Light Steel Villa

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20000㎡ m²/month

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This product belongs to Ligth Steel Frame Structure.

This structure is formed by the dense light steel studs and compound envelop and with all kinds of supprior physical qualities.


1. Flexible combination
2. Easy transportation
3. Fast construction
4. Cost saving
5. Removable & recycle

6. Thermal Insulation
7. Seismic and wind resistance
8. Roof Load-bearing


light steel packing: light gauge steel in bulk, decorate panel material in pallet, other fittings all in boxes, loaded into 40' GP and 20' GP on container.

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Q:Can the tunnel longitudinal drains be wrapped with geotextiles and wrapped with a waterproof board?
With geotextile wrapped drainage pipe is generally played the role of seepage drainage, do not need waterproof board (you said the waterproof board should be geomembrane it) Chong Hong geotextile material manufacturers
Q:What is the tgsg15-15 geogrid
Plastic geogrid with high strength steel wire (or other fiber), through special processing, and polyethylene (PE), and adding other additives by extrusion become composite high strength tensile band, and surface roughness is embossed, high strength reinforced Geotextile
Q:Who can tell me about the unit weight of glass wool board?
It depends on what density you need. The formula is length * width * thickness * unit weight = the weight of the glass wool. For example, if it is 20 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, 50 mm thick, and the unit weight is 20kg / cubic, that is to say, 20 * 1.2 * 0.05 * 20=24kg. 48kg / m³ means that the weight of one cubic meter is 48kg, you can imagine that with a piece of 50 square millimeter, how many of them can make a piece of cubic meter? You can get the answer by dividing 48, namely 48÷(1÷0.05)=48X0.05=2.4kg
Q:Highway sound barrier is generally placed in the tender documents where technical specifications
The current "road project domestic tender documents template" is the 2009 version. Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China May 11, 2009 Documents issued by the People's Republic of China on May 11, 2009: Traffic Bureau of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Municipality, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (Bureau, Committee), Tianjin Municipal Highway Administration Bureau: Construction Bidding Management  specification prequalification documents ...
Q:Building materials after the test is how to deal with? So much of the steel and other materials, the detection mechanism is how to deal with these materials?
Project Comprehensive Grade A Comprehensive Grade B Comprehensive Grade C Traffic Engineering Special Bridge Tunnel Engineering Special Test Test Personnel Certificate Total Number ≥ 32 people ≥16 people ≥7 people ≥22 people ≥25 people holding test test engineer certificate number ≥12 people ≥6 People ≥ 3 people ≥ 10 people ≥ 12 people Certified engineers professional configuration materials, highway professional ≥ 3 people, bridges, tunnels, pay security professional ≥ 2 people material professional ≥ 3 people, highway professional ≥ 2 people, bridge professional ≥ 1 people materials, highways, bridges, respectively, ≥ 1 people mechanical and electrical engineering professional ≥ 6 people, safety facilities professional ≥ 4 material professional ≥ 2 people, bridges, tunnels, respectively, ≥ 5 people related professional senior title number ≥ 6 people ≥ 1 people - ≥ 4 people ≥ 6 people in charge of technical person 1.
Q:Home ventilation is not good, would like to install the door on the security door, what kind of screen door is good?
You can consider the Viagra can be anti-theft sand door, ventilation and anti-mosquito anti-theft, beautiful and beautiful, the net is to use the 304 attack Chuang boiling boiling degree of sand spines made of stainless steel mesh, the frame is aluminum magnesium alloy, If your anti-theft door is open, it is installed on the outside, if the security door is open on the inside installed, open side, in the friend's recommendation, I have installed, and feel good, recommend to you, Hope you can be satisfied
Q:High-rise building facades do not allow tiles to be tiled
The state is not clear high-rise building facade is not allowed to paste tiles, such as: "construction decoration construction and acceptance of norms" clearly pointed out. The The "This article applies to the height of not more than 100m, seismic fortification intensity of not more than 8 degrees, the use of full-thickness construction of the external wall facade brick paste the quality of acceptance." The
Q:European-style diamond-shaped sagging ceiling technology
Double gypsum board practice Ignore the original building floor, with light steel keel or wood keel to make the surrounding and the edge of the ceiling, on the first layer of paper gypsum board, with light steel keel method, pay attention to keel The density, fasting. After the scraping porcelain white master scraping white porcelain white. Around the edge of the diamond block with gypsum board to do, please measure the size of the enclosure and then to the computer on the layout Play the drawings, carpentry according to the drawings, cut out the paper gypsum board diamond block, keep the corners intact, not damaged, carpentry use fine lines nail in the edge of the ceiling to spell out the drawings Of the diamond block and fixed, and then carpentry according to the first layer of smallpox steel keel "tofu block" with ink line pop up the keel of the latitude and longitude center line, in the latitude and longitude line position to the diamond With a long self-tapping ceiling screws tightening, after the master porcelain white porcelain according to the normal procedure to repair the ceiling until finished.
Q:How to pave the waterproof membrane in the interior finish
It should first deal with the base: remove the original decoration materials, and clean up the capping mass and cement. It requires smooth and dry surface. Paving waterproof paint: brush a layer of modified asphalt and lay a layer of glass fibre cloth on the base of waterproofing process, and then repeat brushing, finally brushing the paint on the second layer of glass fibre cloth, the waterproof processing is finished. Waterproof coating shall be painted in uniform, glass wool cloth and waterproof layer must be closed tightly, it can not have the phenomenon of brushing leakage, bulking and shedding, otherwise it will affect the waterproofing effect. If you select the polyurethane waterproofing paint, it should not usually add the glass wool cloth, just repeatedly brushing 2 to 3 times as long as you can. Explain: Note that see the prompt part of the page to do the "closed water" test: Closed water test is an important test method to test the water quality of indoor. After the waterproof project is done, seal the door and the water inlet, fill with water in the room to reach a certain level, if there is no significant decline in the liquid level within 24 hours, that is qualified. And then do a layer of protective layer: Do a layer of cement mortar protection layer on the waterproof coating layer, pay attention not to damage the waterproof coating layer. After the cement mortar protective layers dry up, you can pave the wall floor tile or brush the paint on it, and then do the normal decoration.
Q:250 type curtain wall glass connection pawls how much punch
Specifically according to the use and the thickness of the glass with the corresponding fitting, generally can open 40 ~ 50mm hole on the OK, the specific best to consult the supplier to clear the relevant parameters and then open the hole, there are holes to open a little So easy to adjust when the construction.

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