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Product Description:

Products size:(CM)

ItemH(height)W(width)Depth(depth for total)
One seat9280109
Three seat92188109
Corner seat92108190
All 3 item covers 376cm*190cm. Packed into 3 package for 3.2CBM.

Size can be customised as the request. Only take 2-5 more days than the regulars.

Raw Materials:

A) Wood frame
a) High quality solid wood,high density, high hardness,Fully kiln dired solid fame,all of the timber are embalmed, anti-moth-eaten, disinfection treatment, while surrounded
by polishing, in strict accordance with the implementation of national standards.
b) through the high-temperature drying three times ,Woodrame moisture contain control between 12-15%
c) All corners are "blocked", nailed, and glued for strength and durability.Wood frame joints are conducted viscose processing, and more effective reinforcement structure
and to avoid voice.
B) Metal pipe: Using high-frequency welded pipe, the pipe thickness of the stressed part > 1.5mm.
C) Bedding material: Products such as linen, cloth, brown cloth, and cotton (weaving) meet the health and safety requirements.
D) Foams: High-resilience foam Sponges are high density rebound foam,sofa feels comfortable,any density elasticity foam available
E) Adhesive: Hazardous material meets the GB18581 standard requirements.
F) Wood coatings: hazardous substances meet the GB18581-2001 standard requirements.
G) Elastic material: The straight of snake spring steel wire (3.0-4.0) mm. Middle concave (or wrapper): The diameter of spring wire(1.0-3.0) mm.
H) Raw materials insurance: Absolutely no recycled materials.

Leather Option:

Full or half (Italian leather, Chinese leather,top grain leather, split, bycast, micro-fiber,pu,pvc)
a) Italian top grain leather + PVC=half leather
b) Full Italian top grain leather = full leather
c) Chinese top grain leather +PVC= half leather
d) Full Chinese top grain leather = full leather
e) Half leather : sitting face,backrest front and armrest are top grain leather ; backrest back,side and bottom are PVC.
f) Full leather: full top grain leather

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