Portable GPS NF4

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Measuring accurate - the latest high-precision
GPS chip, large-scale receiver Antenna to ensure
the best measurement accuracy
Clear display - a large color screen, unique
reflective technology, the sun comparable to the
clear effect of the printed
Easy to use - a key to get all operations, simplifying
to the extreme and unprecedented flow experience
The three anti-design - high reliability, to ensure
that readily available
Large-capacity lithium battery - can be replaced,
working continuously for more than 20 hours, the
standard MicroUSB interface charging and computer

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Q:Portable navigation in the summer sun will not be bad
Generally buy large screen navigation, not expensive, but also the atmosphere, the price of around 800-1800
Q:Portable navigation and mobile navigation which good?
Another problem is that the phone is on the screen to see the map will be very fast power consumption, and large heat, especially when using 3G and 4G signal. But you can plug in the car USB charging, and then try to use the air outlet to the phone to blow, thereby reducing the phone. The use of portable navigation or mobile navigation, according to your specific needs to decide.
Q:How to take a screenshot in a portable navigator?
Into the system, it is generally CE bar, run the screenshot software, such as RESCO PHOTO, he will delay 10 seconds to intercept the current screen tomb, switch to the menu interface,
Q:How to install portable navigator
Portable navigator should be kept in order to prevent thieves from knocking on the glass
Q:What is the portable navigator ranking?
Car DVD navigation machine is a special car, the general price of about 2000 yuan. ,
Q:Portable navigation FM launch how to use, what to do
The launch of FM white is the navigation inside voice through the wireless transmitter to your car audio, if you want to use the FM to like you and your navigation car channel more better this partial good sound effect for example such as your car channel is FM99.6 (you can choose a variety of the channel) you in the navigation channel is transferred into the FM99.6 can be used
Q:Portable navigator or car, with a genuine good Careland map
There is no large sensor head behind? Just a built-in electronic dog software? rnrn that you do not upgrade, and have good Careland electronic dog information sharing.
Q:I put the car portable navigation data deleted, how to get things done, there is a free download
The most convenient and simple way: car navigation where to buy? Is the original car to go to the 4S shop, where they can be restored, if it is bought in the market, directly to the store to buy, where you can also restore. If you have to do it yourself, to tell the truth, the process is more, and you need to verify their applicability, it is recommended to choose a simple and effective way.
Q:Car GPS navigation FM launch vehicle speakers why there is noise
This is because the launch device, you can look at the current market a lot of similar launch products, such as GPS, plug in cigarette lighter MP3, the price is very cheap, occasionally some expensive. That is, the quality of the launch device is good and bad, cheap poor quality is very unstable, there are noise, but also with the use of temperature changes, and become unstable.
Q:Portable navigation, how can you do not suck before the file, directly on the central console?
There is a kind of like octopus, caught in the air port, you can put the navigator

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