Office Sofa 2015 High Quality Leather Office Sofa T23

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$260.00 - 480.00 / set
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
5 set
Supply Capability:
50000 set/month

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Product Description:



Office Furniture

Specific Use:

Office Sofa


Racing Chair


 Genuine Leather/PU/Lether Fabric




All color are available








Chrome,Nickle Brushed,Stainless Steel



General Use:

Commercial Furniture,office chair,office furniture,for executives/directors/presidents


5 sets

Payment Term


Delivery Time

15-20 days


We specialized in office desk and office seating .Our factory has been engaged in office furniture for more than 10 years. Our factory is well-known in the high quality and competitive price of our products. Therefore, we completed in specifications and win warm praise from customers. In addition, the design of our products is deft, modern and beautiful. There are many types and colors for your selection. Our goods are easy and simple to handle and durable in use.

Welcome any questions!

Can you give warranty of your products?

Yes, we can supply 2 years warranty for our normal items. For the overseas orders, please provided emails with details including pictures, we will send replacements (Such as castors, screws, plastic pad of base) at our cost to repair the chairs in some coming orders.


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Q:How did the sofa fall off?
The leather surface of the crack; surface off the skin; mostly due to improper daily maintenance, resulting in severe degreasing cortex; and then lead to cracks in the leather surface; skin surface appears skin phenomenon; one is improper cleaning; maintenance; and the use of the environment is too wet Cause
Q:Light color leather sofa how to clean
If it is relatively heavy dirt, detergent and milk what are no effect, you can try more soft alkaline substances, such as alkali surface. In the supermarket to buy a bag of edible alkali surface, with a soft brush dipped in water scrub, the texture of the old dirt can be cleared, scrubbing immediately, but remember to clean a place should immediately clean with water and then clean.
Q:Leather leather sofa cut, how to repair
The surface of the leather sofa is generally at the end of the production of its surface are painted, polished, wax processing and processing, so the market will appear in a variety of colors of leather material products. Like you this kind of sofa damage is not very serious general repair is also simple
Q:What is the reason for the taste of the leather sofa?
Or more ventilation in general after 10 o'clock in the morning, early, late and 20 minutes of ventilation. Every 20 minutes will not freeze the heating. You can ask a professional company to deal with. Such as: photocatalytic technology, biodegradation technology, material closure technology, physical adsorption technology.
Q:There are several kinds of leather sofa
Cowhide, cattle leather and buffalo leather are known as cattle leather, but the two also have some differences, the surface of the cattle leather surface is rounded, the skin is very good, easy to make sofa fabric; Shaped, straight into the leather, the pores are tight and uniform, arranged irregularly, as if the stars, buffalo leather surface pores than the cattle leather thick, the number of pores than the cattle leather rare, leather more relaxed, not as yellow The bovine leather is plump.
Q:Leather sofa bad there is no way to repair it
Color, select the water-based color paste evenly adjusted until the alignment of color, with a sponge to gently rub the color to the wound, rub the hair after blowing 4 minutes. This can be repeated to achieve the best results so far
Q:How to clean the handwriting on the leather sofa
Shampoo + white vinegar = ballpoint pen India first pour a little shampoo, and then dipped in white wine with a toothbrush to brush, ball pen will be completely disappeared.
Q:So many of the couch are peeling off, how is it going
Mats and leather dawdle, because the middle of the sinking, is the oblique cut, the formation of oblique shear, this force for a long time on the dripping stone to wear, and thus broken skin,
Q:What is the repair of the sofa sets?
Looking for the color of the line close to the skin can be sutured together, although can not guarantee the same as the original, but at least better than the gap to look a lot.
Q:The kind of sponge is best, the sofa used
The sofa is divided into yellow leather and buffalo leather, according to the number of layers is divided into the first layer of skin, two layers of leather and three layers of skin; by origin is divided into domestic skin and imported skin. Imported leather to Italy and Germany imported the first layer of yellow leather quality, in line with strict environmental requirements, high color fastness, flexibility and good air permeability, high mechanical strength, especially tear strength and tensile strength. High-quality leather sofa must be used in the first layer of yellow leather.

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