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Product Description:

Main features:

· The new generation of GPS chips uBlox7, achieve optimum measurement accuracy
· Barometer, thermometer,compass,accelerometer
· Color screen, sunlight readable
· Built-in 4G flash memory
· Save 64 measurement results, show the measurement graphic
· Support software upgrade and maintain leading functions
· 2 AA batteries

Main function:

· Accurate altimeter: barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure can accurately measure the altitude
· Waypoints &routes: save 1,000 waypoints, 200 routes
· Map: support Google offline maps,scanned maps, hand-drawn map
· Track record: record massive track data to support open Google Earth view
· Coordinate System: offers a variety of coordinate systems, and custom coordinate system
· Sun and Moon: sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and moon shapes
· Travel information: display speed, exercise time, mileage and other information
· Area measurement: accurately measure the land area, show the measurement graphic

PJK-400C Technical parameters

Hardware and Performance



Display Size


Screen Resolution



102g (without battery)


High-strength plastic, waterproof and shockproof


2 AA Battery





New low-power high sensitivity GPS chip uBlox

Positioning accuracy


Positioning time

Warm boot:1" cold boot:32″

limit parameter






Flash Memory


Data records




No limit


No limit

Area Records



Google Offline Maps


Scanned map


Hand-drawn map



Electronic compass


Barometric altimeter


Area Measurement


Sun and Moon Astronomy


Travel Information


Coordinate System

various of coordinate systems and can be customized

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Q:Is it good for embedded navigation or portable navigator
Portable easy to use, cheap, easy to upgrade, but also can be used as a player, put the disadvantages affecting the line of sight on the bench to take down some parking inconvenience (to prevent smashing windows stealing), and wire hanging in there.
Q:Portable navigation how to upgrade at home
Not one or two words can say to the Qing Chu, not in ten days and a half months is not possible, the time and effort to find a professional rather than spend a few yuan can not guide the wrong way, Fuyang, South West, Xin car decorated world, professional installation, maintenance, upgrade navigator, hope to be able to to help you
Q:Portable navigation what brand of good?
Lexus, Rolls-Royce Boulevard than cattle, more cattle.I use Mio Music Tour 300
Q:Please have the experience of some of the recommendations of cost-effective portable navigation
MiTAC: quality is very good, but the four-dimensional map is rubbishI swam: good quality, but also by four-dimensional map search method is much better than MioNewman: the cottage in the brandCityonmap: good, portable, DVD hasRoad through: the map is good, but the price is not cheapKelid: the map is good, but can not get rid of the bad habit of plagiarism, sooner or later will be sealed, the introduction of the marketMalata: choose a not very good machine, and the balance between copycat brands, not genuine map, can hold multiple collocation is a road, a Kay a cityonmap.
Q:On the Internet to buy a portable navigator, they can install it, a good fit?
This question asked?! Navigator can be installed, where can be placed. But the premise is not to affect the driving line of sight.
Q:How to use handheld GPS locator
Very simple, and our mobile phone on the GPS positioning similar to the use of familiar with the software after the boot on the line.
Q:Portable navigator can upgrade it?
The original car machine products do not brush machine upgrade, to avoid the impact of the original vehicle warranty, general machine function have been developed, brush after use may affect many functions, general machine modern general reserved SD card upgrade socket, easy upgrade.The old version of the car machine interface is not convenient because the SD card upgrade, leading products need to access a specific USB or other device writes new data products in need of upgrading and new products; the more modern production machine you can use SD card upgrade, in the 4S shop to buy the corresponding upgrade card.
Q:Journey portable navigator ZT520, port and baud rate respectively
Hello, please refer to the navigation instructions, detailed instructions, if my answer to your help, please set the best answer! Thank you
Q:Vehicle portable navigator can not play in the car audio MP3, sound quality
I personally feel the sound quality is certainly not as good as CD.
Q:Portable navigation and DVD navigation integrated machine which is good?
11, into the portable navigation TF card, the same can be broadcast! CMMB mobile TV adds fun. DVD is a fun FM, each one has his good points. 12, portable money due to light, should be removed from the car before the door locked away from the security. Its voice from the speaker, the volume of small sound quality. 13, in order to make up for the shortage, can be the voice of the FM launch, the car to open the FM radio, received from the portable navigation hair FM channel sound. 14, the sound can also be sent out from the car audio, its quality is inferior to the original DVD navigation quality, due to the poor quality of the FM CD sound quality. 15, if there is a technician to help, you can open the car in the console, to find an extension of the audio line, make the headphone plug, connected to the portable navigation headphone output.

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