Waterproof led wall light

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Product Description:

1. The mordern Wall Lamp designed in a smooth and concise shape.  It illuminates a point in simple, elegant and original way. By its differet combination, it is a functional and elegant LED pendant lamp.


Mordern Led Wall Lamp

1. Aluminum finish

2. Including lighting source

3. 3000K, 4000K or 6000K color temperature

4. UL & CE certification been approval

5. 3 years warranty 




2. Our Services

- reasonable and competitive price

- reasonbale delivery date:25-30days

- good quality-demanded production quality control

- every month have about 30 series new design to support you in the market

- good experience for your market,no matter on design(good sale model),  price,quality requirement

- we are honest and loyal to our customer,our target is not for one-time business, we hope establish long term cooperation and friendship

- good after-service




3. Product Features:

* Elegant & fashionable design.

* High stability, no noise, no flickering.

* Colorful, fresh and elegant lamplight.

* High efficiency, energy saving, long life span.


4. pictures


Waterproof led wall light

Waterproof led wall light

Waterproof led wall light




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Q:How do the led wall lights switch on a switch and turn on another one
Use a switch control to directly connect to the 220V power supply. Then turn on the power and turn off the lights on the ABC on the remote.
Q:What are the advantages of LED wall lights
But from the led, and so on is very narrow, cold light, and blue light overflow problem may occur, don't like it is not recommended, after all household, power consumption and energy consumption is not a major problem.
Q:The headlights are not out of the way
To form ac circuits, high-sensitivity LED lights still glow.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:Indoor waterproof wall lamp general price is how much
The outdoor wall lamp waterproof method is still relatively simple, I think it is not difficult
Q:In the home bedroom light bulb LED general use how many w
The bedroom illume is composed mainly by general illume and local illume. The general illumination atmosphere of a bedroom general illume bedroom should be halcyon, sweet, pleasant, gentle, comfortable. Those glittering, colorful lamps and lanterns should not be installed in the bedroom commonly. Because of the owner's age, culture, the interest is different, the opinion and standard of comfortable and warmth also can differ, the requirement of bedroom illumination style also differs. At present, the style that the bedroom illume is popular mainly has: 1, quiet comfortable type this is contemporary bedroom illume is the main tide. The plan that USES is a variety of: can choose modelling concise absorb dome light, its milky white light, with bedroom light color wall photograph, a pure and pure; The light can be used to illuminate the ceiling or wall to reflect the light. Also can install the embedded overhead light, with the people wall lamp, make "the sky star" the direct light with "hazy" auxiliary light complement, more elegant warmth. The luxurious style shows host financial and identity, use high-grade material, high-grade lamp role and indoor luxurious decorate match. For example, with golden candle lighting and baroque furniture, it can show the French court weather, the glory and glory of the people. If the workmanship, materials standards, modelling elegant senior annatto lamps and lanterns, deserve to go up the annatto furniture of of primitive simplicity, the bearing is special, show host strong ethnic dances and economic strength.
Q:How to install led wall lamp
The head of a bed wall lamp is installed in the wall lamp of the bedroom head of the bed, the need to determine the height of the wall lamp from the ground and the distance from the metope when setting the position. (1) the installation height of the bed wall lamp is 1.5 m ~ 1.7 m for the left of the wall lamp. (2) the distance from the wall of the wall of the head of the bed is about 95 ~ 400mm.
Q:Will the led outdoor wall lamp go through the body's infrared sensing switch
The infrared sensor module is now integrated and stable. But outdoor lamps and lanterns should be waterproof, otherwise they are all vulnerable.
Q:The led wall lamp just bought back less than 2 days, have a few not bright, how to do
Turn on the lamp to charge the cause!I hope my answer will help you
Q:How to break the wall lamp
To be able to say in detail, if there is a total lock before demolition, turn off the total brake power, or make sure that the switch is closed
Q:How are these led lights classified
There are all kinds of lamp use all kinds of lamp, really don't know how to distinguish the one from Internet search images, know long what kind plus just as its name implies is to know the purpose of all kinds of lamp.

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