Light Steel Villa

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20000㎡ m²/month

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This product belongs to Ligth Steel Frame Structure.

This structure is formed by the dense light steel studs and compound envelop and with all kinds of supprior physical qualities.


1. Flexible combination
2. Easy transportation
3. Fast construction
4. Cost saving
5. Removable & recycle

6. Thermal Insulation
7. Seismic and wind resistance
8. Roof Load-bearing


light steel packing: light gauge steel in bulk, decorate panel material in pallet, other fittings all in boxes, loaded into 40' GP and 20' GP on container.

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Q:Can you use gypsum blocks for high-rise building partitions?
Can be, according to the characteristics of high-rise building structure, you can analyze the wall material needs less bulk material, and gypsum solid block of the apparent density should not be greater than 1000kg / m3, hollow block of the apparent density should not be greater than 700 kg / M3; to meet this requirement 2, the construction features convenient: gypsum block on both sides are with mouth and tongue and groove, the construction is convenient, can be sawing, planing, construction performance, masonry fast, Plaster, local leveling after finishing, compared with the traditional wall, duration can be greatly reduced. 3. Safety Fire-resistant Features: Safety: mainly refers to the fire resistance is good. According to the results of foreign trials, calcium sulfate dihydrate in the crystallization of water decomposition rate of about 6 minutes per 6mm thick. Accordingly, 80mm thick gypsum block decomposition time to be nearly 4 hours, its fire performance is superior. 4. Environmental protection: gypsum building materials with energy saving, materials, waste, recyclable, health, pollution of the environment, energy conservation. 5. According to the characteristics of the filling wall, it can be determined for the material strength should be limited, will not require the intensity is too high, the gypsum cementitious material strength is low, poor water resistance this point, the basic use of the area should be determined mainly , And for non-load-bearing parts, and gypsum block is suitable. Of course, the gypsum block also has his limitations, the use should pay attention to these aspects: slightly less water resistance, gypsum is a slightly soluble in water substances, where possible contact with water, to take strict waterproof measures, In the range of possible contact with water, in the partition on the local or all of the waterproof veneer or coating; cracks and holes must be sealed with a sealant.
Q:Home bamboo flooring is very dirty, what cleaning agent and waxing method to make the floor bright as new?
(Floor wax) take turpentine 50%, ground wax 20%, paraffin 10% and wax 20% in the hot state after mixing, and then add a little amount of dye (Yellow, yellow or dark yellow), will be formulated into the floor wax. The use of the method is: first scrub off the dust and dirt on the floor, and then the floor wax with a brush on the floor, forming a thin layer, and so on, with a brush and wool fabric wipe, until the light. & Lt; BR & gt; 2. Water horseshoe latex liquid and floor wax is prepared by mixing 30% wax, 20% wax and 50% concentrated soap in a hot state, adding the appropriate amount of dye according to the desired color, Evenly made. The use of method is: take water horseshoe 100 grams added to 1.5 liters of hot water, mix with a brush on the floor, to be dry, with the floor brush to polish the wood floor polished.
Q:Can the interior walls be made of light steel keel partitions? Bathroom wall and interior wall with light steel keel wall is good or brick wall good?
The interior walls can be made of light steel keel partitions, but the bathroom walls should be made of brick walls. The bathroom is generally water, wall with gypsum board, then the gypsum board will be bad water. So apply brick walls, and then paste the tiles on top.
Q:Hand woven wire mesh, what is the best?
Diamond easy stretch, not easy to break
Q:Pvc wall board heat will produce toxic gas do
Qualified normal PVC board temperature is not very high is not the distribution of toxic gases. It will change color for a long time. Only in the case of high temperature (melting above the temperature) will there be gas, but not all toxic, toxic gas is benzene.
Q:Asked the World of Warcraft settings: how to cancel the right to the destination settings
Press the Esc key, select the interface - mouse - click on the hook before the move removed, you can
Q:1, if the nose is a metal support, you can hand to the middle of breaking off.
1, if the nose is a metal support, you can hand to the middle of breaking off. 2, if the whole into a whole is plastic, nasal care will not be deformed. It must be attached to the lens and the lens between the screws too loose, two mirror feet breaking too open, you can tighten the screw tight. 3. If you have a small wedge, you can tighten the screws on both sides of the frame, it is recommended not to break the glasses to the inside, because the improper grasp of the words easily broken In addition to the optical shop can have a special person will help you tune, of course, is generally selling glasses.
Q:I would like to ask the tunnel hydraulic trolley steel template design is the use of what software
You are talking about the design of the tunnel two lining car software.
Q:Double-sided 200 light steel keel gypsum board wall how much money a square
Use 150 light steel keel, double-sided double-layer 12mm gypsum board, do paint, you can reach 200mm specifications.
Q:Home decoration, want to get hold of a glass door do not know what kind of good.
Yuba specifications are routine: 300 ** 600, 4 heating, 1 lighting, an exhaust, the switch is generally 86 type 4 open. Just have a problem, do not know if you have no line, if not the line only to install the line + trough plate, and beautiful to be discounted Oh.

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