Sofa Sleeper Used in Inns or Hotel or Home

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3000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Sofa Sleeper Used in Inns or Hotel or Home


Product Description


Modern sofa sleeper furniture
1. modern and fashionable
2. wooden/stainless steel frame
3. top layer leather/fabric


Product Characteristics


1.    Original, practical and fashionable style, excellent choice of your lounge

2.    Easy to maintain, easy to clean

3.    High quality materials with mature workmanship



Products Image


Sofa Sleeper Used in Inns or Hotel or Home





Product Specification






Item Type

Sofa Sleeper

Item Description

Modern Fabric/Leather Sofa Sleeper




Various Color or As Requested

Upholster Material



High density foam

Filler Density

D35 foam for seater, D25 for backrest

Sofa Frame

dried wood frame




3 sets for per model

Production Capacity

3000 sets per months




1. Detailed Description:

A. Size:  made to order


2. Color option:

A. All fabric designs and colors can be customized by customer.


3. Products material:

A. dried solid wood frame.

B. High density elastic


4. Packing:

A. The inner packing is used the non-woven fabric to cover the sofa prevent from the dirt.

B. The second step is used the EPE foam to cover fully sofa.

C. Thirdly is used the cardboard to pack and protect the places which easy to be scratched and crash during transportation.

D. Finally pack it into a sack bag or strong carton depend on required.


5. OEM Service:

A. Products can be made according to your requirements.

B.OEM is welcome!


6. Warranty:

A. We offer 2-5 years warranty replacement against manufacturer defect.


7. Our advantages:

A. We have strict quality control department to ensure all the goods to be right & correct delivery to customers.

B. We approved good quality and competitive price.

C. All of our products are environmentally friendly meet the international standard.


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Q:I would like to ask: in accordance with the layout of the room, how to choose the right sofa bed?
The room is not big, not to buy three cloth sofa bed, three open wardrobe and other large pieces of furniture, also do not have to purchase a full set of furniture, such as furniture in a single 9 Lo square meters room choose freely according to the actual situation, which can be purchased by a small two door wardrobe, dresser (and writing Taiwan), 4 feet wide bed and bedside table with a small set of furniture, but also to re purchase a folding sofa chair, this room, although people do not appear very crowded. In addition, in addition to the newly married families, the general family had furniture, complete sets of purchase is not necessary, you can buy furniture as needed, as long as the configuration is appropriate, the same coordination and beauty. Here, in the choice of furniture, it is best to design a room layout, calculation space, take the size, and then decide what furniture to buy the most practical.
Q:How to choose the favorite foot bath sofa bed?
Foot sofa bed a set of excellent quality, is the internal frame with square pegs into the side plates. We in the purchase of leisure sofa bed, weighing about leisure sofa bed weight, if it is a wood frame, is relatively heavy, if it is a packaging board or plywood nails into the leisure sofa bed, light weight. At the same time, we can also use hands to grasp the foot bath sofa, the back or side of the bed, a little harder to shake a few times, and feel its firmness. Try to choose the stability and firmness of relatively good foot bath sofa bed.
Q:Sofa bed, leather bed, bed is rotten, how to do?
After cleaning, the sofa should be a layer of protective liquid, in order to prevent the dirt once again penetrate the cortex, pores, resulting in two pollution. The protective liquid is best made of soft liquid wax for leather sofas, otherwise the cortex becomes hardened and rapidly aging.
Q:How to remove urine from a sofa bed?
If you hit the good weather of the big sun, you must lay these bedding and sofa supplies on the sun for a few hours, so you can kill the mites as much as possible!In addition, we need to focus on the environment where the bed and sofa are protected. It is recommended to use air purifiers regularly in such an environment, not only to filter dust and harmful gases, but also to effectively filter mites and prevent further breeding of mites.Finally, to remind you, biscuits, milk powder, sugar and so on, sugary sweets are mites favorite, so do not eat on the bed, especially sweets! Remember!
Q:What is a royal chair? Why is it called "imperial concubine chair"?
Chair chair (Royal chair) is actually an oblique chair or recliner, most of which only have handrails at one side, and handrails should also have a pillow. Usually, the impression of the imperial concubine chair is very Chinese style wooden reclining chair. In fact, there are many styles and shapes in the Imperial Palace chair. The following will be a variety of Queen's chair into modern, classical, natural, creative and national style, you can follow the style of their home, to choose their own royal chair.
Q:Is there an invisible table and sofa conjoined?
You can choose to fold the table, which will save more space
Q:What are the directions in the direction of the bed?
The bed can not rely on the door, if the bedroom to the limited space, and the bed at the gate side, the bedroom has violated the taboo.
Q:How to pack a folding sofa bed?
The folding sofa bed feet go out; hands gap from two big pillow below suitable to move one hundred and eighty degrees flat on the feet can be pulled out just.
Q:New buy Wooden sofa bed, have what thing to taste, go to taste
Chlorophytum absorption of formaldehyde of the effect is very good, you can place some Chlorophytum, much in this room to place a new bed is not only beautiful, but also very useful; but we can also be placed Chlorophytum, some grapefruit skin.
Q:Is there a bed that can be used as a stool?
Normally, sofa bed can be placed in the living room or study, as a function of the chair; guests come night, expand the sofa bed, bedding is a bed.

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