Office Sofa Office Furniture 2015 High Quality Leather Office Sofa 8143

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Office Furniture

Specific Use:

Office Sofa


Racing Chair


 Genuine Leather/PU/Lether Fabric




All color are available








Chrome,Nickle Brushed,Stainless Steel



General Use:

Commercial Furniture,office chair,office furniture,for executives/directors/presidents


5 sets

Payment Term


Delivery Time

15-20 days


We specialized in office desk and office seating .Our factory has been engaged in office furniture for more than 10 years. Our factory is well-known in the high quality and competitive price of our products. Therefore, we completed in specifications and win warm praise from customers. In addition, the design of our products is deft, modern and beautiful. There are many types and colors for your selection. Our goods are easy and simple to handle and durable in use.

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Q:Newly bought leather sofa how to remove the taste
Tea and salt water can also be decontaminated to smell, decontamination. Drink the remaining tea do not use it to scrub the leather, clean and fresh.
Q:Online to sell a few thousand dollars of leather sofa is leather it
Leather refers to natural leather, made of animal skin. Fake leather refers to synthetic leather or other seemingly leather, the actual synthesis of chemical raw materials by the product. Since the advent of synthetic leather, has been simulated to imitate natural leather, after years of effort, in a variety of characteristics have been very close to natural leather, especially in appearance is almost difficult to distinguish.
Q:Buy leather sofa yellow leather, in the end how this skin like.
Leather sofa leather: leather sofa with full leather and mixed skin, full leather sofa price higher. Leather sofa made of leather because of its soft leather, thick, better quality. Now the sofa is generally used buffalo leather, cortex thicker, affordable. Better there are brown leather, green leather.
Q:How to protect the leather sofa? Do you want to wipe oil?
In the often used sofa, we can do a sofa pad, in the summer or when we sweat in the intense activity, we'd better not sit directly on the sofa above, so as not to sweat attached to the sofa, caused by our sofa damage
Q:Where is the selling point of the leather sofa?
A stylish leather sofa in the living room, but also look beautiful, noble, generous and so on. As the leather sofa for a long time, the internal fat will be volatile and hardened, and thus to maintain care.
Q:Leather on the sofa how to remove the small ideas are particularly small
Wipe with paint thinner (eg xylene, banana water). Note that the first small range. If you can remove, and the surface of the leather sofa is not the same, you can continue to wipe. Because sometimes the diluent will damage the cortical surface.
Q:Leather sofa to pay attention to see what point when buying
Half of the sofa in the back of the sofa, the bottom and some other hidden parts to PU leather or artificial leather PVC instead of leather, but the body directly contact parts are still higher value of leather, thereby reducing the cost of the sofa, more affordable. The sofa is divided into yellow leather and buffalo leather, according to the number of layers is divided into the first layer of skin, two layers of leather and three layers of skin; by origin is divided into domestic and imported leather
Q:Leather sofa was painted after the crayon, how to clean up
Do not hold more than ten seconds each time. Always change the position of the napkin. Can absorb most of the crayons.
Q:How do you clean the ball on the couch?
The specific method is as follows first with a slime or semi-dry towel to clean the surface of the sofa, and then a soft cloth dipped in skin care products will gently apply the skin again, according to the indoor temperature stop for 5-10 minutes, then a soft cloth to the leather Repeated wipe, the leather surface will become soft, bright as new. This method can also be used for daily bag, leather gloves, leather shoes and other leather products conservation.
Q:Is the living room put the sofa good or the cloth is good?
Technology leather sofa is divided into full leather sofa and half leather sofa, each set of leather sofa to consume the equivalent of 10 cattle cowhide, high value, breathable and environmentally friendly performance, Europe and the United States and other developed countries generally use the whole leather sofa. Half of the sofa in the back of the sofa, the bottom and some other hidden parts to PU leather or artificial leather PVC instead of leather, but the body directly contact parts are still higher value of leather, thereby reducing the cost of the sofa, more affordable.

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