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1, masks: for large Windows, Windows with polycarbonate lens material, with high transparency, high resistance to wear, have prevent mist function, mesh hood type wear, wear comfortable, convenient, colloid using silica gel, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation, airtight performance is good.

2, a cylinder, for all the aluminum tank carbon fiber winding composite cylinders, 30 mpa working pressure, has the advantage of light quality, high strength, good safety performance, the cylinder valve with high pressure safety protection device. Bottle, bottle with

3 groups: take card is a quick CAM lock mechanism, and ensure the bottle is always in a state of a closed loop. Gas cylinders will not flip.

4, shoulder strap: made of flame retardant polyester fabric, adjustable straps with double side structure, make the weight fall on his hips, reduces the shoulder to the chest oppression, breathe easier. And the shoulder belt has wide elastic gasket, easing the oppression to the shoulder.

5, alarm whistle: chest, the alarm is easy to determine, small volume, light weight. 6, the pressure gauge: big dial, with night vision

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Q:Why do you open your eyes and see nothing in the swimming pool?,
It's bad for your eyes to keep your eyes open in the water.. The disinfectant in the pool hurts the eyes. In the sea, the sea water is higher in salt, equivalent to tears. When you shed tears, be clear
Q:How to dive and swim? I always pinch my nose with one hand
If you do this, the easiest way is to blow the nose out of the air at the same time as you do, so you can prevent water from entering
Q:Can I learn swimming after I'm 40?
In 4) on the basis of skilled, you lie prone in the process, try to kick feet off the bottom of the water, hand and foot slowly swinging, the general foot is up and down swing, hand forward, up and down, or left and right swing, pick your habit of action. You'll find yourself floating on the water, but your head is still underwater. You can control it. You can swim 90%. Practice more. Looking for the head to dive into the water, the body can completely do not touch the bottom of the pool feeling.4. surfaceGenerally reaching third steps will not be difficult, just a process. Skilled in "head dive into the water, the body can not touch the bottom of the pool", then the action, the test head out of the water. Once you find that the body is sinking into the water, you put your head in the water again, and your body will come up again. This way, you will find the feeling, you can find it by hand in front of the water, one after a row, the legs hit the water one by one, you will slowly surfaced.
Q:Why do I swim, my ears get water, and my nose is very uncomfortable
It's not for swimming. You can't swim yet. When you can swim, it won't be like this
Q:Does the diver want to swim?! I can't swim. Can I go scuba diving?
Does diving need swimming?In theory, diving does not require swimming, as long as the equipment is ready. But can not swim to diving, there may be water in the water and psychological, self-help ability is relatively weak, the relative risk of dangerous people to swim.
Q:Why do scuba diving swim faster than swim on the surface?
Dive, the body is in a straight line, there is a lot of resistance, but the streamlining of the body can promote rapid forward..Second, swimming on the surface, the body is not streamlined, the resistance is very large
Q:Can you open your eyes underwater? Is the water in the pool harmful to your eyes when diving?
Yes, and you can see it more clearly through exerciseThe water in the swimming pool because of the drugs to the eyes have a certain irritation and there are a lot of bacteria so best to bring about the insurance point but once two times as long as the attention of eye drops even without the impact is not great at least we are never a water polo player with glasses I practiced for 10 years even myopic eyes no
Q:Which one is strong, swimming or diving?
The minimum resistance to climbing is greater than that of diving. Welcoming the small diving posture, always maintain the best, but is not long!
Q:Why do I always hold swimming diving water nose?
I think you should not hold the nose, block the nasal cavity, when diving, people will swim to the bottom, water pressure will make the water more powerful into your nasal cavity, leading to the nose like choking water, very uncomfortable.
Q:There is a swimming competition (it should be 50 meters freestyle). One player dives from side to side.
This sudden change rule is a great loss for Mu Xiangxiong and the China swimming, until more than 50 years later in 2012 by Sun Yang won the first Olympic gold medals China male swimming.

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