Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE

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Product Description:

Product Description:

OKorder is offering Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE at great prices with worldwide shipping. Our supplier is a world-class manufacturer of steel, with our products utilized the world over. OKorder annually supplies products to European, North American and Asian markets. We provide quotations within 24 hours of receiving an inquiry and guarantee competitive prices.


Product Applications:

Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE are ideal for structural applications and are widely used in the construction of buildings and bridges, and the manufacturing, petrochemical, and transportation industries.

1. Supporting members, most commonly in the house raising industry to strengthen timber bears under houses. Transmission line towers, etc

2. Prefabricated structure

3. Medium scale bridges

4. It is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures such as roof beams, bridges, transmission towers, hoisting machinery and transport machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse etc.


Product Advantages:

Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE are durable, strong, and resist corrosion.


Main Product Features:

·         Premium quality

·         Prompt delivery & seaworthy packing (30 days after receiving deposit)

·         Corrosion resistance

·         Can be recycled and reused

·         Mill test certification

·         Professional Service

·         Competitive pricing


Specifications of Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE:

Original PlaceTangshan, ChinaBrand NameBridge
StandardGB707-88, EN100025, JIS G3192, DIN 1026
Sizes50mm to 300mm
Sales Volume/Year3000MT
Main MarketMiddle East, Africa, Southeast As

1.We are able to provide channel steel of top quality at attractive price.

2.Our products of channel steel have passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.

3. The section of  Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE are as followings in the table.











4. Chemical Compostion of  Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE

  Grade                                        Element(%)
          C         Mn           P           S
  SS330          --          --      ≦0.050     ≦0.050
  SS540       ≦0.30      ≦1.60      ≦0.040     ≦0.040

Usage/Applications of Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE:  

Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE is usually used for building structure, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structure and often used with i beam.

In details,  the channel steel belongs to carbon structural steel which is applied to in the field of construction and machinery. The channel steel  is usually used for arch-itechtural structure, and they could be welded in order to support or hang a vari-ety of facilities. They are also usually used in combination with I beam. Generally,the channel steel must possess perfect welding property, riveting property and mechanical property and so on.

Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE

Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE

Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE

Package & Delivery of Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE:

The steel u channel will be packed in  bundle with steel wire at each end of every bundle and color marking in order to help the customer to recognize his goods more easily at sight.                                                                                                

And steel u channel could be loaded into 20ft or 40ft container, or by bulk cargo. If the weight of each bundle reaches less than 3.5 mt, the loading by break bulk cargo should be choosed. When the weight of each bundle reaches less than 3mt, the loading by container should be choosed.                                                                                                          

As for the transportaion from mill to loading port, the truck will be usually used. And the maximum quantity for each truck is 40mt.                                                                                                                                                                          

All in all, we could do in accordance with customer's request.

Production Flow of Mild Steel U Channels for Structure Construction JIS,GB,UPN,UPE:

1.The steel billet shall be heated in the high temperature furnace.                                                                                      

2. The heated steel billet shall be rolled five to nine times with the aim of shaping the general figure of steel u channel.        

3. The rolled steel u channel should be put onto the cooling bed to make the temperature low.                                          

4. The steel u channel should be straighted on the straightener.                                                                                        

5. The straighted steel u channel will be cut into meters by saw, as per customer's requirements.


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Steel Channel is a groove-shaped cross-section of the steel strip. Channel mainly used for building structure, curtain wall engineering, machinery manufacturing and other equipment and vehicles. In use required to have good welding, riveting performance and mechanical properties.
Steel Channel refers to a channel hot-rolled, hot-rolled steel sheet production process and, as the ingots are heated to a certain temperature, the basic steel into the thermoplastic state, then formed by rolling mill. Cold-rolled and cold-formed channel steel production process is basically the same, refers to the steel at room temperature through external action, will be made of steel rolled or curved shape needed. Due to the large difference between the two production processes, therefore, the two are very different performance, hot-rolled steel sheet or hot-rolled steel cold-rolled low intensity ratio, but the plastic deformation ability.
The specifications to waist high (h) * leg width (b) * waist thick (d) the number of millimeters expressed as 120 * 53 * 5, showing the high waist of 120 mm, leg width of 53 mm channel, thick waist 5 mm channel, or 12 # channel. Waist high the same channel, if several different legs wide and thick waist also need to model the right plus a b c be distinguished, such as 25a # 25b # 25c # and so on. Under normal circumstances, the same model (the same value) channel, b-type legs wide and thick waist is greater than a number, so the value per unit length of the same channel type, b-type than a heavy type.

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Q:What direction does channel steel use best?
The channel steel can be placed in three directions, that is, stand, place, tilt, and lie prone
Q:How big is the channel used for the 4 metre span?
The same height of the I-beam, if there are several different leg width and waist thickness, should be added on the right side of the model a, B, C to distinguish, such as 32a#, 32b#, 32c# and so on. The I-beam is made of ordinary I-beam and light I-beam, and the specification for hot-rolled ordinary I-beam is 10-63#. Standard Specification for hot-rolled ordinary I-beam supplied by supply and demand agreement is 12-55#. I-beam is widely used in various building structures, bridges, vehicles, supports, machinery and so on.
Q:What's the difference between channel type 25a#, 25b# and 25c#?
Channel steel is a strip of steel with a cross section. The specifications of the method, such as 120*53*5, mean waist height of 120 mm, leg width of 53 mm channel, waist thickness of 5 mm channel, or called 12# channel. The same height of the channel, if there are several different leg width and waist thickness, also need to add a, B, C on the right side of the model, such as 25a#, 25b#, 25c# and so on. Channel steel is divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. Standard Specification for hot-rolled plain channel steel is 5-40#. Specifications for hot rolled flexible channel steel supplied by supply and demand agreement are 6.5-30#. Channel steel is mainly used in building structures, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures, and channel steel is often used in conjunction with i-beam.
Q:8 channel steel and 40*60 square steel tube, which is good in bending strength?
The channel steel should have good flexural strength
Q:You design expert asked: do barrier 5 meters, how long the channel to bear?
This is a mechanical problem of materials, ah, the barrier specific how the structure ah? Feeling should not only consider the material, but also consider the quality of the installation, such as wall connections should be checked dangerous points, where the maximum bending moment!
Q:28a difference between channel steel and 28b channel steel
50 * 37 * 4.5 5 5.44 #63 * 40 * 4.8 6.3 6.635 #65 * 40 * 4.8 6.5 6.7 #80 * 43 * 5 8 8.045 #100 * 48 * 5.3 10 10.007 #120 * 53 * 5.5 12 12.06 #
Q:What is the standard for channel steel execution?
Standard for channel steel GB707-88
Q:14# dimension of channel steel and weight per metre?
Dimensions and weight of light rolled channel steel14#a height (H) 140, leg width (b) 62, waist thickness (d) 4.9, theoretical weight 13.3 kg14# height (H) 140, leg width (b) 58, waist thickness (d) 4.9, theoretical weight 12.3 kg
Q:What is the difference between U steel and channel steel?
Channel steels and U steels are simply different when applied,Mainly divided into ordinary channel (U steel) and light channel (light U steel).It can also be considered as follows: the channel steel is formed by thermal elongation, and the U steel is generally rolled under cold condition.The biggest difference between the two is thickness: the overall thickness of the channel is not the same, the overall thickness of light U steel is the same
Q:How to anchor the channel?
On the basis of the embedded 20 thick steel plate, with high-strength bolts or chemical bolts fixed, and then use the stiffener to clamp the middle of the channel, and use high-strength bolts to connect.

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