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First: diving flashlight switch magnetic control switch, open the barrier pressure is limited, and vulnerable to the impurity of the water seepage, some o-ring seal even susceptible to corrosion, so the diving depth, generally within 30 meters, and the service life of the very limited! There is no switch, rotary switch, equivalent to strictly is basic to eliminate open Achilles' heel of the mark, is one of the highend and depth of waterproof diving flashlight universal use, waterproof depth is more than 100 metres.

The second: a torch light source Currently widely used CREE LED series, is the most used Q5 / R5 / T6 / SWC100W, lumen is a kind of light units, 100 lumens is approximately equal to high power 1 w! CREE Q5, brightness can reach below 230 lumens CREE R5, brightness can reach about 350 lumens CREE T6, brightness can reach 1000 lumens SWC100W, brightness can be up to 10000 lumens

Third: use the flashlight batteries, the brightness of the different types of rival battery and battery life have influence! The same number of different batteries also have very big concern, at the current market popular diving flashlight note ARCHON (the pupil) as an example. Note ARCHON D20, using two 18650 batteries, battery life under 1000 lumens highlighted in 1.8 hours!!! Note ARCHON D22, using two 26650 batteries, battery life under 1000 lumens highlighted in about 4.0 hours!!! Note ARCHON D33, using three 26650 batteries, battery life under low light of 1000 lumens in about 9.0 hours!!!

Fourth: tube body material plastic tube body: weight is light and flexible, but easy ageing, the time is long easy to seawater corrosion, and if not careful fall on the ground, scrapped a high probability of tube body, not durable. : aluminum alloy cylinder body weight is a bit heavier than plastic tube body, flexibility is a bit poor, but very corrosion resistant, resistant to impact. Price is more expensive, highend brand aluminum alloy 1.5 meters diving flashlight can free fall, and appearance

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Q:How long can you keep your eyes open in the water without diving glasses when you dive?
Upstairs said good, but still do not recommend not to take swimming goggles, not that you do not recommend the installation (harmony) B, is now the water source is not very good, without swimming goggles will hurt your eyes
Q:The fastest way to swim is to dive
On the surface of the water, freestyle is the fastest. Diving is the fastest with breaststrokeThe breaststroke (breaststroke) is a swimming stroke that imitates the swimming behavior of frogs. It is also one of the oldest swimming strokes. In breaststroke, swimmers can watch for obstacles in front of them and avoid hitting obstacles.
Q:Why do people who can't swim learn to dive simply?
Diving is totally different. He doesn't have to think about the problem of ventilation, and it's the most important thing because of the tools and postures.Just as a person learns how to ride a bicycle, it is difficult to learn a tricycle. One reason, thinking set
Q:People who swim regularly have higher frequency of water entry, such as diving
It's easy to use! Silicone, plug ears, waterproof effect is particularly good!
Q:Can I wear a diving suit for swimming? The swimming suit is very bare
Swimming is played with skill, no one will pay attention to what others wear, but only pay attention to the level of other people swim
Q:When swimming and diving, the water goes into the ear.
Check whether there is water, gently hit the top with the wrist parts, if there is an echo, indicating that there is water in, it is not possible to go to the hospital, let the doctor deal with, if the inflammation, as soon as possible treatment
Q:If you want to dive, do you have to swim?
No, as long as a professional coach teaches you how to dive and dive with you
Q:Can you open your eyes underwater? Is the water in the pool harmful to your eyes when diving?
As long as the water is clear, more than 10 meters at randomIn the swimming pool without glasses is certainly harmful to the eyes, although there are disinfection in the swimming pool, but there are many bacteria, and disinfection of drugs have been harmful to the eyes, it is better to wear glasses
Q:What is the depth of waterproof? Can you swim or dive?
It is wearing such things, in less than this depth of water will not enter the water and damage. This depth is called waterproof depth.
Q:Why did the fish swim, so invented the submarine?
Later, American David Verhunel also built a ship for submarine combat use, named "sea turtles", only by a person, is entirely made of wood, it uses human shaking propeller propulsion crank. In 1776, Ezra Lee, a sailor from the United States, sailed the turtle submarine near British ships moored at New York harbor. The ship was not injured because Ezra could not fix it in the bottom of the ship but exploded on the surface near the British ship. In the history of submarine in the world, the earliest push the submarine into actual combat, I am afraid to count the British Johnphilip Holland. The submarine was officially used in naval warfare for the first time in World War i.. In September 1914, German and British naval battles took place near the Danish coast. The German submarine U-9, sank the British "Yaboke" and "cresset" and "Hoge" three cruisers. At that time, Holland only died more than a month, the German is based on Holland's submarine structure and principles, the construction of the world shocked submarine ships.

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