led spot light led wall light high bay light

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Adopt imported LED integrated light source and high-brightness imported chip,which has the advantages of high brightness,low energy consumption and heat,and a variety of options for color temperature.

Use intelligent constant current power supply.The output is stable and working life is over 50000hours.

The shell is made from high thermal conductive and die-casting aluminum molding,The surface is tempered safety glass.

It has two kinds of light distribution selections,which is symmetric and asymmetric without dazzling light.

.jpgApply to the indoor and outdoor places,such as construction site,building lighting,parking area,stadium,toll station,square,courtyard and exhibition hall etc.

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Yichang is a diversifide holding company,there are 8 strategic business units,6 real enterprises and more than 1000 staff in Yichang Technology.Yichang intelligence.Yichang Lighting and Xinping Electronic are three prominent components of Yichang Technology which leads the development of the industry.

Yichang as the initiator of LED lightings,always focus on the industry of LED,after more than 10 years of accumulation of technology,today Yichang has become a modern high-tech enterprises which specialize in product development,manufacturing,sales and LED lighting projects.

After continuously technical innovation,ti first integrate technology of internet of things and intelligent control,which communicate among household,building,community,factory,business and city.

The production base of Dezhou in state-level economic and technological development zone-economic and technological development zone of Dezhou,the geographical position is superior,the traffic is convenient,It occupies 120000 square meters and more than 500 staff,more than 100 are researchers and 30 with Senior professional title.

Now,the company has certifications ISO9001,ISO14001 and the products have certifications RoHS,CE,3C and CQC,we have the city and road lighting engineering contractor qualifications,obtained more than 20 national patents,is the only company that is granted by the Secretary for Commerce and industry with"Abide by the contract,Pay attention to credit"for many times,it is also the member of CSA.

The products that the company develop and manufacture are:mining lamp,project-light lamp,tunnel lightsm,grille lamp plate,the city power/solar street lamp,courtyard light,lawn lamp,tube,ball steep light and other LED lighting products ,intelligent gateway,intelligent socket,intelligent switch,intelligent dimmer module,intelligent control module,infrared transponder and intelligent system equipment.


led spot light led wall light  high bay light

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Q:How to break the wall lamp
The sequence of installation of the wall lamp First according to the shape of lamps and lanterns choosing appropriate lamps and lanterns of wood or tap the lamps and lanterns is put on it, allowance to symmetric around, and then use electric drill open good outlet hole in the plank and mounting holes, and also good installation holes on the bottom plate of lamps and lanterns, lamp holder of the lamps and lanterns line from the wooden table in the outlet hole, on the wall of the lamp holder box joint, and bind tightly, will be the joint into the box.
Q:How are these led lights classified
It used to be just an incandescent bulb, but these names are basically unchanged, just adding "leds" in front of you, didn't you think about that? Depending on the use of the environment, there will be a variety of special lights in the future, and it will be easy to judge the function and shape by the name
Q:How do the led wall lights switch on a switch and turn on another one
Use a switch control to directly connect to the 220V power supply. Then turn on the power and turn off the lights on the ABC on the remote.
Q:What are the advantages of LED wall lights
If it was used for commercial and public utility purposes, the energy efficiency would be reflected.
Q:In the home bedroom light bulb LED general use how many w
The bedroom illume is composed mainly by general illume and local illume. The general illumination atmosphere of a bedroom general illume bedroom should be halcyon, sweet, pleasant, gentle, comfortable. Those glittering, colorful lamps and lanterns should not be installed in the bedroom commonly. Because of the owner's age, culture, the interest is different, the opinion and standard of comfortable and warmth also can differ, the requirement of bedroom illumination style also differs. At present, the style that the bedroom illume is popular mainly has: 1, quiet comfortable type this is contemporary bedroom illume is the main tide. The plan that USES is a variety of: can choose modelling concise absorb dome light, its milky white light, with bedroom light color wall photograph, a pure and pure; The light can be used to illuminate the ceiling or wall to reflect the light. Also can install the embedded overhead light, with the people wall lamp, make "the sky star" the direct light with "hazy" auxiliary light complement, more elegant warmth. The luxurious style shows host financial and identity, use high-grade material, high-grade lamp role and indoor luxurious decorate match. For example, with golden candle lighting and baroque furniture, it can show the French court weather, the glory and glory of the people. If the workmanship, materials standards, modelling elegant senior annatto lamps and lanterns, deserve to go up the annatto furniture of of primitive simplicity, the bearing is special, show host strong ethnic dances and economic strength.
Q:Several myths of LED wall lamps need to be noted
The larger the leds, the brighter the brightness. Positive solution: the brighter the light of the LED light is measured by lm, the higher the amount of lm, the more efficient the output of an LED lamp with different power sizes. For example, 5W and 6W LED light bulbs are compared, if 5W's lumen output is 6W, then 5W is actually more efficient than 6W.
Q:Can the led bulb be installed in the wall lamp
Turn the light bulb out of the original wall lamp to see how many watts it is, whether it's a compass or a socket.
Q:How many W led wall lamp
It's not cheap to choose a wall lamp from 1 to 40 watts
Q:How to test the value of the lumens by the double end of the LED lamp?
Power? Color temperature? How many tests do you have to PDF to show me
Q:A bed wall lamp, an incandescent lamp in the middle, and an LED lamp on the outside
This has to be done by the merchant.I hope my answer will help you

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