Pixel Pitch 6mm Indoor Small Led Display Led Display Wifi

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10 m²
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10000000 m²/month

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Product Description:


pixel pitch 6mm outdoor led display 
1. CE, RoHS, ISO9001:2000 
2. High resolution 
3. High contrast 
4. 3 yea


pixel pitch 6mm indoor small led display led display wifi


Product Description


seriestypedensity(point/m2)LED typeModule resolution(point)Module size(mm)Cabinet size
Indoor full colorPH3111111SMD2121 Black led64*32192*96Can design
PH462500SMD2121 Black led32*32128*128Can design
PH540000SMD352832*32160*160Can design
PH54000032*32160*160Can design
PH62777732*16192*192Can design
PH62777732*32192*192Can design
PH7.621722232*16244*122Can design
PH101000032*16320*160Can design
Aluminum alloy/Die casting aluminumPH462500SMD2121 Black led72*72288*288576*576 Die casting aluminum box
PH540000SMD352854*54288*288576*576 Die casting aluminum box
PH54000032*32160*160640*640 Aluminum alloy box
PH54000048*48160*160480*480 Aluminum alloy box
PH62777732*16192*96576*576 Aluminum alloy box
PH62777748*48288*288576*576 Die casting aluminum box

192*192768*768 Aluminum alloy box
PH7.621722232*16244*122732*732Aluminum alloy box
PH101000032*16320*160640*640 Aluminum alloy box

outdoor full colorPH815625SMD353532*16256*1281024*1024
640*640 Rental aluminum box
640*640 Rental aluminum box




pixel pitch 6mm indoor small led display led display wifi


pixel pitch 6mm indoor small led display led display wifi

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Q:LED display more than the size of the area must be 380v
I installed the general are 380 to have some small screen with 220 plugs
Q:LED display power can not be displayed properly
If the display interface definition does not match the provided HUB board, a black screen will appear. Please check if there is a loose, open or short circuit in your jumper. If you have the ABCD and other signals one by one correspondence, please check the OE signal is connected correctly.
Q:Led display brightness is not enough because of what are the reasons
Note: The above is the common cause of the LED screen dark screen, starting from the basic situation, one by one investigation, if the above can not solve your problem, please contact the warranty.
Q:What is the difference between an LED display and an LCD monitor?
Notebook LCD screen commonly used is TFT. TFT (Thin Film Transistor) refers to the thin film transistor, each of the liquid crystal pixels are integrated in the pixel behind the thin film transistor to drive, which can be high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information is the best One of the LCD color display devices is now the mainstream display device on laptops and desktops.
Q:LED display power supply how to configure how many units with the plate is calculated.
I with 14 P10, power supply * (0.8-0.9) / each unit board power can be rounded down.
Q:Led display speed how to tune
When installing the LED bar screen software, enter the text that needs to be displayed in the blue edit box. After the text editing is finished, click "Frame Properties" to pop up the following dialog box to set the frame properties. Display speed 1 fastest, 16 slowest. After setting the current frame, you can point to "previous frame" or "next frame" to move to another frame. After all the parameters of the frame are set, click the "Exit" button to return to the main window.
Q:Comparison between LED display and DLP splicing
LED is a light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly into the energy of light energy.
Q:Led display point density is what it means
Is the number of units per area LED, pay attention to if the RGB tube is three, then only one
Q:IPS screen and LED screen difference
LED is the light-emitting diode, so the so-called LED screen is the concept of confusion, in fact, LCD panel with LED as a backlight, but also useful as a backlight CCFL, CCFL is cold cathode fluorescent tube,
Q:Production of LED display the basic raw materials which ah?
PCB, circuit board, drive IC, resistance, exclusion, LED light-emitting diodes, row of pins, row seats, capacitors, three anti-paint, plastic sets of plastic, waterproof plastic, fine screws, copper pillars, magnets, Power cord, connector, switching power supply, frame. Control System.

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