Modified Starch For Various Applications 2015

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2 years

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China (Mainland)

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Wide Application Modified Starch


Corn; Tapioca; Waxy Maize; Potato; Wheat, etc.


Food; Feed; Construction; Oil; Adhesive; Textile; Paper, etc.


Modified Starch 
Premium Quality 
Widely used in food paper textile construction oil 
tapioca potato corn waxy maize pea base


Product Description

Product Name:

Modified Starch



We are one of the leading  manufacturers for modified starch, and we can provide a wide range of modified starches for diverse applications, such as: Food, Feed, Oil Drilling, Construction Materials, Textile Printing, Gypsum Board, etc.


For Food Industry, our modified starch can be widely used for:

Modified Starch for Bakery

Modified Starch for Snacks

Modified Starch for Confectionary

Modified Starch for Sauces & Seasoning

Modified Starch for Flavor & Encapsulation


For Feed Industry, our modified starch can be used as:

Modified Starch as Binder & Adhesive for Petfood

Modified Starch as Binder & Adhesive for Aquafeed


For Oil Drilling Industry, our modified Starch can be used as:

Modified Starch as Filtration Control Agent & Regulator for Water-Based Drilling Fluid System


For Construction Materials, our modified starch can be used as:

Modified Starch as Mortar Additive for Dry Mixing Mortar Industry

Modified Starch as Mortar Additive for Thermal Insulation Mortars

Modified Starch as Mortar Additive for Masony Mortars

Modified Starch as Mortar Additive for Joint Filler & Crack Filler

Modified Starch as Mortar Additive for Tile Adhesives


For Textile Printing, our modified starch can be used as:

Modified Starch as Textile Printing Thickener for Disperse Printing

Modified Starch as Textile Printing Thickener for Nylon Spandex Fabric Printing

Modified Starch as Textile Printing Thickener for Rayon Discharge Printing

Modified Starch as Textile Printing Thickener for Reactive Printing


For Gypsum Board, our modified starch can be used as:

Modified Starch as Binder & Adhesive for Gypsum Wallboard


For more applications information, please feel free to contact us.


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