Modern Design Steel Bunk Bed

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Product Description:

Specification of  Steel Bunk Bed

Material:steel tube


tube size:50*10mm

Home furniture

Production technique:

cold compression,

high-temperature painting

phosphating,deoiling, derusting,

Package of Steel Bunk Bed:

Foam plastic bags inner,standard export carton outside.or as per your kind request.

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Q:lie in/on the(?) bed?
Lie on the bed, in my mind, means on the covers, or having nothing covering me. Lying in the bed, makes me think of someone under, or in, their bedsheets.
Q:opinions on twin beds, bunk beds and loft beds. What do your kids like?
I'm 19. I had a day bed when I was young, one with the mattress that pulled out and it was great for friends. Then when we moved I had my brothers old bunk beds from about 6 until my freshman year in HS when it was finally too old. I really liked that too, most of the time I kept the lower bed as a couch with extra pillows and study space, then when friends came over it was slept on. Or i rotated and used my upper bed for storage, stacked stuff up there and took it off when friends came over. In college we have lofted beds with our desks underneath. It's ok if you can have proper lighting under the bed, but if not it sucks. My roomate and I were'nt desk people so we would have preferred to be able to study on our beds rather than the floor. As far as storage with them went, the storage that came on it was restrictive and it was hard for us to fit storage to the space. In college I didn't like having to climb to get to my bed, I just wanted to be able to lay down and sleep or use my bed as a couch and lounge and watch tv. If your kids have lots of friends over, depending on the age, lofted beds suck because you can't use them as seating, or to watch movies from. My vote would be go for a day bed/trudle bed or bunk bed. They're the most versatile.
Q:Does the worm eat the bedding?
Just add more bedding and worm food such as unleavened corn meal and coffee grounds.keep the bedding moist but not real wet and it's a go!
Q:What age should you move a toddler into a twin bed?
My baby was 2 when she was moved to a twin bed. She had rails on the bed and she did quite well.
Q:Poll: Are you in bed?
No, it is only 5:19 and I can stay up all night if I feel like i, because I'm an old lady and nobody can tell me what to do
Q:Level 5 Tanning bed (READ DESCRIPTION!!!!)?
Probably the level 5 bed at only 2 minutes. but the first time you ever go into a tanning bed it raises your chance of getting skin cancer up to 75% even if you only tan ONCE! im only 18 and i had to get a thing on my nose removed that they thought was cancerous because of tanning beds and i have premature age lines around my eyes. and i only used the tannig bed for 3 months. I'm not trying to preach but you really don't want to do that to yourself.
Q:does insect spray get rid of bed bugs?
yes and no...any insecticide will kill the individual bed bug, the problem is that bed bugs walk around on the tips of their feet so they never are in contact with enough chemical, the types of chemical you would buy over the counter, to do the whole infestation in. There are formulations sold at do it your self type pest stores that would be very effective against them, but then it falls into knowing where to spray for them and how to hunt them down.
Q:Are Sleigh beds strong?
Is this a dirty question disguised as wholesome and normal, or am I just a pervert? Yeah,....They are strong enough for most activity.
Q:People who have loft beds please help!?
Loft beds are great for creating usable space and storage. I built one for my nephew and under one end we put a corner computer desk and on the other end we made a media center. Everyone admires it. There are two issues with a loft bed... one heat rises and it tends to be warmer than the rest of the house unless you have adequate ventilation/cooling. Two, after a while people sometimes get tired of having to climbs the stairs before crawling in.
Q:what happens when your bed breaks?
Means you have a big behind.

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