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1, masks: for large Windows, Windows with polycarbonate lens material, with high transparency, high resistance to wear, have prevent mist function, mesh hood type wear, wear comfortable, convenient, colloid using silica gel, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation, airtight performance is good.

2, a cylinder, for all the aluminum tank carbon fiber winding composite cylinders, 30 mpa working pressure, has the advantage of light quality, high strength, good safety performance, the cylinder valve with high pressure safety protection device. Bottle, bottle with

3 groups: take card is a quick CAM lock mechanism, and ensure the bottle is always in a state of a closed loop. Gas cylinders will not flip.

4, shoulder strap: made of flame retardant polyester fabric, adjustable straps with double side structure, make the weight fall on his hips, reduces the shoulder to the chest oppression, breathe easier. And the shoulder belt has wide elastic gasket, easing the oppression to the shoulder.

5, alarm whistle: chest, the alarm is easy to determine, small volume, light weight. 6, the pressure gauge: big dial, with night vision

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Q:Does the diver want to swim?! I can't swim. Can I go scuba diving?
Does diving need swimming?In theory, diving does not require swimming, as long as the equipment is ready. But can not swim to diving, there may be water in the water and psychological, self-help ability is relatively weak, the relative risk of dangerous people to swim.
Q:How to correctly use the diving goggles and Straw?
Air diving: the body is completely under water, with legs staggered up and down swing shoot water or by way of swimming.Rest: the snorkeling process usually floats to rest on the surface of the water.Only a short time to snorkeling beginners a little skill can be used for snorkeling Sambo, with a breathing tube to solve the most difficult breathing problems in swimming, and water buoyancy, as long as there are no waves in the sea, will be floating in the water layer, so snorkeling is much easier than to learn how to swim. To make an analogy, if swimming takes 7 days to learn, snorkeling only takes 1 or 2 hours. Also because of snorkeling too easy to master, even so far as PADI learned without teacher, diving courses, the course will have spent snorkeling.
Q:What's the best way to learn swimming?
It's funny to learn to walk in the water, but this step is very important. Aim to overcome your fear of the deep water. Method: walk slowly into the deep water in the swimming pool. Don't be afraid to walk to the water to your shoulder. You will come back. This way you can feel the pressure of the deep water on the body. Very comfortable. It's better to have someone at your side, just in case you cramp, and there's something to protect you from. The two is that you will feel safe. But it's important not to let him take you. You can do this at first when you don't dare, and you can walk slowly without anyone else in the water.
Q:How about swimming without enough physical strength?
This time take the time to practice running, to increase stamina and enhance vital capacity has significant effect
Q:Listening to friends say you can swim during pregnancy, which month can you swim?
No vaginitisSome people think that swimming or a bath, the water will penetrate through the vagina and uterus, cause infection. In fact, during pregnancy, vaginal epithelial cells glycogen accumulation, in the role of vaginal bacteria decomposition produce lactic acid, make the vaginal acidity increased, is not conducive to bacterial growth. People have proved the bath water will not penetrate through the vagina and uterus, think of a bath will not provide a pathway for prenatal bacterial infection.Any physical exercise has its proper limit, swimming is no exception, for this particular stage of pregnancy, we need to strengthen health care
Q:Excuse me, can I take part in diving if I can't swim?
Can you usually will be trained before diving in, the coach will tell you a lot of knowledge points and matters needing attention, will tell you what diving is very safe, you worry about to relax completely unnecessary. The shore diving distance of 4 meters, it should be you will walk 4 meters to dress the body, before entering the deepwater area, generally you are floating in the water, so you can adapt to the future with a little bit mask and breathing tube, then the coach back to take you into the water to swim, the new world will be to show in front of you.
Q:Why should I wear a diving suit for swimming?
Diving suits are used to protect the divers from damage by reefs or harmful animals and plants when they lose their temperature and cause temperature loss during diving.
Q:Why do modern diving TingChang swimming like fish master?
The bionic mimics the dolphin's skin and uses a flexible organic material to make a multi layered submarine shell. The submarine wears this artificial skin, which reduces drag by half and speeds by 1 times.
Q:Scuba diving PADI...! I used frog shoes for the first time
The fins are you using? I had cramp flippers, with forked fins, each fin and play frequency is not the same, you have to figure out what your fins is the kind, I first posted there technically Leroy diving stick, you see, if you do not understand because of me.
Q:Why did the fish swim, so invented the submarine?
Later, American David Verhunel also built a ship for submarine combat use, named "sea turtles", only by a person, is entirely made of wood, it uses human shaking propeller propulsion crank. In 1776, Ezra Lee, a sailor from the United States, sailed the turtle submarine near British ships moored at New York harbor. The ship was not injured because Ezra could not fix it in the bottom of the ship but exploded on the surface near the British ship. In the history of submarine in the world, the earliest push the submarine into actual combat, I am afraid to count the British Johnphilip Holland. The submarine was officially used in naval warfare for the first time in World War i.. In September 1914, German and British naval battles took place near the Danish coast. The German submarine U-9, sank the British "Yaboke" and "cresset" and "Hoge" three cruisers. At that time, Holland only died more than a month, the German is based on Holland's submarine structure and principles, the construction of the world shocked submarine ships.

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