Newest Atomizer E Cigarette In Single Eluv Blister Kit

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Product Description:

Product Description: Newest Atomizer E Cigarette In Single Eluv Blister Kit Eluv/E luv Description
Model e luv/e-luv/eluv kit/eluv ecigs
Atomizer size L68*D10.8mm
Resistant 2.0-2.8ohm
Atomizer 10g
Battery capacity 310mah
Working voltage 3.7v
Battery size L74*10.8mm
Battery N.W. 17g
eluv Color White, red, silver, blue, black,pink,orange,green,purple
Size of per set L135*D10.8mm
Package size 180*31*30mm
Eluv/E luv Package Components
1pc x 310mah battery
1pc x mini ce4 atomizer
1pc x USB charger
1pc x User Manual
Eluv/E luv Specifications
-Mini CE4 atomizer, 1.3ML, thicker and longer drip tip to avoid scalding your lips.
-Slim battery, 310mAh volume, lightweight design for easy carry.
-Slender posture, like a glamour girl, consistent color of battery & atomizer, eyeful enjoyment.
-New technology on working voltage: Constant voltage 3.7V, to keep longer working time and
uniform mouthful vapors. Enabling you enjoy the stable puffs.
-Size: 139mm X 11mm, gift box and blister packing are both available, saving space, saving shipping costs.
-Full battery and filled atomizer keeps about 850puffs.
-Available colors: Stainless, silver, white, pink, red, orange, purple, green, blue, black.
-Wholesales order will get satisfactory price.
Merits of Eluv/E luv E-Cigarette
1.Green and healthy products.
2.Smoke anytime,anywhere.
3.lower cost than traditional smoking.
4.No harm of first or second-hand smoke.
5.Won't stain teeth or damage skin.
6.Easy to use, convenient (does not require matches, lighters or ignitions.
7.No tar, ash, butts, carbon monoxide, cyanide, lead, etc

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