Sofa Sleeper with Leather or Fabric Cover

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3000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Sofa Sleeper with Leather or Fabric Cover


Product Description


Modern sofa sleeper furniture
1. modern and fashionable
2. wooden/stainless steel frame
3. top layer leather/fabric


Product Characteristics


1.    Original, practical and fashionable style, excellent choice of your lounge

2.    Easy to maintain, easy to clean

3.    High quality materials with mature workmanship



Products Image


Sofa Sleeper with Leather or Fabric Cover





Product Specification






Item Type

Sofa Sleeper

Item Description

Modern Fabric/Leather Sofa Sleeper




Various Color or As Requested

Upholster Material



High density foam

Filler Density

D35 foam for seater, D25 for backrest

Sofa Frame

dried wood frame




3 sets for per model

Production Capacity

3000 sets per months




1. Detailed Description:

A. Size:  made to order


2. Color option:

A. All fabric designs and colors can be customized by customer.


3. Products material:

A. dried solid wood frame.

B. High density elastic


4. Packing:

A. The inner packing is used the non-woven fabric to cover the sofa prevent from the dirt.

B. The second step is used the EPE foam to cover fully sofa.

C. Thirdly is used the cardboard to pack and protect the places which easy to be scratched and crash during transportation.

D. Finally pack it into a sack bag or strong carton depend on required.


5. OEM Service:

A. Products can be made according to your requirements.

B.OEM is welcome!


6. Warranty:

A. We offer 2-5 years warranty replacement against manufacturer defect.


7. Our advantages:

A. We have strict quality control department to ensure all the goods to be right & correct delivery to customers.

B. We approved good quality and competitive price.

C. All of our products are environmentally friendly meet the international standard.


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Q:The study puts on what color, sofa bed, good-looking thing
Very good, usually placed at the top of a few small, drinking tea, reading, chatting are more convenient, guests will stay put to bed mattress when guests. Put an ocean bed in the study, there is a kind of study flavor more.
Q:How many people can sleeping car go to sleep?
There is a single trailer. A double Trailer by car. Some large living room sofa can be pulled out when the sofa bed, so that 3 to 4 people, there are large RV, master bedroom, sub flat and public area (sofa bed) can be 4 to 8 people.
Q:How do you open the sofa bed of IKEA?
A strong man with folding sofa bed feet go out; hands gap from two big pillow below suitable to move, usually like this are able to open the IKEA sofa generally is to assemble their own, there will be a manual, with a picture of a good study, suggestions. If not, I recommend calling the business advisory, or landing IKEA official website to see relevant information, or to find a similar forum IKEA predecessors under such consultation.
Q:Inflatable sofa bed is good, inflatable sofa bed how to buy?
If you buy a sofa, do not hit so full of gas, come up first hit 7 or so, a week later to say inappropriate, the bed is better, laying things on the top, if you lay thin, winter may feel a bit cold under the body.
Q:Why is a soft mattress bad for your bones?
Young couples generally sleep on a soft sofa bed, which has long been eliminated. After having children, some families let their children sleep with their parents in a big bed, or simply buy a single sofa bed to let the children sleep. It seems that parents, with their children enjoy the comfortable bed is what kind of understanding as unalterable principles, let the children sleep on wooden bed can not.In fact, the child is in development period, a soft bed is not a good thing. Even adults who sleep in a soft bed have many disadvantages
Q:Is it comfortable to sleep in a sofa bed for a long time? Will the pain?
When people sleep in a long too soft sofa, under the action of gravity is easy to form a concave position around the high, middle low, the whole lumbar in non stress state of equilibrium, at this point in the recess (the lowest position) to maintain the stability of spine muscles and ligaments in excessive tension, and relatively high muscle the ligament is at a relatively relaxed state.
Q:What kind of sofa can be used as a bed or can be put away?
Normally, sofa bed can be placed in the living room or study, as a function of the chair; guests come night, expand the sofa bed, bedding is a bed. In the bedroom, ordinary apartment layout, sofa bed can also in the guest bedroom bed, to help the owner more than occasional visitors. Choose a suitable sofa bed is exquisite. Sofa bed to meet the sitting and lying two functions, must be firm and durable, and beautiful, and its materials, processes should be guaranteed.
Q:What color is the sofa bed in the study room?
For example, Chinese style decoration style, choose wood furniture; modern city, study with light coloured words, sofa bed with a lighter color and style of study; you can choose simple European Style Floral; then you can choose the color is elegant.
Q:Is the strong smell of IKEA sofa bed poisonous?
Harm of exposure to low concentration of formaldehyde: long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde, can cause chronic respiratory diseases, women may have menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome; risk exposure to high concentrations of formaldehyde: airway edema, eye irritation, headache. It can cause asthma, even emphysema and lung cancer. In addition, direct skin contact with formaldehyde can cause allergic dermatitis, pigmentation and necrosis; the outstanding performance of formaldehyde poisoning are headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, eye pain, sore throat, poor appetite, palpitations, insomnia, weight loss, memory loss and autonomic nerve disorder.
Q:What is the size of fabric sofa, please?
The seating depth is between 48 and 55 centimeters. That is to say, when the back is as close as possible to the back of the sofa, the human knee should remain outside. From the ground count, sofa bed back height should be maintained between 68 - 72 cm, in this range, the comfort of the human body is the strongest.

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