Waterproof led wall light

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Product Description:

1. The mordern Wall Lamp designed in a smooth and concise shape.  It illuminates a point in simple, elegant and original way. By its differet combination, it is a functional and elegant LED pendant lamp.


Mordern Led Wall Lamp

1. Aluminum finish

2. Including lighting source

3. 3000K, 4000K or 6000K color temperature

4. UL & CE certification been approval

5. 3 years warranty 




2. Our Services

- reasonable and competitive price

- reasonbale delivery date:25-30days

- good quality-demanded production quality control

- every month have about 30 series new design to support you in the market

- good experience for your market,no matter on design(good sale model),  price,quality requirement

- we are honest and loyal to our customer,our target is not for one-time business, we hope establish long term cooperation and friendship

- good after-service




3. Product Features:

* Elegant & fashionable design.

* High stability, no noise, no flickering.

* Colorful, fresh and elegant lamplight.

* High efficiency, energy saving, long life span.


4. pictures


Waterproof led wall light

Waterproof led wall light

Waterproof led wall light




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Q:How do the led wall lights switch on a switch and turn on another one
You are the one that lights the led light in the lamp, or the two switches that control the same light
Q:Can the led bulb be installed in the wall lamp
Buy the light that is similar to the light bulb (not the same as the number of watts, and leds, so the watts will be smaller than the white ones), and the interface will be the same LED bulb as the original bulb.
Q:A bed wall lamp, an incandescent lamp in the middle, and an LED lamp on the outside
In the middle of the night, there was no bonus The LED lamp and the regular bulb 4, the regulator 2, the module 4 line (2 red 1 white 1 black), the fire line 2 root, not 12 Please see the image above, especially the dimmer, module (probably the LED power supply module)
Q:Led wall led wall lamp has what feature,
The Ed energy-saving lamp will have a stroboscopic effect on alternating current and regular incandescent lamps, while ordinary energy-saving lamps have no stroboscopic phenomena. Stroboscopic light can make eyes tired (now leds are run by dc, so they don't exist Stroboscopic phenomenon)
Q:The headlights are not out of the way
Assume that switch is no problem, turn off the switch LED the light was still on, one possibility is to switch fault line zero, while the zero line shut off, but after the wire into the lamp, after the distribution of the earth and the rest of the zero line capacitance (two close to each other and each other insulated conductors are formed capacitor)
Q:Indoor waterproof wall lamp general price is how much
The outdoor wall lamp waterproof method is still relatively simple, I think it is not difficult
Q:How to install led wall lamp
The head of a bed wall lamp is installed in the wall lamp of the bedroom head of the bed, the need to determine the height of the wall lamp from the ground and the distance from the metope when setting the position. (1) the installation height of the bed wall lamp is 1.5 m ~ 1.7 m for the left of the wall lamp. (2) the distance from the wall of the wall of the head of the bed is about 95 ~ 400mm.
Q:How are led wall lights installed
First, fix the LED wall lights with screws. Connect LED wall lights to the power cord. Use a waterproof adhesive tape.
Q:How many W led wall lamp
It depends on your needs. The wattage range from 7W to 40W. Overall leds are better at using life and energy than today's energy-saving lamps. But the price is on the high side.
Q:How are these led lights classified
There's nothing strange about this, there's nothing to explain it, it's just the idea of replacing the incandescent light bulb with an led and adding a drive, and you're talking about a lot of lights,

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