soft PU bed leather bed frame

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Leather pu bed frame
1.Size: 4ft, 4ft6, 5ft
3.Package: 1pc/2ctns


1.OEM is offered.
2.Size of bed: 180*200cm.can be customize
3.Material: cloth fabric,wood.metal foot.
4.Economical price.

PU bed    home furniture  

ItemSizeLoading Quantity/40 HQ
Single Bed900*1900mm289pcs
Double Bed1370*1900mm239pcs
Queen Bed1520*2000mm 227 pcs
King Bed1570*2000mm197pcs

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Q:dog chews up bed...?
If she is chewing up her bed then keep her in a kennel when you can't watch her. Puppies get bored and chew on everything to entertain themselves. Don't let her behave this way. You need to correct her and when she does this and if it continues then take away the bed all together. Dogs do not need a bed. They are dogs... they can sleep on the floor. And I hope no one takes offense to that, I have a dog and he sleeps in bed with me. But seriously, dogs are dogs and they have no problem sleeping on the floor.
Q:tanning bed?
just make sure you use lotion. also if you burn easily don't go for the maximum time the first time you go. gradually increase your time. also if there bulbs are new decrease the time you go because you will burn easier.
Q:Do you make your bed?
Some days I leave it, but most days I make it. Not making the bed is like parking the car and leaving the door open.
Q:What size bed should four sizes be bought on a 4 and a half bed?
3 feet =1 metersThen 4.5 feet =1.5 meters1.5 meters and 1.8 meters are two standard sizes. So, you usually go to buy Bedding, directly reported to buy 1.5 meters, it is appropriate!The same is true for the four piece, 1.5 meters.
Q:Taking a protein shake before bed?
i've got under no circumstances seen or heard that eating something precise till now mattress is stable for the physique !!! as long as i comprehend , eating protein shake precise after your artwork out is plenty extra advantageous because of the fact your muscle tissues has been on a dash expansion mode and the protein would be placed on those little areas !
Q:when to make the change from crib to toddler bed?
Since they have slept together so long its going to be hard to have them in their own beds but you could use the double bed and let them get used to not sleeping in a crib, If you are worried about separating them it has to happen some time sooner or later so if you want to get another toddler bed go ahead but don't be surprised if you get up in the morning and see them together in one bed,when my kids (3) were little they were always crawling in each others bed.I think once we started potty training them they were out of the crib,probably 18-24 months is a good time to get them into a toddler bed or a bed that is close to the floor, you also might want to get a side rail if you put both of them in same bed. Good luck keeping them in bed!
Q:Really Bad Bed Bug Rash Help!?
Bed bugs are hard to kill. If you have them, then you must toss your bed, pillows, and sofa, and chair cushions/cloth anything, wash everything, toss any paper. See a doctor about the bites.
Q:bed bug issue. yuck!?
Bed frame and under and in the night stand and furniture and even can be in the closet. The bed needs to be taken apart and cleaned. A zip up mattress cover needs to be used and left on over a year. Rubbing alcohol will kill the bugs when put on them. It will stain wood. You are fighting hatching eggs. The bugs not only crawl out of the walls under the baseboards, they crawl through the electric outlets and any tiny opening. Exterminators take the covers off the electric outlets and put something behind them. I would put tape over them and plug the child proofs plugs in the sockets because I would be afraid I would get shocked. After washing clothes and anything and drying them, they should be put in plastic big bags and tied up to keep the bugs out of them.
Q:Is mattress expensive and bed expensive?
Than your mattress mattress, mattress than your bed!
Q:What are the advantages or disadvantages of the bed frame and the box bed?
The utility model has the advantages of good storage function; the shelf bed is an ancient traditional bed, and the shape is exquisite and elegant; the utility model can display the beauty of the bed body through various exquisite carvings, and the shelf on the bed is convenient for the hanging of the mosquito net. In general, the practicability of box bed than shelf bed, but just a little bit worse in appearance.

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