Office Table Office MDF Wood Furniture Desk 2015 High Quality CN808

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Type:Office FurnitureSpecific Use:Office TableWood Style:Solid Wood,MDF,Melamine
CertificationISO9001 Quality & EnviromentSize 2800*2800*1050Advantages Attractive Design ,Competitive Price
Assembling GuideAvailablecustomization:YesSpecific Uses Office Desk ,Executive Desk
MOQ5 setsPayment TermT/T,L/CDelivery Time15-20 days


We specialized in office desk and office seating .Our factory has been engaged in office furniture for more than 10 years. Our factory is well-known in the high quality and competitive price of our products. Therefore, we completed in specifications and win warm praise from customers. In addition, the design of our products is deft, modern and beautiful. There are many types and colors for your selection. Our goods are easy and simple to handle and durable in use.

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Q:How did the sofa fall off?
First need to repair the renovation of the sofa area using leather cleaning agent cleaning → → dry or dry → → use anionic leather repair cream leveling crack and drop skin → → use the skin sealer will repair the coating again (with Adhesive effect; and block the surface and air contact; to prevent the skin to continue oxidation) → → dry or dry → → secondary repair leveling → → use 800 # water sandpaper to the surface slightly polished to smooth smooth Color (leather color refurbished agent) to the desired color → → adding fixative to start spraying → → with film-forming function Toner will form a layer of color film in the leather surface (as to put a new clothes on the sofa) → → dry or dry → → Finally with the sponge block to the sofa once again hit the leather brightener; sofa renovation is done!
Q:What is the leather of the leather sofa?
Full green skin, the first layer of leather after fur processing, the artificial coloring treatment. To maintain the natural leather elasticity, toughness, and the appearance of delicate skin
Q:How long is the life of the fabric sofa and leather sofa?
To pay special attention to moisture, so as to avoid the sofa inside the brown line and cotton and other fillers rotten. It is better to use the things to put the sofa up the feet. Do not let the child bounce on the sofa, so as not to wear a fixed spring, or cause the spring skew, so that damage. Do not let the children take the pen, ball and pen on the sofa scribbled. Do not often move the sofa, the best move when the two lift, such as hard hard drag, sofa feet easily damaged
Q:Online to sell a few thousand dollars of leather sofa is leather it
See: first of all from the leather pattern, pores and other aspects to distinguish, in the natural leather surface can see the pattern, the pores do exist, and uneven distribution, the opposite of animal fibers, lateral section, the level of visible, the lower layers of animals Fiber, with a fingernail scratch test will appear leather fiber upright, there is the feeling of raising, a small amount of fiber can fall down, and synthetic leather can see the opposite side of the fabric, no side of the animal fiber, the general skin without pores, but some Imitation leather artificial pores, there will be no obvious pores exist, some patterns are not obvious, or have more regular artificial pattern, the pores are quite consistent
Q:Leather sofa with a sofa towel is good, or with a sofa cover it?
Sofa towel is generally taken on the sofa layer of cloth, mainly for a long time no one at home in the case of moisture to prevent the sun direct, upstairs that is very brilliant.
Q:Does the leather sofa wrap up with a cloth cover?
With cloth, there is a problem, the cloth is bad, or the color of the cloth rub into the skin. If the family has a child, the cloth on the bacteria will bite the ass.
Q:How to remove the tea stains on the leather sofa?
Salt is used to deal with the clothes on the tea stains, the salt in the place where the tea leaves gently sprinkled with a layer, 10 minutes after taking a pot of hot water and a piece of soap, the white vest in the water for 5 minutes. 5 minutes later, as usual washing clothes like scrub, just white vest on the juice and tea stains have been basically gone.
Q:The leather was caught by the cat
My house is renovated in May last year, because the decoration is their own and her husband to do, when buying a sofa also took a lot of effort, pick to pick also read a lot of brands, I and LG like the skin Sofa, just friends home has a dark red leather sofa, I and LG are very beautiful, asked friends after a friend said that the sofa has been for several years, and looks almost the same, and do The feeling of super good.
Q:What is good for the leather sofa?
Home market cohabitation, many brands, and sometimes went to a large home plaza, not clear big brand or small brand, a better decoration than a good
Q:Leather on the sofa how to remove the small ideas are particularly small
Wipe with paint thinner (eg xylene, banana water). Note that the first small range. If you can remove, and the surface of the leather sofa is not the same, you can continue to wipe. Because sometimes the diluent will damage the cortical surface.

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