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First: diving flashlight switch magnetic control switch, open the barrier pressure is limited, and vulnerable to the impurity of the water seepage, some o-ring seal even susceptible to corrosion, so the diving depth, generally within 30 meters, and the service life of the very limited! There is no switch, rotary switch, equivalent to strictly is basic to eliminate open Achilles' heel of the mark, is one of the highend and depth of waterproof diving flashlight universal use, waterproof depth is more than 100 metres.

The second: a torch light source Currently widely used CREE LED series, is the most used Q5 / R5 / T6 / SWC100W, lumen is a kind of light units, 100 lumens is approximately equal to high power 1 w! CREE Q5, brightness can reach below 230 lumens CREE R5, brightness can reach about 350 lumens CREE T6, brightness can reach 1000 lumens SWC100W, brightness can be up to 10000 lumens

Third: use the flashlight batteries, the brightness of the different types of rival battery and battery life have influence! The same number of different batteries also have very big concern, at the current market popular diving flashlight note ARCHON (the pupil) as an example. Note ARCHON D20, using two 18650 batteries, battery life under 1000 lumens highlighted in 1.8 hours!!! Note ARCHON D22, using two 26650 batteries, battery life under 1000 lumens highlighted in about 4.0 hours!!! Note ARCHON D33, using three 26650 batteries, battery life under low light of 1000 lumens in about 9.0 hours!!!

Fourth: tube body material plastic tube body: weight is light and flexible, but easy ageing, the time is long easy to seawater corrosion, and if not careful fall on the ground, scrapped a high probability of tube body, not durable. : aluminum alloy cylinder body weight is a bit heavier than plastic tube body, flexibility is a bit poor, but very corrosion resistant, resistant to impact. Price is more expensive, highend brand aluminum alloy 1.5 meters diving flashlight can free fall, and appearance

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Q:How can I learn to swim, like diving on TV?
Sure feet under water need to tread water, if it is upright, usually lying in the water can be floating
Q:Can't swim, can you play scuba diving? Come on, everybody, thanks
It won't be all right. But depending on which one you dive in, a dive is one of the distances you can hold yourself down below the water, and one is scuba diving in an oxygen bottle. In fact, as long as you learn the first one, you will soon learn how to swim. The latter one needs to be more professional. Beware of everything, life only once.
Q:The swimming pool on the face after a lot of hair tip size rash
Not everyone will experience your condition. It sounds like a small bleeding point from a slight subcutaneous haemorrhage. If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't itch
Q:How do you learn how to swim? How do you swim? I can swim on the water now, but I can't move on
Another function of learning floats is to practice balance. A person's head is very heavy, and when the head is out of the water, the weight of the body is even greater. So you should learn to swim before swimming. The method is simple: stand in shallow water, lean against the pool wall, bend over, stretch your arms forward, head into the water, and then lift one leg back to the wall to smooth it out. Try to relax and relax, and gradually realize that water can float up. After losing speed, the legs gradually sink, and then slowly stand up. This gradually overcome tension, and cultivate hydrophilic.After a few practice sessions, you have confidence and feelings. After floating up and balancing, you can increase the breaststroke propulsion - arm pull and leg pinch. For beginners, these actions are simple and do not have to focus too much on it. After the initial swim, and gradually improve the quality of action.
Q:I can't swim. Can I take a diving permit?
To get a diving permit, it is mainly to the diving school or center with diving teaching qualification. In the case of PADI, is to PADI the official authorized diving school, there will be a professional coach and specialized teaching materials to teach about the detailed aspects of the diving knowledge, through a series of examinations, you can get after the diving certificate issued by PADI. Diving schools or centers can be found in each area suitable for diving, such as Thailand, Maldives and egypt.
Q:Swim with flippers or diving flippers difference? long flippers or short fins each stroke is suitable for what?
Free diving with webbed feet, long and soft, with the length in fin swimming 3 times to 4 times. Long, can also increase the pushing surface, soft, is to transfer the power from the transmission to the tip of the ankle webbed power extends in time, so you can use the least effort to do the maximum possible displacement because the free diving is mostly to water depth, so keep the physical and pulmonary oxygen in the action is very important, less.2 webbed, around each one. In order to save energy, generally with the freestyle kick kick interaction.
Q:I'm a good swimmer, but I have a fear of diving. How can I overcome it?
You first water, fan water, and then slowly will, or else to report a class, in the deep water area, as long as the body up, it will not sink
Q:Why do I always fall off when I swim?
The effects fit together very closely.Because the fast leg movement produces a certain reaction force, it is beneficial to the arm and close coordinationCan better play the role of arm, so as to improve the speed of entry.Deep analysis of breast stroke arm movements1, start posture:Keep your arms tight, naturally straighten forward, parallel to the water, and keep your body in a straight line.2, catch water:The previous arm stretched off the shoulder slightly pronation, palms downward slightly to two, slightly hooked wrist and hands separately under the synclineSquare pressure water.3, stroke:The arms are divided into 40-45 degrees, and the wrists begin to curve. At this point, arms and hands gradually move toward the side, lower, and Hou FangquArm pull. In the stroke, the angles of the forearm and upper arm are constantly changing, and the main steps of the elite athletes are the main steps of the strokeThe joints are bent at close to 90 degrees. Because this angle can give full play to the power and can make good use of the back of the chestLarge muscle mass of the ministry. Generally lower athletes elbow angle is larger, when the arm, the arm to the angle of about two armsAt 120 degrees angle, you should make a continuous transition to the inner hand. When you pull and sink, the hand should not go to the shoulderThe lower back should be below the shoulder. In order to take full advantage of all the forward forces to increase speed, when entering the stroke position,An athlete should perform a stroke with greater strength to achieve maximum speed of advance. Therefore, when the athletes are pulling the water,Higher body position, this is a reasonable phenomenon.
Q:Do you occasionally have to swim and dive in a place with more water?
Feed not too often, summer once every 2 days, autumn 3.4 daysFor water, to see your cylinder much, not a little dirty on the exchange, the general water is much, once every 2 days on the line, remember the water if the sun, or put a two day water Oh, so good oh. The tortoise is not easy to get sick.
Q:What are the differences between regular swimming glasses and diving diving glasses? Which is better?
Deep water diving goggles are connected to oxygen cylinders. You may have seen a large one at the swimming pool, which is for beginners

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