1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m

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Product Description:

Structure of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:

1. Raw material of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m: copper insert, PE.

2. Product color of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m: black.

3. Usage of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m: connect with antenna and feeder cable.

Main Features of the 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:

RF Jumper cable for cell sites. 

1/2" superflex with 7/16 Male DIN connector. 

Qualified technical data.


  • High pull-off strength

  • Excellent V.S.W.R performance.

  • Low and stable intermodulation.

  • Weatherproof

Images of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:




Specification of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m

Dielectric Strength
Operating Voltage1.5KV

Company Certificates:

1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m

ISO9001 Quality System Certification

ISO14001 Environmental Control System Certification

OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification

FAQ of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:


1. Q:What is the cable used for?

   A:Jumper cable is suitable for connecting with antenna and feeder cable.

2. Q: What is the MOQ?

   A: 100 pc.

3. Q: What is the lead time of the product?

   A: 5-20 days after payment

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Q:Can shipboard telecommunication cables be used in place of power cables?
Shipboard communication cables can not be used instead of power cables, and the insulation standards are not the same.
Q:What is the difference between the sheath line and the wire?
The line is sheathed outside the conductor extrusion (around) insulation layer, such as overhead insulated cables, or a few cores (corresponding to the power system phase, the zero line and the ground), such as more than two core overhead insulated cables, or increases the jacket layer, such as plastic / rubber sheathed cable. Mainly used in the hair, distribution, transmission, change, power supply lines in the strong electricity transmission, through the current (tens of thousands to thousands of security), high voltage (220V to 500kV and above).
Q:Can PLC communication cables be touched by red and green two wires? What will happen?
PLC communication is usually the 485 way, the two lines together will not cause equipment failure, but will be unable to communicate.
Q:What communication mode does sensor communication cable belong to?
Under indoor conditions, the output of the sensor is measured at zero.
Q:How to choose "communication cable fault tester"?
With pulse reflection and intelligent bridge two test methods, I used the market widely used "GYTXC communication cable fault tester" to illustrate, when buying, we should pay attention to the following points:When pulse reflection is used to test:1. maximum range 8km, you can choose the appropriate range according to cable length.2. test blind area: 0m3. test accuracy: maximum 1m4. gain adjustment: automatic and manual combinationWhen using the bridge test method:1. to test the insulation resistance is poor maximum: 100 m.2. test accuracy: + 1% * cable length3. test cable maximum length: 9999m4. charging time is about 3.5 hours5. full hours after 8 hours of continuous workBuy "communication cable fault tester" must pay attention to the above points.
Q:The communication cable is broken. What about one of them?
There will be several pairs of wire backup in general communication cables, one of which can replace another pair if there is a problem. If no backup, can only add a cable, can choose a small log log HYA, minimum is 5 of the communication cable.
Q:What kinds of connecting cables are used on common telecommunication cables?
Structure: inner aluminum Bush and intermediate hot melt adhesive, the surface is hot and contractible plastic, and the difference uses different cards to reach the sealing effect.3: features: solid appearance, good sealing performance.4. Disadvantages: complex operation (heating), limited by weather and operating environment, easy to fail and difficult to find, easy to leak water. Product quality, construction technology, and later stress may cause water inflow, so it is difficult to divide responsibility. It is easy to cause personal injury to the constructors during underground operation. In fact, regardless of imports, domestic water inflow phenomenon.5, scope of application: all kinds of inflatable or non inflatable communications cables.
Q:How does the HYA200*2*0.4 communication cable count 1 meters out of copper?
HYA is a copper core, solid polyolefin insulation, moisture barrier, PE sheath and local communication cable. It is mainly used for transmitting analog signals of audio, 150kHZ and below and digital signals under 2048kbit/s and below.
Q:Telephone cable: HPVVHYAHYV what's the difference between the three phone cables? Which is better?
Under certain conditions, it can also be used to transmit more than 2048kbit/s digital signals. The utility model is suitable for overhead or pipe laying lines in cities, suburbs and local areas, and can also be buried directly.
Q:Can control cables take the place of power cables?
May not!See the code for design of GB 50217-2007 power engineering cable.Cable is the general concept, including power cables, control cables, communication cables and so on.Communication cables are generally two-way transmission, while control cables are one-way transmission.There are three kinds of communication cables: twisted pair, star twist and coaxial. The core structure must be designed according to the transmission line equation and the two parameters.The cable core structure of the control cable is a central layer stranding structure, and the distribution parameter is mainly considered according to Ohm's law, so it is much simpler than the communication cable.

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