P6.944 Outdoor Aluminium Die Casting LED Rental Display CMAX-P6.944

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1.Ultra waterproof tech 
2.Aviation plug 
3. Fast lock 
4. Light weight cabinet

Sunrise Ph6.944mm SMD is an extremely high resolution LED screen great for outdoor projects where detail and impact are paramount. It can be used on different indoor and outdoor occasions, such as TV station, restaurant, concernt, entertainment, commercial and meeting. It shows the beauty of the world and brings us more fun.



Specifications                                         (Outdoor rental p6.944mm smd led display)

Pixel Pitch6.944mm
Modules Size500x250mm
Pixel ConfigurationSMD3in1
Driving method1/9 Scan
Cabinet Resolution(dot)72 pixels L x 72 pixels H
Cabinet Weight7.8Kg
Cabinet Depth63mm
Cabinet materialsAluminum cabinet
Cabinet Size500x500mm waterproof
Power connectionAviation plug



Real 6.944mm Pixel Pitch Come Across SMD Tech

Module size: 500x250mm on SMT process

P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display


Cabinet size: 500x500mm(2modules per each cabinet)

P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display



Full HD Processing,20,736 pixels per sqm to make your pictures look gorgeous

P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display



Lightweight at just 7.8kg per panel, Only 63mm in depth - great for tricky installations

P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display


P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display



IP65 Rated Front & Back for full outdoor used

P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display


P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display


P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display

Super look good after waterproof test :)



Whole set Ph6.944mm led display aging in sunrise factory, shooting distance by 5m.

Front side:

P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display


Back side:

P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display



7 Cabinets/Flightcase Package by FREE

P6.944 SMD outdoor Aluminium Die casting led rental display

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Q:LED display power can not be displayed properly
If the display interface definition does not match the provided HUB board, a black screen will appear. Please check if there is a loose, open or short circuit in your jumper. If you have the ABCD and other signals one by one correspondence, please check the OE signal is connected correctly.
Q:Is the TV screen good for the LCD or the LCD?
Whether it is LED TV or LCD TV, their screen itself is LCD (LCD), the real LED display is difficult to use in the field of home TV, because its pixel is too large, high-resolution case is difficult The Now many of the store's dynamic billboard is LED dot matrix screen.
Q:What is the difference between an LED display and an LCD monitor?
LED is Light Emitting Diode. LED applications can be divided into two categories: First, LED display; Second, LED single tube applications, including backlight LED, infrared LED and so on. Now on the LED display,
Q:LED display power supply how to configure how many units with the plate is calculated.
According to the unit board power calculation, P10 monochrome in general 10 to 12 blocks, indoor monochrome 12, indoor color 6, full color, then ask the unit board manufacturers, a board of how much power. And then calculate their own bar.
Q:LED display applications are what
Mail, shopping malls and other services in the field of business publicity and information display, advertising media, new products, performances and meetings, exhibitions, LED display large screen as an exhibition organizer to provide one of the important services, indoor large-screen TV applications
Q:Led display speed how to tune
If you need to display the time / temperature, select the "Show time / temperature" option, and then click the "Time / Temperature Settings" button to pop up the following dialog box to set the time, temperature display format, color, font size, display length.
Q:Comparison between LED display and DLP splicing
DLP is a digital light processing, this technology is the first image signal through digital processing, and then the light projection. From DLP's technical principle, it has the least signal noise, accurate gray level, high reflectivity, seamless image display, high reliability and other advantages. DLP splicing screen by a number of rear projection display unit stitching, the most important feature is the patchwork small, you can control to 0.5 mm or less, we call it "seamless" splicing, which is the other two major technology LCD and PDP Can not and can not.
Q:Led display point density is what it means
LED display density refers to the LED display per square display the number of pixels, such as P10 model LED display is 10,000 pixels per square point, P16 model refers to the display refers to 3906 pixels per square point.
Q:Production of LED display the basic raw materials which ah?
PCB, circuit board, drive IC, resistance, exclusion, LED light-emitting diodes, row of pins, row seats, capacitors, three anti-paint, plastic sets of plastic, waterproof plastic, fine screws, copper pillars, magnets, Power cord, connector, switching power supply, frame. Control System.
Q:Led display and led lighting What is the difference?
LED display and lighting are LED light-emitting diodes as light source. The difference is that the application of LED: LED display using dot matrix, the combination of different colors of light-emitting diodes, through the control system, power system, signal system and other forms of control, composed of LED device array display screen; and LED Lighting is a monochrome diode excitation, the pursuit of brightness, gray and white balance.

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