New leisure dining chair with wooden leg

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can be used many different situation, like(meeting chair, office chair, dining .ect)

-strong metal frame and chair-top

-made for indoor or outdoor use

-available in a choice of colors

Product Name


 L46*W47*H79cm SH43cm


PP +Wood leg


 49*47*55cm  2pcs/ctn



Container Capacity

40HQ: 1000pcs

Delivery time

Regular orders:10-25days


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1. We will reply your inquiry within 12 hours.

2.Supply more detail such as size, color, material, usage, you will get much better price

3.ETD may be affected by holidays

4.All the prices of products are subject to our final confirmation

5.Sample available. We charge sample at first and refund when we get order.

6.Free documents: commercial invoice, packing list


1).chair top can be different colors

2).the chair steel frame can be powder coating or chromed

3).fine workmanship, elegant design, competitive price, good service

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1). Fast Delivery time

2). Competitive prices in the every market

3). Arrange shipment service with best cost

4). Sample available

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Q:Who bought the Aing chair, the chair quality how?
I think it is necessary to buy the baby chair, many parents are holding a child to eat, not only affect the baby eating posture, but also not convenient for parents to feed me, sometimes a baby eating requires two adults to take care of, this is not only a waste of time, waste of manpower, the baby is not good.
Q:How do the dining set
If you have curtains, cloth, city and so on, you can go there and find someone to order it. You can give it to the size
Q:U furniture which has several commonly used size
If the furniture in the living room and dining room is square or rectangular, the diameter of the round table top can be increased from 150mm. In the general small and medium-sized residential, such as the size of 1200mm table, chair size, often too big, can be customized to a diameter of 1140mm round table, chair size, also can sit 8-9 people, but looks more spacious. If you use more than 900mm diameter table and chair size, although you can sit more people, but it is not appropriate to put too many fixed chairs. Such as the size of the table 1200mm table chair size, put 8 chairs, it will be crowded. 4-6 chairs, please. People in a long time, and then the folding chairs can be placed in the storage room.Table chair size is chosen, in use will let feel comfortable, the above said several tables and chairs size is more commonly used.
Q:The child's chair, pine no paint, buy is that can be put down by the tables and chairs.
Buy some kind of sticker or something like that, just like the new one. To the furniture market, the kind of paper stuck to the wood. I've seen other people put it on, and it's nice and strong.
Q:What material good children's chairs
Most people believe that the first reaction is wood. Wood material is one of the first material highchairs production, has the characteristics of natural environment, using the properties of long and stable life is extremely strong, has been widely used in the modern family, the children's dining choice must pay attention to the height is appropriate, the best choice of height can be adjusted highchairs.
Q:Baby one year old, there is a need to buy any highchairs
My house is bought before the combination of small tables and chairs, when the big chair, let her eat separately to draw and write what, very practical
Q:Highchairs what brand is good? Have been useful highchairs recommend!
Aing super chair. Relatives and friends have bought 4, and they all like it very much. Strongly recommend!!
Q:Fisher chair and adjustable safety small small chair which is good
And after I bought it, I found it wasn't amazing. Actually, I downloaded the lullaby, lullaby, and played it to the baby. Anyway, my niece doesn't have any interest in the seahorse. I'll give her a toy later. (my niece is two months old
Q:It is necessary to buy children's chairs
The baby chair at the table two: not scratch, also can not move, how to properly use the tableware and so on, mother can keep you think it is important to teach children the table manners, as long as you can do to the baby, the baby's ability to imitate but strong. Comment on: cultivate baby's eating etiquette.Baby chair three: one family sitting around the table to eat is the family atmosphere of the time, we can eat and talk some today, enjoyable family atmosphere is not little baby. Comment: give the baby an equal family atmosphere.Baby chair four: every time in the meal will be placed on the table beside the baby baby chair, meal pack, in the course of time, the baby will know when you eat baby sitting in the chair, but not around. Comment: give the baby a meal of psychological tips.
Q:Multifunctional dining chair for children or children's chairs?
It's about the same.The style is European, American, Chinese, modern, fashionable, French, etc., representing different styles. "Triumph furniture" has all these styles.

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