SAFTY HARD HAT EMS-SH001 Plastic safety hard hats

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China safety helmet, safety work helmet, safety helmet price 

1. Brief Introduction

Our helmet raw meterial is ABS. Therefore, It keep the helmet anti-static and flame retardant.

2. Features

(1). Classic design with good shock absorption and resistance.

(2). Universal slots allow hearing, welding visor accessories to attach easily.

(3). Plug adjustment is easy to use.

(4).  Vented or unvented is for your option.

(5). Available in yellow, white, blue, red, orange.

3. Detailed Information

(1). 3kg-cone falling from 1M-height is unable to harpoon into the headform.

(2). Absorbing the impact of 5kg-weight hammer falling from 1M-height.

(3). From -2°C to 50°C  Ambience Temperature.

(4). Under 2200V-voltage,Leakage current less then 3mA for LED cap lamp.

(5). Under 421.4N-pressure,max distortion is less than 43mm,residual deformaiton is less than 15mm.

(6). Burning rate is less than 76.2mm/Min, Fire Resistance.

4. Flame Retardant Miner Helmet Size:

Cap HoopBrimPeakVIHIWearing Height
51-64 CM10-35MM10-55MM25-50MM5-50MM80-90MM

Remark: The pictures just some of our products, we have other types of mining helmets. If you need, kindly contact us. 

1.Material: ABS / PE / HDPE
2.Harness: 6 Points welling supension harness
3. Adjust manner: Wheel Rachet
4. Color:  White, Blue, Yellow, Red etc
5.Standard:  EU:CE EN 397:1995; 
 US: ANSI Z89.1-2003;
 CN: GB 2811-1989; 


Packaging & Shipping

1. Weight: 0.4 Kgs/Piece
2. Packing:  1 Pair/ Poly bag, 20 Pairs / Carton 
3. Carton size:   58 X 45 X 45 CM 
4. 20'ft container: 4700 Pairs (29 CBM)
5. 40'ft container: 9400 Pairs (58 CBM)
6. 40'ft HQ: 11000 Pairs (68 CBM)


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Q:How do I write with a safety helmet, mainly to write the benefits of wearing a safety helmet?
The role of the helmet: to prevent accidents from falling objects in the head, that can be from three aspects of shoes
Q:What are the units of the safety helmet?
Red represents management; yellow means safety supervision; white is general operator; blue is special operation staff.People who visit or instruct outside are all red, and the color is the same as that of the company management. The official staff of the unit is yellow, while the temporary worker is red.
Q:What are the basics of a safety helmet? Be more specific!
A helmet made of steel or similar material, worn to protect the top of the head, protects the head from the impact of the shock. It consists of a hat shell, a cap lining, a lower cheek belt and a back hoop. The cap shell is hemispherical, firm and smooth, and has a certain elasticity, the impact of the impact and the puncture kinetic energy are mainly borne by the cap shell. There is a certain space between the cap and the cap to buffer and disperse the instantaneous impact force so as to avoid or reduce the direct injury to the head. Impact absorption property, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardancy are the basic technical requirements of safety helmet.
Q:What are the signs that the safety helmet should include?
Product Description: each safety helmet shall be attached with an explanatory material containing the following, which may be supplied to the end user by means of printed matter, Atlas, or abrasion resistant adhesive tape:The statement "for the full protection, must be adjusted according to the size of the head circumference of the cap hoop and fasten mandible helmet worn";It states that the helmet must be replaced even after no serious damage has been caused by a severe shock";"Any modification and replacement of the helmet fittings will be hazardous to the user unless it is carried out by the manufacturer's advice."";
Q:Safety cap for power staff
On the whole, I do not see such cases in other power utilities, but the regulations of each power bureau are different, so I have to adapt or fire him.
Q:How many years is the life cycle of the helmet?
As a personal head protection product, the helmet can effectively prevent and reduce the injury to the human head when the operator suffers the falling object or falls from the production operation. The safety helmet is composed of a hat shell, a cap lining, a chin belt and a back hoop. Although we can not do without it in our work, the specific method of use may not be fully understood by everyone. Incorrect use and storage will result in the helmet not being able to protect itself when it is hit. According to statistics of the departments concerned, 15% of the accidents caused by falling objects are caused by improper use of helmets.
Q:Is the helmet a light weight?. Look at our flat helmets, not like migrant workers! I don't know. What's the difference between buying a bike helmet?
The helmet is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The main purpose of the helmet is to prevent the aerial impact of falling objects. It is up to you to wear it when you want to wear it;
Q:How is the color of the helmet broken down in the engineering construction?
Safety cap color is divided into four types: red, white, yellow and blue; red leaders and foreign inspectors and safety project; white employed as general manager; yellow workers; blue for special types of use.
Q:Why should the gas bottle wear the best safety helmet?
On the other hand, bottle valves are exposed outside and are easy to break into dust or grease during handling and storage. Wearing a helmet prevents dust or grease from contamination and invasion.In order to eliminate the risk, so the requirements of bottle units in the factory must be equipped with safety cylinder cap. When the gas safety cap into the fixed location, after using in time to wear cap screwing, do not throw. Don't forget to wear a safety helmet when handling or loading and unloading. The inflator shall not inflate the cylinder without a helmet.
Q:Why can helmets protect against strikes?
The safety helmet is provided with an isolating buffer net, the impact force is within the allowable range of the safety helmet, and the buffer net absorbs the impact force.

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