LED Recessed Troffer Artemis Series High Performance

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LED Recessed Troffer Artemis Series Description

SFT LED Recessed Troffer Artemis series are LED retrofit replacements alternative for fluorescent troffer.

Artemis’s high performance LED system, advanced light distribution and attractive appearance deliver unprecedented energy savings and offer the most advanced luminaire for general-ambient lighting applications.

High-efficacy light engine delivers long life and excellent color, ensuring a superior quality lighting installation that is highly efficient and sustainable.

With high performance but competitive price closing to the price level as famous brand fluorescent fixture, They are the ideal solution for offices, schools, hospitals, retail and other applications.

Main Features of LED Recessed Troffer Artemis Series

*High performance with Competitive price
*Meet ETL, DLC( US version)
*Uniform and Soft Light, advanced reformative optics delivers greater distribution and uniformity of light
*Low Brightness Eliminates "Pixelation"
*CRI 80
*Up to 50% energy saving compared with fluorescent troffer
*Extreme longer lifetime up to 50,000 hours (L70 )
*Lighting source module design, easy installation and maintenance
*75 Lumens Per Watt
*0.25W with High Effi cacy LEDs
*Low Brightness Eliminates "Pixelation"
*Superior Thermal Management Reduces Heat Sink Size
*No Socket Shadows

LED Recessed Troffer Artemis Series Images

LED Recessed Troffer Artemis Series Specifications

ModelVoltageSystem WattCCTLumen outputDimensionInstall DimensionCRIBeam AnglePFLife TimeIP Ranking
SFT-DP1201-2X2-LED42W/40100~277v42W4000K3500597X597x78579X57982120°0.9550000IP 40
SFT-DP1201-2X2-LED42W/50100~277v42W5000K3500597X597x78579X57982120°0.9550000IP 40
SFT-DP1201-1X4-LED42W/40100~277v42W4000K35001197X297x1041179X27982120°0.9550000IP 40
SFT-DP1201-1X4-LED42W/50100~277v42W5000K35001197X297x1041179X27982120°0.9550000IP 40
SFT-DP1201-2X4-LED60W/40100~277v55W4000K45001197X597x781179X57982120°0.9550000IP 40
SFT-DP1201-2X4-LED60W/50100~277v55W5000K45001197X597x781179X57982120°0.9550000IP 40

FAQ of LED Recessed Troffer Artemis Series

*Why do LEDs have a higher initial cost than conventional light sources?

LEDs are made of electronic components which need to be packaged together to offer long lasting efficient light sources to the end user. Apart from the LED chip itself which has sapphire and gallium in the semiconductor, the process of packaging with materials like ceramic, rare earth phosphors, silicone, solder and gold wire add to the overall cost. White LEDs require further tests for calibration and standardisation.


*What are the economic advantages of using LEDs over conventional light sources?

Although the initial cost of conventional light sources is less than LEDs, they do not take into account the operational and maintenance cost of the lighting system. LEDs, having a longer life , reduce maintenance and lamp replacement cost.  This reduces cost of labour to replace lamps and the cost of new lamps at the end of lamp life cycle. LEDs, also consume less energy.  Thus the overall cost of a LED system can thus be significantly lower than conventional lighting systems. Most applications with LEDs offer a payback period as low as 3-4 years.


*What are the strategies in the development of LED technology that are helping to reduce the cost of LEDs in the future?

Some of the strategies reducing the cost of LEDs in the future are:

Reduction in the production process.

Simplification and reduction in the number of components.

Introduction of new materials.

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Q:How do the led wall lights switch on a switch and turn on another one
Use a switch control to directly connect to the 220V power supply. Then turn on the power and turn off the lights on the ABC on the remote.
Q:Can the led bulb be installed in the wall lamp
Buy the light that is similar to the light bulb (not the same as the number of watts, and leds, so the watts will be smaller than the white ones), and the interface will be the same LED bulb as the original bulb.
Q:A bed wall lamp, an incandescent lamp in the middle, and an LED lamp on the outside
This has to be done by the merchant.I hope my answer will help you
Q:Led wall led wall lamp has what feature,
Illuminate Angle has a limit, normally only illuminate is 120 °, and the ordinary energy-saving lamps to illuminate almost 360 ° (you want 360 degree of lighting is not much use, just a waste of electricity, LED fluorescent lamp has been very mature now)
Q:How to test the value of the lumens by the double end of the LED lamp?
You can test it with the ball of the ball, it's just the Angle,I hope my answer will help you
Q:In the home bedroom light bulb LED general use how many w
The bedroom USES an LED light bulb and the light M16 halogen light cup is about the size of a light bulb. It's usually three beads.
Q:How are led wall lights installed
Bring the power cord to the place where you want to install the wall lamp, then use the opening hole of the lamp to open the hole, plug in the glue plug, and screw the power cord
Q:The led wall lamp just bought back less than 2 days, have a few not bright, how to do
Turn on the lamp to charge the cause!I hope my answer will help you
Q:How many W led wall lamp
Leds are available from 7W to 40W. Leds are better at using life and energy than today's energy-saving lamps. LED wall lamp is the lamp that USES light-emitting diode as illuminant to be installed on the wall or furniture wall to become LED wall lamp. The traditional wall lamp USES halogen lamp, the luminous efficiency is low, compares the power consumption, is exposed to the environment temperature rise, the service life is short.
Q:How to break the wall lamp
Then remove the screw from the fixed wall lamp and cut off the power cord.

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