Yellow 3528 Taiwan Epistar LED Chip

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General Introduction 

Yellow 3528 Taiwan Epistar LED chip



CommodityLED 3528 SMD
Model NO.GM-3528UYC
LED SourceEpistar
Light ColorYellow
Color temperature585-592nm
Working voltage1.9-2.3V
LED luminous Intensity1LM
Color Rendering Index(CRI)Ra ≥ 80
Life Span50000H
CertificateCE & RoHS
Package1Box (=1000pcs)


Full Details for all SMD 

SMD5050 white5500-6000k14-20LM3.0-3.5v0.18W
SMD5050 reddish white2000-2400K14-20LM3.0-3.5v0.18W
SMD5050 Yellowish white2800-3200K14-20LM3.0-3.5v0.18W
SMD5050 cool white8000-9000K14-20LM3.0-3.5v0.18W
SMD5050 blue460-470nm1000-3500mcd3.0-3.5v0.18W
SMD5050 Amber600-610nm1000-3500mcd1.9-2.2V0.12W
SMD5050 Green520-525nm2500-5500mcd3.0-3.5v0.18W
SMD5050 Yellow588-595nm1200-3500mcd1.9-2.2V0.12W
SMD5050 Red620-625nm1200-3500mcd1.9-2.2V0.12W
SMD5050 RGB R:350-450MCD B:250-300MCD G:900-1100MCD  
SMD3528 white5500-6000k4-7LM3.0-3.5v0.06W
SMD3528 reddish white2000-2400K4-7LM3.0-3.5v0.06W
SMD3528 Yellowish white2800-3200K4-7LM3.0-3.5v0.06W
SMD3528 cool white8000-9000K4-7LM3.0-3.5v0.06W
SMD3528 blue460-470nm300-600mcd3.0-3.5v0.06W
SMD3528 Amber600-610nm300-500mcd1.9-2.2V0.04W
SMD3528 Green520-525nm400-2000mcd3.0-3.5v0.06W
SMD3528 Yellow588-595nm300-500mcd1.9-2.2V0.04W
SMD3528 Red620-625nm200-500mcd1.9-2.2V0.04W
SMD3528 RGB R:350-450MCD B:250-300MCD G:900-1100MCD  



1:5050,3528, 0805,0603,1206,1210,side view SMD.

2.colors avialable :red ,green ,yellow,blue ,white etc.

3.saving energy and environment protection.

4.luminous intensity:15-18LM.

5.flexible viewing angle ,long lifespan and low power consumption.

6.Solid -state,shock and vibration resistant.

7.RoSh compliant decide excellent quality.


IF: 20mA,

Beam Angle: 120°

High Brightness, large view angle, Low Power dissipation, high cost-effective.

Operation temperature: -40 - 95 degrees celsius. Life span: 50000 hours.


Packaging & Delivery



2000pcs SMD packed in 1ROLL.



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1. 3-10 business days for Sample Orders; 7-40 business days for Bulk Orders.

2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address.

4. The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 


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Q:What does patch LED light mean?
The patch may be said, adding that the patch board PCB light source, light source lamp light source generally refers to, patch may refer to the combination of PCB plate and two lens beads.
Q:Is the forward voltage drop of the patch LED too large or too small?
Pressure drop does not mean good or bad, the greater the pressure drop, the better to choose the right for you
Q:How to install the patch LED lamp band?
More attention is paid to the lamp with waterproof and the installation of a solid in the outdoor installation, outdoor installation often adopts the mode of fixed card slot, need to cut and connected place, and indoor installation, just need another with waterproof glue, waterproof effect to consolidate the connection point.
Q:SMD LED lamp working voltage?
LED is a light emitting device of low voltage, low current, low power forward current general patch type LED when using (IF) 20MA, (VF) 1.8-2.5V, voltage of red green and blue (VF) voltage is 3.0-3.6V. Different manufacturers also have small differences, so first of all, look at the color,Of course. The multi chip assembly in high voltage chip together, some current: 1 watts, 1 watts and above. A wide variety of varieties, as follows:
Q:How to detect LED SMD beads
The output voltage of the digital clock diode file is not high, generally below 2.5V, so the measurement of LED lamp does not work, the best way is to external electrical measurement. If there are a lot of beads to measure it, can take a constant current power measurement.
Q:How do led patches measure good or bad?
LED patch how to measure methods: use two meter meter test, red pen is positive, black pen negative, if there is "bee" sound is bad, if the light is good
Q:Patch LED manual welding, how can welding not burn lights?
When soldering, the temperature is best to be lower, and the average welding temperature is about 360. That's enough, because the melting temperature of the tin wire is about 220 degrees, so if it is allowed, the temperature can be reduced as low as possible.
Q:Notes on patch LED
Storage bags are sealed and stored at a temperature of <40 DEG C.
Q:LED patch lamp band, how to calculate how many watts a meter, such as 3528-60 beads is how much?
LED patch lamp with 3528-60 beads should be 4.8W/ meters.Because the LED light belt is made according to the manufacturer's standard, the parameters are different, and the parameters of the LED lamp belt and the method of use are best connected with the manufacturer's confirmation. Some common parameters are given here for reference only
Q:LED patches have several ways of welding. Which ones can be reflow? What can be done by eutectic welding? Is the welding of viscose and lens material is required?
SMD patch products basically can be used in reflow soldering, especially a little note here that the eutectic welding is the connection between the chip and the substrate support or specifically, is the bottom of the chip after completion of production of coating material and a layer of Sikkim alloy, and then set up a heating zone in solid crystal machine package in time and a temperature of about 300 degrees, the realization process of the chip at the bottom of the Sikkim alloy melt and silver plated layer connection bracket, and a clear distinction between reflow.

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