UKFR Faux Leather PU Bed CM-LBDO3

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Product Description:

UKFR Faux Leather PU Bed CM-LBDO3

1. Description:

Suitable for homes,dormitories etc , durable and strong

1) High quality PU or Fire Resistant PU

2) Non-woven fleece and foam also can be FR standard

3) Wooden legs and slats

4) Middle metal supports bar with legs

5) Color available: black, brwon and white

6) K/D

2. Advantage:

. Nice design for your living room. Fire resistant fabric makes it more safe for you;

. Easy to assemble;

. Very popular in Europe , America and Australia markets;

. Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, 14025;

. Punctual delivery.

3. FAQ:

1) Q: whats MOQ ?

    A: one 20ft container

2)  Q: Do you accept OEM?

    A:  Yes, OEM is welcomed. Models can be customized.

3) Q: whats your general payment terms?

   A:  TT or LC at Sight

4) Q: Do you offer quality warantee?

   A: yes, three years warantee based on normal use

4. Product Specifications:

UKFR Faux Leather PU Bed

Item No



optional, single, double, king, queen sizes


Brown/White/ optional

G.W. (kgs)







UKFR leather

Lead Time

Normally within 25days,subject to order size

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Q:POLL: What kind of bed is this?
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