Ox Full Grain Leather Upper, 200J Steel toe, CE standard safety Shoes/Boots RH848

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1000000 pair/month

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Size conversion Tables of Safety shoes


Quantity for Shoes3400 Pairs6800 Pairs8200 Pairs
Quantity for Boot2200 Pairs5600 Pairs6600 Pairs
Delivery Time15-25 Days25-35 Days35-45 Days


SB Basic safety requirements of EN20345:2004
SBP SB + Penetration resistant

 SB + Closed seat region + Antistatic properties + Shock Absorption
S1P S1 + Penetration resistant
S2 S1 + Water penetration and water absorption
S3 S2 + Penetration resistant + Cleated outsoles




PU / PU injection Sole, dual density


SB: with steel toe only

S1: with steel toe + antistatic sole

SBP: with steel toe + with steel plate

S1P: with steel toe + with steel plate + antistatic sole

S2: with steel toe + antistatic sole + water proof

S3: with steel toe+ with steel plate + antistatic sole + water proof

The Upper‘s material for Optional:

Cow/Buffalo Suede Leather

Cow/Buffalo Suede Leather

Crazy Horse Leather

Nubuck Leather

Smooth Leather

Full Grain Leather

Collar, tongue: PU padded with sponge

Toe-cap's Material for Optional:

Steel Toe Cap

Composite Toe Cap

Plastic Toe Cap

Midplate's Material for Optional

Steel Middle Plate

Kevlar Middle Sole


Lining''s Material for Optional

Air Mesh



Natural Fur

Design and Color of outsole for Optional


Color: Any your interested color, our attractive color for your reference.(Black, Gray, transparent color)

Diferent of Insock for reference.

EVA+Mesh (Normal Style)

Good Quality of insole for you reference

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Q:What are the requirements for the use and inspection of safety helmets?
Before wearing helmets, should check the parts without damage, the assembly is firm, whether the adjustment part of cap liner locking, Jack is reliable, whether the tight rope between the lining and the cap, if the cap shell distance between 25~50mm, with a top rope shall be adjusted to the required range. Make sure all parts are in good condition before use.
Q:Why is the helmet made of plastic?
The synthesis is relatively easy, so the price is relatively low. There is also a motorcycle helmet if it is plastic, iron, in the motorcycle change motion, due to inertia, neck pressure is big. Additional recommend: you can go to see the role and benefits of the alloy.
Q:Why do the construction workers wear helmets? What's the role of a safety helmet?
(1) protect head, avoid object hit or hit.(2) the head is protected from fire, corrosive fumes, dust, and harsh weather conditions.(3) equipment that prevents the head and hair from being contaminated by harmful substances and prevents the head from being involved in the movement.
Q:Safety cap for power staff
On the whole, I do not see such cases in other power utilities, but the regulations of each power bureau are different, so I have to adapt or fire him.
Q:How do you recognize the helmet color?
Managers wear red, duty personnel wear orange, external inspection, visitors wear white, on-site construction personnel wear blue.
Q:What are the colors of the safety helmet in the construction industry?
The mine is made of safety helmet, which is made of antistatic and flame retardant material. The general staff wear black and lead red. Coal mine safety helmets are definitely not allowed to be black, but use eye-catching colors, such as red or orange, to see where people are.
Q:The impact test of the helmet shall not exceed the force of the delivery die
When object damage, falling height, mechanical damage, pollution and other damage factors occur, each part of the helmet will decompose and absorb the impact force through deformation and reasonable destruction.
Q:Where can I find a helmet?
We choose the helmet must see clearly labeled with a LA helmet, this is our country to have a safety helmet production qualification certificate of enterprise, Shanghai Xing carrying safety, you can search on the Internet, there are detailed description of the safety helmet and price!
Q:Which kinds of helmets are there in the building? What's the difference between them?
Safety helmet is a kind of protective equipment to prevent impact from damaging the head. It consists of a hat shell, a cap lining, a lower cheek belt and a back hoop. The cap shell is hemispherical, firm and smooth, and has a certain elasticity, the impact of the impact and the puncture kinetic energy are mainly borne by the cap shell. There is a certain space between the cap and the cap to buffer and disperse the instantaneous impact force so as to avoid or reduce the direct injury to the head. Impact absorption property, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardancy are the basic technical requirements of safety helmet. A shallow steel hat made of steel or similar material worn to protect the top of the head, such as miners and underground engineers.
Q:What's the color of the safety helmet?
In large state-owned enterprises, the helmet can be described as a unique landscape. Different colors of helmets, on behalf of different identities, different types of work, different life.See the red hat carefully at a distance. Because red represents leadership. The leadership is fairly large. Up to the Prime Minister of the factory director, chief engineer, down to the small department of the security administrator, such as sesame green bean official, all red. Because this is not what China red red, pink, pink, so the light from the color is not resolved, but the "official" airs, domineering is just changed the color of the hat.Blue and yellow represent two different types of work, and they are all regular employees. The orange hat, in addition to the regular code, there are two English letters: WB, indicating outsourcing.

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