The Steel Security Door With Security Lock Bank Vault Door

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product name: the steel security door with security lock bank vault door size: H2000*W1000*D240mm Brand Name: golden tortoise
lockset: LAGARD Lock(UL1548),electronic lock,key lock material: cold rolled steel allocation: a LAGARD Lock(UL1548),a wheeling,barrier door inside,emergency door
Door board thickness: 8mm delivery time: 10-25 days after confirming the order Model number: AJYL-92-9
OEM/ODM: yes

Product Description:

Product information:

Name  The   Steel Security Door With Security Lock Bank Vault Door 
LockestGray,   It'S Optional
ColorLagard Lock(Ul1548)
AllocationA Lagard Lock(Ul1548),A Wheeling ,Emergency Door On The Door,Barrier Door Inside
Packaging DetailPacked One By One In Strong Wooden Box,1Pcs/Box;According Customer'S Needs
Delivery Detail10-25 Days After Confirming The Order
Installation door hole sizeH2020*W1020Mm

Product  Details:

Our Luxury vault door could be customized according to your needs .

* Outside door  covered by 1mm thick stainness stteel

* Steel Thickness of  the door  board :8mm, 60mm thickness fireproof material layer;

   inside  with  alloy anti-drill  plate.

* 3mm thickness cover board ; 100mm thickness inside frame; 20mm thickness back cover board 

* one set  transmission mechanism for vault door 

* Stainless steel  locking bolts,  one set  Luxury stainless steel  barrier door 

*Lockset :two  pcs  USA LAGARD BRAND  code , one round  handle  for the vault door 

* Package:  Strong wooden  box

The Steel Security Door With Security Lock Bank Vault Door

The Steel Security Door With Security Lock Bank Vault Door

The Steel Security Door With Security Lock Bank Vault DoorThe Steel Security Door With Security Lock Bank Vault Door

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1.OEM/ODM orders acceptable

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Company Files :

*We are the professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of  safe box,gun cabinet,cion cabinet,vault doors and office furnitures have 17 years.

*Based on a long history, strong technical force, advanced equipment and reliable quality, our company has become a member of National Security Association.

*Our company takes the lead in passing ISO9001 International Quality Management System and CCC certifications. 

*Our Golden Tortoise series products are insured by Chinese People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd.

* Our safe box has been saled for many years in the international market ,whichever series of  safe boxs have   got the nod from customer .

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Q:How to open the safe rotation of tiger ah
Third, the general method of checking password is the same!Opening number method:First, the first set of code number to the right three time alignment reference line
Q:What happens when the safe is out of power?
Usually, there are two ways to replace the battery of the safe. One is to open the door with an external power box, and the other is to open the door with an emergency key. After opening the door, you can change the battery on the door directly
Q:What happens when the safe shows "under pressure"?
Replace the batteries open, if you are a safe April of words, can use the emergency key, or external power supply box
Q:It is known that a safe has more than one lock, and that it is managed by 5 persons
The key to any lock is only two people holding it, and any two people have the same key. The lock is the least needed
Q:How do I change the safe deposit box?
Is it marked with numbers?. You just push the button and unlock it with the key
Q:The safe is the door of the upper and lower door. When it opens, the door can not be opened. What shall I do?
See if the safe has a handle, if you have a handle, insert the key first, open the main lock, then enter the password, then open the door with the handle. If you don't have a handle, enter the password first, then use the key to open the door directly
Q:How do I open the safe with a mechanical cipher lock?
The general safe is to turn right, turn 3 times, aim at the first group of passwords, then turn left, turn the 2 circle, aim at the second group, turn right, 1, aim at the third sets of passwords, and then turn the key to open
Q:When the safe is opened, the door won't shut. What's the matter?
2. cabinet storage box, too many doors and storage collide. Arrange storage in cabinet and cabinet.
Q:What is the safe 3C certification?
The difference between an anti-theft safe and an anti-theft safeAnti theft safe (box) is a special kind of container. The state has strict requirements for the production of anti-theft safe (box), so we should have a preliminary understanding of these requirements when purchasing.The width, height and depth of the anti-theft safe are less than 450mm, 320mm and 300mm, which is characterized by small size, light weight, and certain anti-theft performance. The utility model has the advantages of convenient transportation and installation, and is fixed with the ground or wall by fixing devices such as expansion bolts, etc., and the thief is not easy to move away. The inlaid anti-theft safe is embedded in the wall and has certain concealment. Anti theft safe is more suitable for hotels and families.The size of the anti-theft safe is larger than the above requirements, and the anti-theft performance is higher than the anti-theft safe, which is more suitable for the authorities, enterprises and institutions. Anti theft safes can be divided into 3 categories, class A, class B and class C, according to their protective performance. Among them, C class anti-theft performance is highest, class a minimum. Now, most of the safes that are found in the shopping malls are classified as class a burglar proof safes.According to different password working principle, anti-theft safe (box) can be divided into mechanical insurance and electronic insurance two, the former is characterized by cheaper prices, more reliable performance. Most of the early safes (boxes) were mechanical safes (boxes). Electronic safe (box) is the electronic password, IC card intelligent electronic lock control method applied to the safe (box), which is easy to use, especially for use in the hotel, need to change passwords frequently, so the use of electronic password safe (box), is more convenient.
Q:How do you open the safe? 10There is a circle of two rings and 68 and a half rings of 44 in the left of the safe, but it can not be opened by 27
Most of the domestic machinery safes unlock methods are as follows:Mechanical code locks (assuming three sets of digital locks) assume that the three sets of numbers of the code lock are (10); (20); (30):

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