Removable Folding Window(door)Screen

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Super amphiphobic process makes a complementary(e.g bulge and concave)structure.

Super loeophobic performance after super amphiphobic process.

Super dewatering performance after super amphiphobic process.

1、(6063-T5)aluminum alloy outline border.Hardness≥12.

2、Environmental no-lead process surface,thickness≥10.

3、Anti-friction,spring folding net,PET and terylene are optional.

4、Anti-friction and anti-striction draw cord,with special process.

5、Advanced adhesion machine,first-class adhesion technique.

6、Super anti-friction rivet,can stand up to100,000times friction.

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Q:The life of the door lock (the piece of shackle that links the door lock)
Usually for 15 years, the premise is that you do not deliberately pull hard
Q:Shanghai nonferrous metal network is the price of tax or excluding tax price
Copper, which is the most expensive, is the best copper wire2 brass (in fact, there are strict classification of three grades)3 copper (this is a very poor alloy, the main component is not copper)
Q:Can the metal mesh shield the magnetic field of the magnet
The metal mesh can not shield the magnetic field of the iron, because the magnetic field of the iron is a fixed magnetic field line, so that the metal net can not cut the magnetic field line, and the electric field can not be generated,
Q:Solid wood window sets of viscose how to clean
First use hot water to brush off most of the scraps of paper, or use the hair dryer hot air blowing soft, and then wash the water to make it out, thinning, back to sticky state, large directly pull out, the remaining small stubborn, the most Good first blow soft, and then use cleansing oil can easily wipe off
Q:How to use infrared sensors, people close to the object a certain distance and issued a warning?
A launch tube, a receiving tube, side by side. When the person approaches, the emitted infrared rays are reflected and received by the receiving tube. Resulting in the receiver tube to generate a signal, through the component processing on the line. Do not need to use single-chip.
Q:Car door locks can not open the door with a remote control! what is the problem?
Take the wrong other similar remote control, or remote control no electricity, as well as water short circuit, the cause of radiation
Q:where do i place the plastic window seal?
On the inside of your house, and around the entire window to cover spaces in the window sill. The space is important between the window and the glass because it will keep condensation off of the plastic. The space is a transition between the warm air in your house and the coldest air outside. It has some insulating properties.
Q:Can a motorcycle not be associated with a door lock?
According to your fault phenomenon is likely to be the ignition switch off your motorcycle flame is ignited by the ignition line of the iron line to complete this line has to rely on the ignition switch control your ignition switch may be in the NO position flame line also Iron, so your motorcycle can not beat the fire with the electric lock
Q:Marble windowsill after the installation of the house is very strong, how do?
Window ventilation, every day with a wet mop mopping, a week after the taste will disappear. But the windowsill can not be directly wiped with a wet cloth, glue will be black, you can wait three days after the windowsill. The taste will soon disappear, do not worry.
Q:Which expert know how to control the automatic door out?
Under normal circumstances, automatic doors are generally kept off And then open the remote control to be transferred to the automatic state Switch more than the general because of resistance to rebound or sensor role Check whether there is something inside the track to stop the door to run (wire off into the track card more) Check the sensor probe is normal, or because the last reason to make the line broken, two signal lines met. Check the door below whether there is something Generally for these three reasons. The second is the controller problem

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