Phase Change Material Hygroscopic Calorific Fiber

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Specification of Hygroscopic Calorific Fiber:

- Heat insulation fiber when wearing
- Quick dry and feel comfortable
- Remove hot and feel relaxed
- Environmental protection and health
- No poison to human body
- No pollution to the environment

Cold-proof and keep warm is the important comfort index of winter clothing,the traditional heat preservation method is usually control caused by heat conduction, convection and radiation heat loss.Such as using the thick fabric or cotton wool to insulation, some still use metal coating fabrics.   

However, the requirement of modern people for clothing comfort, functionality and aesthetics is higher and higher,the traditional warm clothes fluffy and bloated,neither convenient for activities as well as affect beautiful.With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standard,the requirement of people for the fabrics and clothing’s practical function tend to diversification.So,the development for the actively adopt heat of heat preservation material have the important significance.Fever fiber: including Hygroscopic Calorific,Electricity Heating,Infrared Heating,Solar Heating,PCM Heat Release,Chemical Heat Release etc,all are actively adopt heat of heat preservation material.     

Japan's hygroscopic calorific fiber research more mature,the hygroscopic calorific fiber working principle: the liquid water evaporation need a great deal of vaporization heat,in contrast,the gaseous water molecules turn into the liquid water also will produce agglutination heat.And according to the test data show,when the person is motionless,the outward evaporation of moisture through the skin about 15 g / •h;In sports,there are a lot of sweat,both liquid and gas state,the quantity is about 100 g / •h.Therefore,the human body even if don't exercise also has a lot of sweat evaporate.Hygroscopic calorific fiber exactly use the water of gas and liquid variation,used to keep warm through the heat generated by changing the human body generated khan gas into liquid.  

But this kind of hygroscopic calorific fiber’s effect of heat preservation and thermal durability also have flaw,so this kind of fiber market promotion was limited.Such as hygroscopic calorific underwear,this kind of underwear’s hygroscopic calorific fiber material is expensive,general warm underwear was made by a small amount of calorific fiber with other fibers.Therefore,even if the real warm underwear,its temperature rise could not very high.   

Phase Change Material Hygroscopic Calorific Fiber

However our company developed hygroscopic calorific microcapsule,no matter on the effect of heat preservation or thermal durability have been greatly improved.This kind of brand-new hygroscopic calorific microcapsule has excellent hygroscopic calorific and humidity regulating function.  

The hygroscopic calorific fiber’s characteristics: 1. Heat insulation fiber when wearing. The hygroscopic calorific microcapsule play to maximum performance,it contains the hydrophilic polymer materials can effectively absorb the skin evaporation of water vapor,and convert into heat energy,persistent stay warm. 2. Quick dry and feel comfortable. The polymer material can absorb and transform the sweat quickly,let the clothes become dry. 3. Remove hot and feel relaxed. Excess heat cause to stuffy feeling is a very difficult problem,keep the comfortable dress sense in the cold days,required to maintain appropriate humidity between underwear and skin.The hygroscopic calorific microcapsule’s humidity regulating function can remove redundant moisture,convert sweat rapidly and keep dry and warm feeling. 4. Environmental protection and health,no poison to human body,no pollution to the environment. 


pcm fiber

Application of PCM Fiber: 

- Insole,Sock    

- Swimwear,Diving suit  

- Cap,Mouth-muffle,Glove,Neckerchief,Pajamas  

- Wearable supports(kneecap,shoulder pad,waist support)    

- Underwear,leggings  

- Fracture gesso

- Medical


1. What are we supplying?

We are specialized in PCM and microcapsule, service for all the cooling and heat storage system. We can not only supply the suitable products, but also the best service to you.

2. How Many years experience do we have?
We have been exported to more than 20 countries in the past 15 years.

3. How long do we usually reply your request?

We always reply our customer within 24 hours.

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