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Product Description:

Main features:

· The new generation of GPS chips uBlox7, achieve optimum measurement accuracy
· Barometer, thermometer,compass,accelerometer
· Color screen, sunlight readable
· Built-in 4G flash memory
· Save 64 measurement results, show the measurement graphic
· Support software upgrade and maintain leading functions
· 2 AA batteries

Main function:

· Accurate altimeter: barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure can accurately measure the altitude
· Waypoints &routes: save 1,000 waypoints, 200 routes
· Map: support Google offline maps,scanned maps, hand-drawn map
· Track record: record massive track data to support open Google Earth view
· Coordinate System: offers a variety of coordinate systems, and custom coordinate system
· Sun and Moon: sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and moon shapes
· Travel information: display speed, exercise time, mileage and other information
· Area measurement: accurately measure the land area, show the measurement graphic

PJK-400C Technical parameters

Hardware and Performance



Display Size


Screen Resolution



102g (without battery)


High-strength plastic, waterproof and shockproof


2 AA Battery





New low-power high sensitivity GPS chip uBlox

Positioning accuracy


Positioning time

Warm boot:1" cold boot:32″

limit parameter






Flash Memory


Data records




No limit


No limit

Area Records



Google Offline Maps


Scanned map


Hand-drawn map



Electronic compass


Barometric altimeter


Area Measurement


Sun and Moon Astronomy


Travel Information


Coordinate System

various of coordinate systems and can be customized

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Q:Portable navigation?
Of course, navigation has its drawbacks;For example, will often take you go wrong road, especially when not in time to upgrade, so it is necessary to upgrade in time ah. Of course, when you can not walk, even if it is to go a little wrong road, it is understandableThis is my little BenThis is what I used two years of navigation, the screen is small, but also clear, clear route instructionsKay map, you can also enter the overall interfaceThe original audio equipment on the car, huh, huh, dust is so clearReally good equipment, not willing to change him ahYangcheng traffic channel 105.2MHz at the beginning I have tangled is not the original audio equipment for a change of my friend, he regretted, I did not regret it, or that sentence, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh?
Q:Car navigation price? Portable navigator price
What kind of car is it?If the bread is just one,Can beMobile phone can also be navigationIf a better car, but also for the sake of beautyOn a decent, that kind of integrationANN in the car is easy to use and beautifulWhat kind of priceMy friend's Lu Teshi was more than 1 thousandSpent a year is very good, do not need to upgrade the mapThink about yourself, like the four or five line, not necessarily good
Q:China Pacific AG-4308G portable GPS navigator Guangdong where to sell
I use a NOKIA phone, which comes with Ovi navigation, do not be afraid of getting lost, the map upgrade is quite fast,
Q:Car portable navigation what brand is better
Portable navigation is the car or handheld? Now use the phone navigation, and there is no one to buy a navigator.
Q:Car navigation price, the number of portable car navigation
General automotive portable navigator from 300 to 1000, the price gap is still large! Recommendations do not buy 300 of the following are basically cottage goods!The choice of Car Navigator mainly look at the speed of the car navigation star search, map, price, brand and other issues!
Q:How to use GPS portable terminal SOS
SOS emergency, used in emergency situations to the designated personnel quickly call for help and notify the background monitoring, to achieve this function must satisfy the following conditions: 1:GPS 2:GPS SIM is the normal operation of the equipment communication messages, telephone calls and display press button GPS monitoring platform will be able to receive a distress signal 3:GPS operator emergency alarm function and opening background set the emergency contact number 4:GPS equipment emergency key correct connection and effective emergency,
Q:PND portable navigator to buy which brand is good?
Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay
Q:Navigator portable or car?
According to individual needs.Portable and vehicle mounted have their own advantages.Portable is easy to carry, the price is cheap, but are generally used to support the adsorption of money on the wind shield glass, the need for regular charging, the function is relatively simple, the screen size is generally about 5 inches. There are individual models can be added to the hardware of the electronic dog probe.The vehicle now basically is dedicated car, the console will not change the appearance, without changing the line will be integrated with the vehicle, usually contain DVD, GPS navigation, Bluetooth hands-free phone functions directly from the original car power supply, the screen size in 7 inch or so. Navigation map generally contains a fixed point of the camera, the speed limit signs, but are achieved through the positioning, does not have the function of flow speed.
Q:Under the guidance of the mobile phone on the GPS and handheld GPS precision issues.
The main function of the map is on the phone, GPS accuracy is higher, but in the fog and haze weather accuracy is reduced
Q:Ordinary portable navigator can be connected to the camera image
Yes, as long as the side of the round AV video input hole can be connected

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