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This section tent for 2014 new enhanced version (thicker fabric finer work) and general market models vary greatly, good quality is not just a little bit, oh

 Lifetime replacement bracket (broken off can change the bracket) need to change pole clients postage themselves.

This section has a new enhanced version of the tent and the regular edition (enhanced version where all connections are secondary reinforcement, all tent materials are quality using high-end)

 This section new enhanced version of the tent for 14 years, the fabric is thicker 210D Oxford cloth (than the market in general 190T polyester fabric thickness and tear has greatly enhanced), finer workmanship, high quality

Hydraulic models new listing if necessary, please contact customer service

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Q:Red tent and blue tent. Which is against the sun?
1gear equipment network is pleased to answer for you, the longest red light wave, can absorb large amounts of ultraviolet light in the sun, and other colors are relatively weak, so the summer red tents can prevent ultraviolet rays, prevent sunburn.
Q:What do you mean by a tent in the Bible?
While Israel was in the wilderness, they lived in tents, and Abraham pitched tents in those days.
Q:What do the tents of 190T and PU mean?
Many of the existing tents are labeled with seasonal suitability, mountain suitability, and field suitability data. Such as the two quarter, the three season, the four seasons tent. It provides great convenience for the buyer to provide a reference for selection.In fact, at the time of purchase, most famous tents are worth it; but it is best to do. There are many brand-name tents have a pretty good price. I've seen a lot of friends buy tents have pretty good performance, but also not what brand, the key is to choose when...... These are just some experience in the process of using, felt a sense of display slight skill before an expert for your reference, welcome; DX and supplement.
Q:What is the removal of a tent type mosquito net?
Finally, all the skeletons were removed and arranged and packed into a bag.Note that when two people cooperate, do not use brute force to avoid damaging the mosquito net,
Q:What are the tent accessories?
Tent pegs are made of aluminium, iron and plastic.The style of the ground nails, as well as 7 fonts, 9 fonts, round, square, six angle, triangle, V, Y and so on.See what tent you are, and what you want.
Q:Why aren't some tents waterproof? Please, great God!
The tent is very many, you can search the tent at night at least end of waterproof, even if the record are not waterproof, you must not go outside the store to buy.
Q:Can the tent protect the snake?
If you can hit the floor, branches, leaves or bamboo mat, try not to use the weeds. Before you go to bed, knock on the ground first and sweep away the insects that climb. When you wake up, you should look carefully around the body, otherwise, if there is a snake or insect nearby, it will be disturbed by the sudden activity.
Q:Want to buy domestic tents and moisture-proof mats, recommend the brand!
Camping is very low on tents and can prevent light rain. Generally do not need to bear mountaineering, so heavy point, the problem is not large. In fact, dozens of blocks of glass single deck tent can be.
Q:Is the inflatable bed available in the tent?
We use high quality materials: ultra strong hot carbon Toughened PVC polymerization, surface grafting polymer corduroy, using the international first-class sewing process, according to the international standard and strict testing. The scientific design which not only has the appearance of bed form, but also ordinary incomparable comfortable bed. After abrasion resistance and low temperature test, you can place it directly on the ground.It is beautiful and convenient: inflatable volume is small and the weight is less than 2.5-5KG, let go of the gas volume after volume with the general household sheets as large, light in weight, can be folded into a backpack to carry.
Q:What problems should we pay attention to when buying a tent? Ordinary camping tent
You have to make sure you want to buy that kind of tent with mountain tents and recreational mountain account account, pay attention to the temperature of water (usually 10000MM) above waterproof better is to lock the constant temperature of 18 degrees the price of more than 4000, leisure account to the left and right 3000MM waterproof breathable and some can be a price there are 1999-3000

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