Removable Folding Window(door)Screen

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Super amphiphobic process makes a complementary(e.g bulge and concave)structure.

Super loeophobic performance after super amphiphobic process.

Super dewatering performance after super amphiphobic process.

1、(6063-T5)aluminum alloy outline border.Hardness≥12.

2、Environmental no-lead process surface,thickness≥10.

3、Anti-friction,spring folding net,PET and terylene are optional.

4、Anti-friction and anti-striction draw cord,with special process.

5、Advanced adhesion machine,first-class adhesion technique.

6、Super anti-friction rivet,can stand up to100,000times friction.

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Q:Automatic door can not be opened normally how to do?
Looking for professional staff to break
Q:Stick plastic steel doors and windows of the plastic is what?
Sticky steel doors and windows of the plastic: glass glue Instructions: (1) first use glue gun; (2) to determine the width of the glue, that is, the width of the gap; (3) according to the width of the gap between the glue cut into a smaller diameter than the gap; (4) to do a good job on both sides of the gap on the protection of the work, in the gap on both sides of the glass, profiles, stone and other paste above 2-3CM of the adhesive tape on both sides of the glass, profiles, stone play a protective role, also There is a great deal of convenience in fixing the cracks inside the gap; (5) master the speed of glue and glue gun movement speed, according to the depth of the gap even moving plastic gun; (6) to fight the plastic dressing area, find a blade will not flatten the place to scratch, when the glue did not hit the gap when the place filling plastic; (7) After 48 hours after the material on both sides of the tape can be peeled off to complete the construction. Precautions: Along a line to lay down on the beautiful, and can not pause, force to be uniform, to one-time hit in place.
Q:What are the glue on the shaft? What is the kind of sticky material on the shaft?
Door hinge is not plastic, coated with adhesive stickers even more trouble. Full synthetic grease is used. Tiger hotterube or Krupp can be, colorless and tasteless, good adhesion, good durability, suitable for home. There are one hundred and thirty grams of tubules in the leopard, and can be painted. When used to raise the door, smear into the hinge, or directly applied to the hinge gap, will slowly penetrate into the hinge inside. Do not use lubricating oil and plain butter, lubricants will soon be lost. Ordinary butter will be harmful to the human body harmful odor.
Q:Do they use plastic windows when building condos?
In all the years I've worked as an agent, I have yet to see a condo that uses plastic windows. All windows I've seen are glass, even in 1970s condos. I have never heard news reports of broken glass falling from condos. If that happens, obviously an incident has taken place, but it's not a reflection on the material or the installation quality.
Q:Opening and closing curtain type of electric curtain motor
Curtain is a general term, including electric curtain, electric shutter, electric sunshade curtain, electric blinds and so on, and the electric curtain is electric curtain, electric curtain is one, but the general electric curtain and electric curtain on a meaning
Q:Plastic steel window frame and the gap between the walls shall not be filled with cement mortar, should be filled with elastic material filled with what kind of elastic material is better
It is now popular with polyurethane foam glue
Q:Wooden doors and windows heavy brush paint problems
Personal advice to find a paint work If you do, pay attention to a few questions Putty, it is best to use varnish and gypsum powder modulation, adjust a little with a little, with scraping flat Paint directly to buy notes, do not have to consider too much, to the paint shop can buy, but also need to buy a dilution of water, add in the paint, the standard is the brush when the brush, no jerky brush does not feel the same , At least brush twice, the first pass after a good brush, waiting for the natural dry, and then the problem with the sandpaper grinding, and then brush the second time The price is dozens of dollars to get things. The The The The Radiator, polished with more than 360 sandpaper, gently grinding about the last anti-rust paint, and then the excess paint brush up All operations in the process, pay attention to clean
Q:What do you think about rustic red vinyl siding with white windows and black roof and black shutters?
Depends on where you live. The black roof will attract a lot of heat in the summer, unless you have trees. Winter it could help warm the house by attracting the suns rays but no much as days are shorter. Good luck!
Q:General room window size how much
The size of the windows in different rooms is different, and the following are the general window sizes for some different rooms. Living room: 1.5m * 1.8m ~ 1.8m * 2.1m Medium Bedroom: 1.2m * 1.5m ~ 1.5m * 1.8m Large bedroom: 1.5m * 1.8m ~ 1.8m * 2.1m Bathroom: 0.6m * 0.9m ~ 0.9m * 1.4m
Q:Automatic door is open-loop or closed-loop control
Now good automatic doors are closed-loop control, such as the standard 90 degrees flat open automatic doors. Only closed-loop control, be considered a real intelligent control machine.

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