Stainless Steel Solid Door Handle

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Product Description:

1.Dimensions of level handles: 130 x 60 x 16mm, 140 x 65 x 19mm and 145 x 65 x 22mm

2.Materials of tube: SUS 304 or SUS 316 available

3.Handle base: iron-plated white zinc or SUS 304 stainless steel available

4.Handle rosette: SUS 304 or SUS 316 available

5.Escutcheon base: iron-plated white zinc or SUS 304 stainless steel available

6.Escutcheon rosette: SUS 304 or SUS 316 available

7.Spindle: 8 x 8 x 110mm, iron-plated white zinc or iron-plated finish available

8.Various spindles: square spindle with V-shaped crevice or square spindle with side hole available

9Cuttable machine screw: brass-plated nickel (M4 x 65mm), iron plated white zinc (M4 x 65mm) or stainless steel three legged screw (M5 x 50) available

10.Self-tapping screw: #8 x 3/4 inches stainless steel

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Q:Anti-theft door handle is a single live, from the outside when the key is very difficult to open. Can you change to double live? Are you safe?
Not necessarily have nothing to do with the lock cylinder, it may also have a relationship with the door, you buy the door keyhole did not rush, or the door gap is not very good, or a little sagging door, or the cylinder is very good to open. You can change a pair of double-sided activities of the handle. Install the handle of the time, more debugging about to see where the problem, the key in the middle of that root pole, with the outside only pull the hands, the other is no difference with the normal.
Q:How can the handle become better, more slender, more beautiful
Apply skin care products carefully massage hands, can accelerate the growth of nails, make your fingers thinner, delicate skin. Massage method is to use one hand fingers massage the other hand, start from the back of the hand, gently draw the spiral until the fingers, activities, every finger, especially the joints, painting a spiral massage until the fingertips, and then massage the finger, massage More than 10 times; with one hand thumb massage the other hand of the palm, from the palm to the elbow to draw a spiral massage. With hot water handle soft, and then rub the amount of massage cream, two hands rubbing each other fingers joints, although very simple and effective Oh
Q:Anti-theft door inside and outside the handle can open the door
You may buy a double handle, that is, inside and outside can open the kind of. You go for a single job.
Q:Plastic bucket on both sides of the handle is how to install the professional help! Thank you 1 right after adding 50 wealth value
Downstairs, plastic bucket with high frequency welding? The Landlord to the problem that some fine, both sides of the handle of the plastic barrels of life is rare
Q:Bicycle handle on the transmission
Variable, left hand is the front of the dental plate, the right hand is behind the flywheel
Q:How did the hair dye handle black?
Hair dye is a chemical substance, if the hair dye on the skin, the general water, alcohol is washed away, need to use chemical substances in order to completely clear. There are two ways. First, go to the salon shop to buy "to dye", with a towel dipped in "to stain the water" wipe and then washed with water again, and soon disappeared and the other is mixed with soot, coated with stained Hair dye on the skin, and then rinse with water, is also immediate
Q:What is the general lock made of alloy?
Aluminum alloy, ah, of course, some locks more detailed, for example, recently very fireman Manchurun smart lock, the knob is aluminum, the cylinder is copper
Q:Is the car door handle very bright, the handle is plastic or metal material? Is the surface chrome or what is called electrolytic film?
Is the chrome, hexavalent chromium hazards are produced in the production process, mainly on the water pollution (chrome has excellent decorative and functional. However, the harm of hexavalent chromium is huge. The World Health Organization, Europe and the United States and so on To pay more attention to the harm of hexavalent chromium, and continuously reduce the emission standards of hexavalent chromium wastewater from 1997 onwards, Europe and North America provides hexavalent chromium in the air the maximum content of 0.001mg / m3, electroplating wastewater hexavalent chromium The average daily daily content of less than 1.71mg / L. National researchers have also pointed out that the research and development of hexavalent chromium plating process or coating heat is necessary.) View the original title & gt;
Q:Can the security door handle be changed to a single open?
Double live can be changed to a single open I can help you change
Q:Nissan Qiao customer how to dismantle the door handle
1, and the door contact with a black screw cover, buckle down, with the inner plum to remove the screw 2, with a screwdriver open the outer handle behind the small paragraph 3, the front handle in front of a pull back, and then pull out Yes. Car door is generally composed of doors, door accessories and interior cover three parts. The door includes the interior door, the door outside the board, the door window frame, the door reinforcement beam and the door reinforcement plate. Door accessories include door hinges, door opening limiters, door locks and internal and external handles, door glass, glass lifts and seals. Interior cover, including fixed plate, core board, interior skin, internal handrails.
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