SAFTY HARD HAT EMS-SH001 Plastic safety hard hats

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China safety helmet, safety work helmet, safety helmet price 

1. Brief Introduction

Our helmet raw meterial is ABS. Therefore, It keep the helmet anti-static and flame retardant.

2. Features

(1). Classic design with good shock absorption and resistance.

(2). Universal slots allow hearing, welding visor accessories to attach easily.

(3). Plug adjustment is easy to use.

(4).  Vented or unvented is for your option.

(5). Available in yellow, white, blue, red, orange.

3. Detailed Information

(1). 3kg-cone falling from 1M-height is unable to harpoon into the headform.

(2). Absorbing the impact of 5kg-weight hammer falling from 1M-height.

(3). From -2°C to 50°C  Ambience Temperature.

(4). Under 2200V-voltage,Leakage current less then 3mA for LED cap lamp.

(5). Under 421.4N-pressure,max distortion is less than 43mm,residual deformaiton is less than 15mm.

(6). Burning rate is less than 76.2mm/Min, Fire Resistance.

4. Flame Retardant Miner Helmet Size:

Cap HoopBrimPeakVIHIWearing Height
51-64 CM10-35MM10-55MM25-50MM5-50MM80-90MM

Remark: The pictures just some of our products, we have other types of mining helmets. If you need, kindly contact us. 

1.Material: ABS / PE / HDPE
2.Harness: 6 Points welling supension harness
3. Adjust manner: Wheel Rachet
4. Color:  White, Blue, Yellow, Red etc
5.Standard:  EU:CE EN 397:1995; 
 US: ANSI Z89.1-2003;
 CN: GB 2811-1989; 


Packaging & Shipping

1. Weight: 0.4 Kgs/Piece
2. Packing:  1 Pair/ Poly bag, 20 Pairs / Carton 
3. Carton size:   58 X 45 X 45 CM 
4. 20'ft container: 4700 Pairs (29 CBM)
5. 40'ft container: 9400 Pairs (58 CBM)
6. 40'ft HQ: 11000 Pairs (68 CBM)


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Q:How much is a safety helmet in a construction site?
Now, the construction site to the workers wear about 10 yuan, managers wear about 35 yuan.
Q:How do I write with a safety helmet, mainly to write the benefits of wearing a safety helmet?
The role of the helmet: to prevent accidents from falling objects in the head, that can be from three aspects of shoes
Q:How many years is the helmet available?
The helmet is available for one and a half years from the date of purchase. Plastic cap not more than two years, laminated cap and glass steel cap, two and a half, rubber cap and cold helmet three years, ride safety helmet for three and a half years. All kinds of helmets exceed their usual service life, prone to aging, and lose the protective performance of helmets
Q:Correct wearing method of safety helmet
The lower jaw must be secured and will not fall off when the body is attached or struck two times. Since the helmet is worn on the head, it acts as a protective effect on the head.
Q:What color is the safety helmet?! Who are those?
Red stands for the parking signal and may be misleading when the locomotive is operating on both sides of the line. The conductor thinks it is a temporary stop signal, which can affect the driving! This kind of situation is very easy to happen under the condition of poor light and poor observation!In the course of construction or maintenance work on the road, when the fault or defect that endangers the train is found, the train must be stopped manually until it is too late to notify the dispatcher or both stations. But if not stopped, the red hat can lead to misleading!
Q:Where do you have to wear a safety helmet?
Light, low hazard safety helmet with good ventilation.Well ventilated and lightweight, providing overall comfort for wearers.Protective role of safety helmet.
Q:How to wear a safety helmet correctly
Safety helmet consists of a helmet lining, the shell is composed of two parts, a cap lining must be well connected with the shell, and a cap lining and the hat shell can not close, should have a certain gap, the gap is generally 2-4cm (as the material), when there are objects falling into the safety helmet shell, a cap lining can play a buffer role, not to hurt the cervical vertebra.
Q:What is the color distribution of the helmet?
The color of the helmet is not only attractive and striking, but also has the function of warning and grading. White is generally supervision or Party A, two red represents management, technical personnel or Party A, blue represents technical personnel, and two yellow is ordinary workers.
Q:What does the red helmet represent?
Has been down the tradition of safety helmet use general power plant (may be the vast majority of domestic power plant) are: leadership, production management department, operation red - yellow, blue and other maintenance, such as supply, orange, white, foreign visitors.
Q:What color is the safety helmet for the management?
Red helmets are usually technical, management or Party A. The crowd with red helmets is relatively complicated, but generally can be divided into two categories: technical personnel and middle and lower managers.

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