Newest RGB led strip/wifi control addressable rgb led strip light/ip68 waterproof ws2811 led strip

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Product Description:


1) LED Chip Model: SMD5050

2) Input Voltage: 12v

3) Power: 14.4w/m

4) Power Source: DC

5) Length: 5m/reel

6) Size: W1cmxT0.22cm

7) Long lasting: 50000 hours
8) Number: 60 bulds/meter

9) Warranty: 2 years

10) View Angle: 120°

11) Customized: yes

12) Protection Rate: IP20

13) Colors: white, red, green, yellow, blue, warm white, orange, pink, purple, RGB 


1) Window displays 
2) Building outlines 
3) Stairway lighting 
4) Indirect cove lighting 
5) Pathway safety lighting 
6) Restaurants and bars 
7) Signs and graphics


1. Easy installation and save cost on power supply

2. Transparent PVC house, high transmittance, bent resistance

3. Flattening appearance, small volume

4. Pretty appearance as quality

5. 70%-80% energy-saving

6. Long life-span (50, 000 hours)

7. Fashion design and different types

8. Easy to install and use

9. No risk of mercury emission, environmental protection 



1) For wholesale:
5m or 10m Strip light enwind plastic roll, then put into carton with the accessories

2) For retailer:
5m, 10m on roll with controllers and cable/plugs
Buyers pay the fee for special package (color boxes, spools)


Sunrain Profile:

1) We are a large-scale lamps manufacturing enterprise

2) We founded in 2004 and already established 5 factories and 1 trading company

3) We specialize in producing novelty lights, such as LED Rope Lights, Rope Lights, Energy Saving Lamps

4) We focus on Quality manufacture our lights in accordance with CE,GS, RoHS certification

5) We meet and exceed global quality standards
6) We now ship well over half of our output to countries and regions worldwide


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Q:Guangdong Development Bank outdoor advertising lamp box arc manufacturing process?
Lamp box making process(1) of mold making, mold is common pattern, once made by the company's production template saw, also available portable reciprocating according to (price 200-1000 yuan) making mould.(2) deep processing of moulds: grinding, trimming, smoothing and smoothing of dies.(3) the mould is positioned on the blister platform, and the aligning position of the Yin and Yang dies is fixed.
Q:How to make EL cold light advertising lamp box
First of all, EL cold light film is divided into two kinds, one is backlit, and the other is patterned and designed to make a dynamic pattern of cold light film. What you can do yourself is only the design of the surface after the backlight board, but the light box produced can not produce the moving effect. If the dynamic effect can only be made directly by professional manufacturers, it is necessary to do the circuit and control program directly together. Look, what you need is the effect. In fact, there are three advantages of EL cold light film, one is the super exquisite dynamic effect. Two is the convenience of ultra-thin. Three is super energy saving. See which advantage you have chosen.In my space, there are EL cold light film information and my contact information; what do not know we can communicate?.
Q:Is the dynamic diagram of the Beijing subway a TV or an advertising light?
Through the subway tunnel wall with high brightness LED refining column, when the subway train in subway tunnel when the high-speed mobile image formation, so that people have a temporary residence in the vision, passengers on the subway to see the continuous color pictures of a series of cinematic effect.
Q:Other people's car parked in front of my shop, the advertising lamp box smashed paint
You can think about it privately, and if it's your responsibility, you'll have to get one.
Q:Why doesn't the bank's advertising lights go off at night?
Do not turn off the lights, mostly for advertising purposes, not only banks, and now many of the high-end shops on the street, a large area of the window at night to turn on the lights, window display to ensure that 24 hours can display
Q:8051 to do with a water advertising lamp urgently thank you
The 1 step: the LED1 order is lit to LED82 Complement: the LED8 order is lit to LED1The 3 step: LED1 to LED8 flashing 5 timesDoes the whole process cycle?If necessary, I can help you on the program. You protect me from Q
Q:LED what's the color of the lights used on the advertising lights?
Do you do outdoor advertising? Used in those areas, the general room, living room with yellow light, buildings and office areas with white light, outdoor large advertising useful adjustable light belt
Q:How to do waterproof work for outdoor advertising lamp box
The kind of inkjet cloth, when you print, the above part to connect, can not be cut open. If LED is a light cover steel canopy, riveting. Some places can be waterproof glass glue, there is no understanding, you can ask me
Q:Chengdu open roadside advertising box lights invoices need to find out what the details?
Advertising invoices are open service, can not open the production of light boxes. Processing is a tax payment management. According to the method should be, your company to the IRS invoice billing, pay vat. But most advertising businesses don't do that. You can put the contents of the light box in propaganda fees.
Q:Dc12vled advertising lights power 220V AC FireWire line with zero line connection will burn down the power supply?
Alternating current fire zero replacement is OK

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