q: What is the MOQ?

   A: 100 pc.

3. Q: What is the lead time of the product?

   A: 5-20 days after payment

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Q:Why do you want to separate the power cable from the communication cable?
Computer, table lamp power line current is relatively small, the magnetic field is not very strong, moreover, the network cable is double stranded wire, has the antijamming ability, this kind of situation may neglect the power line interference, does not divide separately does not matter.Many other examples, but the basic principle is: if the signal transmitted by the communication cable cable itself is relatively weak, poor anti-interference ability, to avoid the power line, not too close, such as microphone cable, satellite antenna cable, which belongs to the weak signal, power line can not be close to the strong current;But like closed-circuit television, cable, telephone lines, these are strong signals. In principle, it's important to avoid the power line, even if you don't avoid it;Not all communications cables have to be separated from the power line, and there are special cases, such as fiber, which are not subject to interference from electromagnetic signals.
Q:What is the difference between an ordinary signal cable and a communication cable?
Power cable is the power supply for the operation of equipment. It is characterized by higher voltage and higher current. Therefore, high voltage resistance of this kind of cable is required;
Q:Difference between communication cable or optical cable
The inside of the cable is a copper core made of metal copper, which uses electrical signals for transmitting signals.
Q:What is the difference between single core and 2 core power line and 3 core power line in communication power supply? Where are they used separately?
In the budget first, Party A shall be confirmed RVVZ-1X35mm^2, RVVZ-1X16mm^2 provided by the party which, under normal circumstances, communications equipment manufacturers to provide the input cable communication equipment, the cable is usually RVVZ-1X25mm^2 or RVVZ-1X16mm^2, RVVZ-1X35mm^2 is less, such as for the construction of Party B, then Party B provides the basic lack of cable, cable purchasing three operators are used, such as equipment manufacturers do not provide, are generally provided by Party A.
Q:What is the difference between cable and fiber optic cable transmission?
Double cable need not require only one optical fiber can be in transmission according to different light reflection angle distinguish the signal transmission distance than 3 cable cable electromagnetic interference 04 cable is divided into narrow and wide cable cable cable is more expensive than the price
Q:Can the 50 European telecommunication cable be replaced by 75 Euro radio frequency cable?
Mainly depends on the application situation, if the transmission frequency is relatively low, you can also;When the transmission frequency is higher than 1G, the impedance of the transmission line is very large, which directly affects the quality of the signal transmission.
Q:Consult the communications industry: Master line, twisted pair, five lines, telephone lines, cable, cable, cable between what is the relationship?
Broadly speaking, as long as the current through the metal wires are called cables, telephone lines and cables are no exception, belong to the cable.
Q:S7-200 cpu224cn and computer communication, display communication timeout, check network number, baud rate; communication cable is USB turn 232232 turn 485. Urgent need to solve
If it is USB serial line problems, it is recommended to buy a littleIf there is SIEMENS USB Download line is better, this can be MPI/PPI adaptive, 300200 are used, but bought the original and domestic, domestic stability or worse, and sometimes will not even go up.
Q:What line is ZRRV and is it a cable?
Flame retardant copper core PVC insulated flexible cord (ZR is flame retardant, RV copper core PVC insulated flexible cord)Specifications of cables and wiresType of cable - Specifications for wires and cables - shielded cable type - control cable type - communication cable type - mine communication cable type - armoured cable specification model detail
Q:Telecommunications, large log cable how to connect ah?
In the position where the branch is required, various sizes of cables can be connected by setting the transfer box.ADSL has nothing to do with cables. The key is that the line from the cable to the user cannot use the traditional iron core telephone line! UTP or STP must be in user's appearance!

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