Sofa Sleeper with New Design and Funtions

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3000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Sofa Sleeper with New Design and Funtions


Product Description


Modern sofa sleeper furniture
1. modern and fashionable
2. wooden/stainless steel frame
3. top layer leather/fabric


Product Characteristics


1.    Original, practical and fashionable style, excellent choice of your lounge

2.    Easy to maintain, easy to clean

3.    High quality materials with mature workmanship



Products Image


Sofa Sleeper with New Design and Funtions





Product Specification






Item Type

Sofa Sleeper

Item Description

Modern Fabric/Leather Sofa Sleeper




Various Color or As Requested

Upholster Material



High density foam

Filler Density

D35 foam for seater, D25 for backrest

Sofa Frame

dried wood frame




3 sets for per model

Production Capacity

3000 sets per months




1. Detailed Description:

A. Size:  made to order


2. Color option:

A. All fabric designs and colors can be customized by customer.


3. Products material:

A. dried solid wood frame.

B. High density elastic


4. Packing:

A. The inner packing is used the non-woven fabric to cover the sofa prevent from the dirt.

B. The second step is used the EPE foam to cover fully sofa.

C. Thirdly is used the cardboard to pack and protect the places which easy to be scratched and crash during transportation.

D. Finally pack it into a sack bag or strong carton depend on required.


5. OEM Service:

A. Products can be made according to your requirements.

B.OEM is welcome!


6. Warranty:

A. We offer 2-5 years warranty replacement against manufacturer defect.


7. Our advantages:

A. We have strict quality control department to ensure all the goods to be right & correct delivery to customers.

B. We approved good quality and competitive price.

C. All of our products are environmentally friendly meet the international standard.


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Q:Inflatable sofa bed is good, inflatable sofa bed how to buy?
If you buy a sofa, do not hit so full of gas, come up first hit 7 or so, a week later to say inappropriate, the bed is better, laying things on the top, if you lay thin, winter may feel a bit cold under the body.
Q:Half day sofa bed, OK?
Half a sofa in the design style of the sofa above are used in design is simple and generous, in the choice of color it mainly adopts a single design, not too fancy stuff there. Half a day sofa bed, most products simple and simple and atmosphere, this is half day sofa bed pursue simple, simple aesthetic feeling.
Q:Is there an invisible table and sofa conjoined?
You can choose to fold the table, which will save more space
Q:The floor below my house is tile, because the room area is relatively small, so want to abandon bed, put sofa, want to spread a cushion on the floor, sleep above, can you?
In the short run! Ladies usually! Men, long term can not!Because of the lack of ventilation, you will have problems sleeping in your waist for a long time! Suffer moistureSo you need a bed that has air!
Q:Is it comfortable to sleep in a sofa bed for a long time? Will the pain?
The medicine is generally recommended hard bed, as long as the hard bed, proper pad a layer of cotton mattress, body feeling is not fast enough to break. Specifically, to avoid over soft, such as the use of a thick sponge mattress is a risk. Especially children, if long-term sleep in a particularly soft bed, it will affect the physiological curvature of the spine, resulting in smaller physiological curvature, the growth and development of children affected. In addition, hard beds (such as light plates) are also likely to cause pain and discomfort due to compression of soft tissue around the spinal column, which should be avoided.In order to avoid premature skeletal health, suffering from cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation and these diseases, do not violate the science, in the long term is too soft, seemingly comfortable sofa to sleep the whole night.
Q:Does multi-functional sofa bed affect the quality or service life because of too many functions?
Pay attention to sofa detail handling. Matching pillows opened the zipper, observe and touch with their hands inside the crinoline and filler; lift the sofa to see the bottom of the handle is meticulous, sofa legs are straight, surface treatment is smooth, whether the bottom leg mat, etc. details. A good sofa keeps its quality in detail.
Q:Function sofa is good
If your living room is large enough and the use function of all that you don't put the sofa bed is not much significance, if your living room is very small and the whole function so you should consider placing a sofa bed.
Q:How to pack a folding sofa bed?
In one way, the spring can be drawn from the back of the sofa, separated from the seat surface, and covered with a cushion to form a double bed. The utility model is not only suitable for sitting, but also can be opened to be used as a bed, so that the utility model not only saves space, but also is convenient to use, and saves time and labor when carrying.
Q:How much does it cost to fold a child's sofa bed 1 meters wide?
This mainly depends on what materials and brands are available for children's mattresses
Q:New buy Wooden sofa bed, have what thing to taste, go to taste
It is recommended that you do not put it in immediately after buying it. It is better to put it in an empty room and close the door, but open the window so that it can increase the flow of air and let out the strange smell of the new bed.

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