Microfiber towel for cleaning in deep discount

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Specifications of microfiber towel

1, Customized design, logo and design
2, fine water-aborbing and strong air permeability 
3, soft, safe and eco-friendly 
CE,SGS, eco-friendly,no harm to skin

5, easy to take 


Detail packing of microfiber towel

1.each in opp bag,1000pcs per carton
2.carton size:42x42x750px
3.weight:12 kgs


Shipping of microfiber towel

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air

2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service

3.According to customer's request


Question & Answer

1.What is your MOQ?2,000 pcs (available colors in stock)
10,000 pcs with the standard size

2.How to get a sample?

3.Sample free with freight collect How to delivery the goods?

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air
2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service
3.According to customer's request


Why choose us?

1.Factory supplier 

2.Reasonable price  

3.Design different picture depend on your idea 

4.guarantee for quality for one year 

5.Any enquiry and question can be replied in 24 hours


Customer Service:

1. Free sample for you,or according to your requirement.

2. Take photos to you before mass production and shipping.

3. Tracking number or picking documents will be emailed to you after shipping goods.


Quality control:

1.Over 5 quality inspectors each department, we have great control on quality aiming at offering you the best goods. 

2. We use the best raw material and 100% test to keep the quality best.

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Q:Why do you need wet towels on your forehead?
If the temperature is not too high, you can use hot compress to reduce the fever. Wipe the patient's forehead and limbs with a hot wet towel, and keep the body cool until the fever is down.Usually need a fever before spreading towels
Q:How to cool the fever? Hot towel or cold towel?
Cold compress: if a fever is not tolerated, use a cold compress to help lower your body temperature. Put a wet towel on the forehead, wrists, legs and other parts should be covered with clothes. When the cold compress cloth reaches the body temperature, it should be changed again and again until the heat is returned. Ice can also be wrapped in a cloth bag and placed on the forehead.Hot compress: if the body temperature is not too high, you can use hot packs to reduce the fever. Wipe the patient's forehead and limbs with a hot wet towel, and keep the body cool until the fever is down.However, if the body temperature rises to more than 39 degrees Celsius, do not use hot compress to damp down again. It should be treated with cold compress so as to keep the body temperature from rising.
Q:Can the LCD screen be wiped with a wet towel?
First, pour a portion of the detergent on a clean soft cloth. The rag is moist. Take care not to pour too much to prevent the detergent from dripping into the display. Then wipe the screen of the monitor with this soft cloth to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Q:What kind of towels do you have?
How much do you see in terry?. Towels are double faced looped suede fabric with many protruding loops on the surface, which is the chief sign of the quality of the towels. Good quality towels, both sides of the pros and cons of each side of the eyes of Terry more and longer, rich and soft, easy to absorb water and water storage; poor quality towels, Terry short and little, not rich enough.Two weight weight and thickness is ok. Quality towels are heavier, and towels of less quality are lighter. It can be used to estimate the method of comparison, selection of good products heavy.Three is to distinguish between yarn height. The quality of the yarn used for weaving towels is higher, the higher the yarn is. High grade towels are usually made of 32 or 21 woven fabrics; the middle grade towels are made up of 21 or 20 woven fabrics; the low grade towels are woven with 21 or 16 yarns.Four is soft and soft feel. The yarn for weaving towels has mature yarn and raw yarn. The yarn is strong and durable, and the yarn is poor. Hand touch difference, mature yarn soft, raw yarn feel hard. Can also be used to distinguish between water and strength, take a small amount of water, from 20 - 30cm height to the towel drip, if the water droplets are immediately inhaled, is ripe yarn weaving; if the water absorption rate is slow, then yarn weaving.Five check weaving finish. The towel is tiled or the sun to dialysis, to see whether the warp, weft, open at the end (i.e. not raising place), napping, thin road, Terry missing, burr, edge, edge, false tooth side, hem, skipping etc. weaving and whether there are defects, rust stains, stains, bleeding ink, and unclear appearance defects. If not, show that the quality is high, only a small amount of quality, in general, relatively poor quality.
Q:How do I clean the kitchen towels?
1, the dirty towel soaked drops some detergent, hand scrub clean, then rinse dry towel.2, the towel into the pot, pour into boiling water, water should not have towels, pour salt into the fire boil, and then converted into small fire continue cooking3. Remove the cooked towels, rinse them with cold water, wring them, place them on the clothes rack, and place them in a sunny and well ventilated place.
Q:What is the difference between the hand glue of a badminton racket and the sweat absorption of a towel?
In fact, purely personal preferences, if adapt, then towel glue feel absolutely good in the hand glue. But the service life of towel glue is much shorter than that of hand glue. General towel glue can not be reused two or three times, and that taste is simply. Hand glue can be used for a month before they change. Hand scrub and glue is sticky, matte for hand sweating more people, but people feel sticky glue hand feel better there is a plastic bottom, is the original handle wrapped with that, can in fact be removed according to personal preference, I have many friends around to go around the bottom glue thin hand glue instead. Of course, the towel wrapped in the hands of the adhesive glue There are plenty of people who are
Q:How can the bamboo fiber products be washed properly?
The strength of bamboo fiber is better when it is dry, but the fiber elasticity is suppressed and its strength is weakened after wet water. In the use of bamboo fiber towels in the process, individual consumers always use methods use cotton towel, which is too hard to wring the water, the more the better to wring a towel dry. For bamboo fiber towels, this is unnecessary, because bamboo fiber towel water absorption ability, moderate wring water, you can clean the face moisture. If too much force to twist, it is possible to wring bamboo fiber towels, for damage to stay hidden. Also avoid tearing or pulling wet towels. In addition, bamboo fiber permeability is good, with the suspension after the towel contains water easily evaporate naturally, do not have to worry about excessive moisture and towels appear "cover" phenomenon.
Q:Drink a headache, use a towel, head, hot water or cold water?
Amines: beer, wine and wine to stimulate the rich in amine, amine itself and catecholamines, stimulates the sympathetic nerve endings release adrenaline, and adrenaline has the effect of vasoconstriction and increased blood pressure, resulting in a headache.
Q:After washing the head, how dry your hair with a towel?
For most people that do not need to blow dry hair this sort of thing, I have something to say. If the natural dry, over time, the quality of hair will be flat and collapsed.
Q:What about my old towels in my hotel?
You should have a room rate list in your room, which means that if you lose or damage the guest, you will need to pay for it.

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