Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels on Sale

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Product Description:

Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels on Sale

Product Description:

Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels

Introduction of Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels

CNBM Solar photovoltaic (PV) Panel is designed for large electrical power requirements. It is the optimal choice for both on-grid and off-grid power systems. CNBM Solar panel offers high performance of power per square foot of solar array. Monocrystalline silicon(c-Si): often made using the Czochralski process. Single-crystal wafer cells tend to be expensive, and because they are cut from cylindrical ingots, do not completely cover a square solar cell module without a substantial waste of refined silicon. Hence most c-Si panels have uncovered gaps at the four corners of the cells.


Characteristics of Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels

I Solar Cell : High efficiency crystalline solar cell. Even if under the weak light, the solar module can produce maximum power output.

II Tempered glass (toughened glass): Anti-reflecting coating and high transmission rate glass increase the power output and mechanical strength of solar module.

III EVA and TPT: Using high quality EVA and TPT to prevent destroying and water.

IV AI frame: Without screw, corner connection. 6 holes on the frame can be installed easily.

V Junction box: Multi function junction box with water proof.

VI Long lifetime: ≥25 years; Less power decrease

VII Good performance of preventing from atrocious weather such as wind and hails.

VIII Resisting moisture and etching effectively, not effected by geology.


Standard Test Conditions of Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels

The opto-electrical specifications shown below are stabilized values being measured at Standard Test Conditions, Irradiance: 1000W/m2, Spectrum: AM1.5 at 25°C, The info below is subject to manufacturing tolerances. Where appropriate minutes of measurement are available and are used for the dimensioning of the installation.


Advantages of Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels

• CNBM Solar performance guarantees for 25 years

• 12 years guarantee for workmanship

• Timeliness of delivery

CNBM International Corporation's products including Monocrystalline Solar Panel, Polycrystalline Solar Panel have received and enjoyed famous reputation in many countries and regions in the world .As a solar panel supplier in China, we strive to provide our customers with excellent service, superior products and unmatched value.


Characteristics of Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels

Max Power Voltage Vmp (V)



Max Power Current Imp (A)



Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V)



Short Circuit Current Isc   (A)



Max Power Pm (W)



Temperature Coefficient of Cells



Temperature Coefficients of   Isc (%/)


Temperature Coefficients of   Voc (%/)


Temperature Coefficients of   Pmp (%/)


Mechanical Data Solar Monocrystalline Series









The dimension of the modules can be changed according to the demand of clients


Operating Temperature

–40 °C to +85°C

Storage Temperature

–40 °C to +85°C

Max System Voltage


Guarantee Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels

Products Guarantee

10 yrs free from defects in   materials and workmanship

Performance Guarantee

No less than 90% within   10yrs and no less than 80% within 25yrs



Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels on Sale

Solar Monocrystalline Series Panels on Sale


We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely


1.      What’s price per watt?

A: It’s depends on the quantity, delivery date and payment terms of the order. We can talk further about the detail price issue. Our products is high quality with lower price level.

2.      Can you tell me the parameter of your solar panels?

We have different series of cells with different power output, both from c-si to a-si. Please take our specification sheet for your reference.

3.     How do you pack your products?

We have rich experience on how to pack the panels to make sure the safety on shipment when it arrives at the destination.

4.      Can you do OEM for us?

Yes, we can.

5.     How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The perfect time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 7 to 10 working days can be served.


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Q:Solar energy water heater tube (vacuum tube) is made of what material?
The 3.3 high borosilicate glass with strong external striking ability (the coefficient of thermal expansion of the wire is (3.3 * 0.1) * 10-6/K, which is a low expansion rate and high temperature resistance
Q:Solar water heater vacuum tube what are the specifications?
According to the glass layer can be divided into 2 casing and the 3 casing, according to the length can be divided into 150016001800 or even longer
Q:How to replace the solar vacuum tube? Looking for someone to change too expensive
(no longer on the two people together) so that the vacuum tube down (pay attention to the vacuum tube under the needle oh). Vacuum tube can not be changed, the scale of the clear inside the line. Try it, ha ha
Q:How to change the vacuum tube of solar water heater
Transparent, barium magnesium has is the oxidation reaction with air, consumed, that a lot of air into the vacuum tube, can be identified as the vacuum pipe leakage, may be due to tube rupture caused by.
Q:Straight through solar vacuum tube is a vacuum tube with double openings
Because the glass tube to absorb sunlight, heat, swelling; the outer tube due to the existence of vacuum, low temperature, no expansion, so that the vacuum tube of their stress form, easy to break. The general market solutions into two kinds, one is bamboo, a spiral. However, these two basic are not very reliable, glass products, easy to break.
Q:The vacuum tube of solar water heater is not used in winter
3, the use of solar water heaters in winter, according to the degree of cold weather to determine the time to add water.4, no solar water heater installed with tropical etc., in case the weather is cold, can open the hot water sprinkler or tap, put a basin of water under the water valve release point, which slowly dripping, to keep the water in a pipeline flow, to prevent cracking pipes.
Q:The difference between solar blue tube and purple tube please God
First, the general manager and the difference between three executives:The difference between ordinary tube and three high vacuum tube is that the heat absorbing film is different. The ordinary tube is a gradual film, and the third is the interference film. The main difference between them is the difference between the gradient film and the interference film.
Q:What is the role of the vacuum tube of solar water heater
The vacuum tube of solar water heater mainly plays the role of heat absorption and heat preservation
Q:How to clean the solar tube
Cleaning steps are as followsFirst, open the solar water heater inlet;The second step, then put 1 bottles of detergent (300 grams) added to the storage tank;The third step, automatic thermal cycle 20-30 minutes, so that the full access to all parts of detergent solution;The fourth step, open the drain, drain cleaning fluid;The fifth step, the tank filled with water after recycling for two minutes;The sixth step is to clean the circulating water.
Q:Production of solar vacuum tubes, need to receive "product production license"?
At present, the country has not specifically on the production of solar thermal products, the introduction of appropriate management policies

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