Microfiber cleaning towel with light blue and black bindings

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Specifications of microfiber towel

1, Customized design, logo and design
2, fine water-aborbing and strong air permeability 
3, soft, safe and eco-friendly 
CE,SGS, eco-friendly,no harm to skin

5, easy to take 


Detail packing of microfiber towel

1.each in opp bag,1000pcs per carton
2.carton size:42x42x750px
3.weight:12 kgs


Shipping of microfiber towel

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air

2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service

3.According to customer's request


Question & Answer

1.What is your MOQ?2,000 pcs (available colors in stock)
10,000 pcs with the standard size

2.How to get a sample?

3.Sample free with freight collect How to delivery the goods?

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air
2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service
3.According to customer's request


Why choose us?

1.Factory supplier 

2.Reasonable price  

3.Design different picture depend on your idea 

4.guarantee for quality for one year 

5.Any enquiry and question can be replied in 24 hours


Customer Service:

1. Free sample for you,or according to your requirement.

2. Take photos to you before mass production and shipping.

3. Tracking number or picking documents will be emailed to you after shipping goods.


Quality control:

1.Over 5 quality inspectors each department, we have great control on quality aiming at offering you the best goods. 

2. We use the best raw material and 100% test to keep the quality best.

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Q:What brand is pure cotton towel?
Big brands are relatively more quality assurance, jieliya, Vosges, gold, diamond.
Q:How do you clean the towel?
Cook towel disinfection: about every month cook a towel, the towel into the pot, pour boiling water, water should be no towels, pour a little salt, first to open fire to boil, then turn into the fire to continue to cook for 15 minutes, cooked after cold water, will remove the towel, wring the water. Dry to dry under the sun, can play the role of disinfection and sterilization.
Q:Is towel good or pure cotton?
Cotton towel can be divided into many types: according to the composition of cotton polyester, according to raw material is divided into shares; spinning single yarn yarn yarn is 16 32; currently on the market is the highest price of the 32 stocks of cotton yarn, towel before use is the best smell there is no smell, smell is the recovery of cotton the smell is not new veil, suggest new towels soaked with boiling water for 5-10 minutes, then towel will soft, more water, and sterilization. Han superior product Museum selling towels is very good, you can try
Q:How to make towels soft?
Towel used for a long time, become stiff people uncomfortable, the most important is contaminated by a large number of bacteria, harmful to human body. The towel made of pure cotton yarn, cotton fiber is a tubular structure, the cell containing the hollow cavity, can store water; its main chemical composition of cellulose molecule contains a large number of hydrophilic genes, can absorb water. The moisture absorption and water storage property of the cotton yarn makes the towels feel comfortable and the cleaning ability is strong, and is suitable for cleaning. But it is also because of this characteristic that it provides a convenient condition for the growth of bacteria. Bacteria love warm and humid environments best. A long time in the wet towel, after a certain period of time, has become a paradise for bacteria, combined with human skin oil, dust and impurities in the water, the bacteria in the air and deposited on the towel, then towel wipe the skin, not only plays the role of clean, but will stain the skin, clogging pores. Women who like make-up and children with fast metabolism have more oil and more infections, which is especially harmful.
Q:Should choose what kind of towel is better?
Buy Towels should pay attention to such a few points: 1, the texture is pure cotton; 2, water absorption is better. Good quality towels, if you drop water droplets, can quickly absorb, and if used to wipe hands, wipe the face, then you can quickly dry the water, to do dirt; and poor towels rubbed on the face, slippery, non absorbent, non decontamination;3, depending on the factory place. Quality assured towel boxes will be clearly marked: manufacturers, origin, telephone, trademarks, standards of implementation, washing methods, etc.. A lot of fake and shoddy products logo will be marked 100% cotton, chemical fiber is actually a considerable proportion of doping, the low quality of the low price than ordinary chemical fiber yarn, but not breathable, moisture absorption, easy pilling, use it to wash your face, will stimulate the skin, used to wipe the furniture and other items, too not easy to clean surfaces will have water residue. More seriously, some manufacturers also use some banned dyes, the dyes containing benzene ammonia carcinogens. So, buy quality guaranteed towels, should go to some special shops or department stores to buy;4, to understand some good towel identification methods.
Q:How do you do simple yoga with a towel?
Actions: 1, feet open and shoulder width, stand on the floor of medical equipment exhibition, knees slightly bent, toes slightly outward stand. 2. Hold both ends of the towel with both hands and place the towel behind your back. 3, both hands hold towel, and with reverse force, towel up and down tight, training arm deltoid muscle group. Note: the beginner does 15 times, and the intermediate does 20-25. Shaping flat abdominal effect: the use of towels to help strengthen the upper abdominal muscles, shaping the lower abdomen lines.
Q:What material is good for towel rack in bathroom?
The towel rack is usually made of brass material, chrome plated surface after treatment, showing a good mirror effect, gives the feeling of elegance. High density copper, high strength, good stability, will not rust, more expensive, is a good towel rack materials. However, if the copper is not treated by chrome, it will have the phenomenon of patina.
Q:What towel is good?
Good towels, fluffy texture, soft feel. This elastic touch towel in the hand, paste in the face of soft and comfortable and not greasy, greasy because adding too many softeners caused, a small amount of softener to help handle, excessive softening agent not only affect the water absorption, but also not conducive to health.
Q:What are the benefits of wood fiber towels?
Deodorization adsorption function: bamboo fiber inside special ultra-fine microporous structure, make it have strong adsorption ability, can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air, and eliminate bad smell. Five, heat preservation function: bamboo fiber far-infrared emissivity is as high as 0.87, the heat storage is much better than the traditional fiber fabric. Six, soft and comfortable function: bamboo fiber fineness with the unit fine, soft and bright color; whiteness; toughness and wear resistance, with a unique resilience; with longitudinal and transverse strength, uniform and stable strong, good drape.
Q:What about my old towels in my hotel?
Hotel room, accommodation in general after check out, there will be room attendant to see it, anyway, I go out the main tourist hotel, check out when there are people to see, to see if there is no less what things, or there is no damage; you can also arrange the waiter to do ah

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