Mapping Mini Compass with Different Scales Rulers

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Product Description:

Product details: 

Model: Compass DC35-1B

Name: Professional map compass, ruler compass

Product Origin: China

Supply Ability: 10,000 pcs/month

Minimum Order: 50 pcs

MOQ for OEM package: 500pcs

Product Size: 70*48*9 (mm)

Color: OEM

Features of Compass DC35-1B:

1, professional usage: orientation, distance measuring, measuring slope, azimuth and pitching Angle measurement, drawing, a magnifying glass

2, high quality compass with neck rope, portable and rugged
3, ACRYLIC material, about 2mm thick
4, Damping Dial: to keep the stability of the pointer, more suitable for outdoor

5, Accuracy: accurate and clear, there were 360 degrees azimuth Angle, outer ring is 64-00 system, Liquid filled in the compass for reliable readings.

6, Magnifier function
5, with ruler on compass DC35-1B,
6,for map measure and drawing

7,one meter neck rope,

8,Liquid filled in the compass  for reliable readings,

9,Magnifier function.

10,Support OEM

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