Prefabricated House with Light Steel Structure

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Prefabricated House with Light Steel Structure:

1.Brief Description of Prefabricated House with Light Steel Structure

Light steel stud structure building system is an effective and green building systemwith predominant structure technology coupled with integration of construction, interior and exterior decoration, thermal preservation andinsulation and sound insulation, heating and electricity, supporting construction equipments and ecology, and an internationally cutting-edge building technology applied widely in the developed countries.They can be designed as residential villa, hotel, club, according to different customer requirement.

2.Main Features of Prefabricated House with Light Steel Structure

a.Environment Benefits

  >energy saving-heat transter coefficient k=0.24w/sq.m.k

  >avoid thermal bridge in walls, floor and roof

  >water saving-more than 90% saving

  >low waste-no pollution

  >sound insulation

  >use almost entirely recyclable materials

  >low dust pollution-in the city construction

b.Benefits in Construction

  >anti-earthquake-soft and light structure reduce the influence of earthquake

  >anti-wind-strong structure

  >light self-weight

c.Financial Benefits

  >lower price-low capital investment

  >2-3 days faster than traditional reinforced concrete structure

  >no limit to land surface and efficient use of land

3.Main Specification  of Prefabricated House with Light Steel Structure

Prefabricated House with Light Steel Structure

4.Pictures of  Prefabricated House with Light Steel Structure

Prefabricated House with Light Steel Structure

Prefabricated House with Light Steel Structure


1). Q: What is the advantage of this steel structure system house(compare with the traditional brick house)?

    A:Long lifetime;Good earthquake proof,Green and energy saving;Fast and easy to install etc……

2). Q:What is lifetime for your houses?
    A:The durable for structure is more than 20 years.

3). Q:What is the intensity and thickness for your steel structure material?
    A:All our steel structure intensity are S550. We can provide 0.75mm,0.95mm, 1.15mm steel material.

4). Q:How about your production equipment and structure design software?

    A:Our production equipment are the most advanced import from New-Zealand. Our structure design software also import  from abroad-PRO DESIGN.

5). Q:What are the main technical data of your houses?
     A:We can send you the specification and technology details.

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Q:What is the height of the villa house?
Size: Due to the reasons for the apartment and the height of the floor, so this type of door, the height should be more than the usual standard (2100 mm)
Q:What is the price of the villa decoration?
But if the designer's qualifications are higher, the cost is relatively higher
Q:What is the villa residential property management content?
customer service: the occupation registration, customer reception, customer contact
Q:What is the difference between a house and a villa?
a row of two to four layers together, each several units share the external walls, a unified graphic design and independent portal
Q:What is the floor area of the villa?
And according to the characteristics of different cities vary
Q:What is the most important thing to design a villa?
Due to the limitations of architectural design, often the villa area utilization rate is not equal, the use of frequent space sometimes the area will be cramped
Q:What are the characteristics of the Spanish-style villa?
Spanish style is a blend of Arab style and European classical style as one of the architectural form
Q:What is the difference between a rural house and a villa?
rural houses, generally only the first home and simple living conditions, facilities, the area will not be large
Q:What kind of villa generally?
a row of two to four layers together, each several units share the external walls, a unified graphic design and independent portal. Townhouse Villa is currently one of the most affordable villas taking the form.
Q:What kind of apartment is the villa?
the performance of the upper and lower left and right are all independent space, Ranging from green space

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